What If Eating Pineapple or Pineapple Juice in Early or During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings lots of changes into a woman’s body and she has to nourish her growing body in order to nourish for her baby. As the pregnancy progresses, it becomes very important for expecting mother to keep a track on what she eats, how and when she eats. This is because the growing body and a growing baby require ample supply of nutrients.

Many women confuse pregnancy for a reason to eat anything and everything. However, this is not right or healthy for the body and pregnant women are advised to follow a healthy diet plan with enough importance being given to what is good and what is not. For instance, many women refrain from consuming certain foods as they are believed to be dangerous during pregnancy – common ones being papaya and grapes. Another such food or fruit is Pineapple. Although very nutritious, it is one of the most talked about fruits during pregnancy for its apparent side effects. Let’s see if that’s true!

Nutritional Value Of Pineapple

While many of us don’t know the benefits of Pineapple, it is actually one of the healthiest fruits ever! Loaded with vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B1 & B6, fiber and copper, pineapples are amazing for our overall wellbeing. They possess anti-inflammatory properties and also great for immune system. With anti-oxidant and energy producing effects, pineapples also help with digestion, which is exactly what you need during pregnancy!

Benefits Of Eating Pineapples During Pregnancy

Pineapples offer a host of benefits while in pregnancy, when consumed in moderate quantities-

Vitamin C:

The fruit is packed with vitamin C which helps in strengthening the immune system and improves absorption of iron in the body, thereby helping increase hemoglobin levels. It even has Collagen that helps in the formation of your little one’s skin, tendons, bones etc.

Vitamin B1:

This vitamin helps in the proper functioning of muscles, healthy heart and healthy nervous system

Vitamin B6:

This vitamin helps in giving your energy, which is definitely something you would need, loads of especially later in your pregnancy when life becomes miserable!

Folic acid:

This is very important to avoid any birth defects and spinal problems in the baby


This helps in maintaining healthy bacteria levels in the body, reduce pain from varicose veins and lower blood pressure. However, it should not be consumed in excess as excess amounts of bromelain in the body can lead to softening of cervix leading to early labor

Pineapple In Early Pregnancy

You would have heard lots of elderly women telling you not to eat pineapple in early pregnancy because it could cause a miscarriage. It is actually just an old wife’s tale and holds no scientific reason or facts to support the argument. However, due to high bromelain content, pineapple should be eaten only in moderation during initial stages of pregnancy because high intake of bromelain in pineapples can cause cramping, menstrual bleeding and even early labor due to the softening of cervix. There is no harm in eating a slice of pineapple but indulging in pineapple may not be a very good idea. As you are pregnant, it is imperative that you have a variety of foods to support the healthy growth of the fetus.

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Pineapple During Second Trimester

Once you finish your first trimester, there are fewer chances of complications in the pregnancy. Once declared healthy by your doctor, you can consume small amounts of pineapple during second trimester of your pregnancy. It will provide you with loads of vitamins and minerals for a healthy growth of your baby and keep your pregnancy on track.

Pineapple in Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

As explained earlier in the article, pineapples are harmless if consumed in moderation. However, consuming large quantities of pineapples during your last trimester could make you end up in early labor due to the softening of your cervix way before time. Ironically, women intake pineapple juice more often in their last stages of pregnancy to induce labor naturally. Sometimes, eating pineapples is recommended during the last stages of pregnancy for the same reason, however, to actually benefit from it, one would have to eat large quantities of the fruit.

Thoughtfully nutritionally rich, eating large quantities of pineapple may expose you and your unborn baby to the below risks –


If you have a weak digestive system, it is best to stay away from pineapple. Pineapple is acidic in nature and may cause heartburn of reflux if consumed during pregnancy

High Sugar Levels:

Pineapple is rich in natural sugars, and if you are suffering from gestational diabetes, you should refrain from consuming pineapple as it can cause your sugar levels to rise. This may also result in you gaining more weight than recommended


The bromelain content present in pineapple may induce uterine contractions, affecting the natural progress of the pregnancy. Eating large amounts of pineapple can cause premature labor or miscarriage


Uterine contractions that may get triggered due to bromelain content in pineapple can irritate the kidneys and cause diarrhea or loose motions

Tenderness or Swelling:

It is not uncommon to observe tenderness or swelling in the tongue, inner cheeks and lips after consuming large quantities of pineapple. When pregnant, you are all the more sensitive and so pineapple should be avoided if you have a history of allergy

Craving Pineapple in Pregnancy

I know how you feel, I have been there. In case you are craving for a pineapple, go for a canned or processed pineapple piece or juice instead of a fresh one. This will ensure you do not get any bromelain from the pineapple as the processing will destroy it anyway. You may feast on a slice or two but make sure that you do so in moderation suiting your pregnancy stage. Make sure you eat in small quantities and discuss with your doctor before indulging yourself.

Is It Safe To Drink Pineapple Juice while Pregnant?

Pineapple juice is considered safe to consume during pregnancy if taken in moderation. A glass of pineapple juice will do more good than harm to your body. However, make sure you check for: stomach allergies, risky or complicated pregnancy, gestational diabetes etc with your doctor before adding pineapples to your diet.

As far as I know and my experience is concerned, no food does any harm to your body during pregnancy if taken sensibly and with guidance of your doctor. Pregnancy is the time to indulge in healthy foods to provide for your baby. However, one must take absolute care of certain health complications and bodily constraints that depend person to person before adding any sort of health supplements or foods to their diet. Always remember, everything in moderation is good and everything is healthy if your doctor approves!

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