Will You Find Gold at Reed Gold Mine in Midlands, NC?

Have you heard about Reed Gold Mine in Midland, NC? The very first gold ever discovered in the United States happened at Little Meadow Creek and what would soon become the Reed Gold Mine. Visit Little Meadow Creek, tour the underground gold mine, and try your hand at panning for gold along the creek at the site where the country’s first gold was discovered. Reed Gold Mine State Historic Site is an amazing place to visit. Admission is totally free. Here’s everything you need to know to plan your own visit to Reed Gold Mine.

History of Red Gold Mine

Where was the first gold in the United States discovered? Right in Cabarrus County, NC at Little Meadow Creek. Really! In 1799, 12-year-old Conrad Reed skipped church to go fishing at Little Meadow Creek where he found a 17-pound gold nugget. He brought it home to his father but no one realized it was gold for another 3 years when Conrad’s father, John Reed brought the nugget to Fayettville and sold it to a jeweler for just $3.50, a single week’s wages for the farmer, even though it was actually worth $3,600. Shortly after this John Reed partnered with some of his neighbors and started mining operations at the creek and surrounding area.

The whole thing sparked this country’s first gold rush. Who knew!?

This is some seriously cool history and you can see it for yourself!

Red Gold Mine sign
To the entrance of the underground mine at Reed Gold Mine

Things to See When You Visit Reed Gold Mine

When you first arrive at Reed Gold Mine you’ll pull into the gravel drive and park in the large lot. Then, head to the Visitor’s Center building. Here you’ll be able to grab a free map for a self-guided tour of the mine, both above and underground. If you are interested in panning for gold, this is also where you can purchase tickets for gold panning.

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