Ways To Stop Babies From Scratching Their Face

Babies’ skin is incredibly sensitive. If babies scratch their faces, the skin is apt to tear. This can lead to bleeding and in some cases even scarring. Because of this, remedies need to be devised to keep babies from scratching their faces. But finding remedies means that the heart of the issue of why babies are scratching sensitive skin needs to be discovered. And when parents know why babies are scratching their faces, they can help them to stop the scratching once and for all.

It is very common for infants to touch their faces. This is not what causes a problem. It is when the touching turns into scratching that the skin can become relatively injured easily. Be it from dry skin, allergies, discomfort, or the like, according to Healthline, there are many reasons that lead babies to scratch. But by stopping the scratching before too much damage is done, babies’ skin can remain intact. And parents do not have to hold their breath wondering if they will have an injured infant when nap or bedtime has come to an end.

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Here are ways to help babies stop scratching their faces.

10 Moisturize

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Babies’ skin can dry out quickly. That includes the skin on the face. And when that happens, babies may scratch their faces to scratch an itch.

To combat dry skin, the skin needs to be moisturized. Putting a baby-safe moisturizer on the body as well as the face will help to keep babies from developing uncomfortable skin that makes them itch.

9 Trim Nails

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The tiny fingernails that babies have can be incredibly sharp. Because of this, it is important to trim the fingernails once to twice per week, according to KidsHealth.

For those babies who do not like their fingernails trimmed, doing so while they are sleeping makes it easier on both parents and babies alike.


8 Swaddle

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When swaddled, babies are securely tucked up in their blanket to feel safe and secure. They are unable to get their arms out of the blanket to keep from flailing their arms involuntarily, which helps them to sleep.

A swaddle also keeps the hands from getting to the face. And because of this, babies’ faces will not get scratched.

7 Baby Mitts

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Baby mitts allow babies to be out of a swaddle without having the option of scratching their faces. And while they are convenient, they also fall off fairly easily. Therefore, something like a baby shock may work just as well, if not better, to help keep babies from scratching their faces.

6 Scratch Sleeves

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For babies who cannot keep anything on their hands, scratch-sleeves may be a good option.

According to The Eczema Company, Wearing scratch sleeves not only helps keep babies from scratching their skin but also keeps their hands from getting too warm in the process. As such, they may be a great option for those babies that put up a fuss with the mitts or cannot stay in the swaddle.

5 Treat Skin Condition

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If babies are suffering from a skin condition, it is going to bother them. As such, have it diagnosed by a doctor so that the proper treatment can begin to get it under control and give babies relief from the irritation felt on their skin.

4 Make Sure Baby Is Comfortable

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Babies are very sensitive to being comfortable. As such, if their pajamas, the temperature in their room, or anything in between makes them uncomfortable, they will scratch at their face.

Therefore, by ensuring babies’ sleeping spaces are comfortable, not only will they sleep better, but they will be less prone to scratch at their faces as well.

3 Test For Food Allergies

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If babies have food allergies, they are likely going to break out in a rash. Some of which may wind up on their face

According to Prevent Food Allergies, if a food allergy is present, babies may break out in a rash or hives. Many times, they are present on the face. When this happens, babies will scratch their faces.

To determine if babies have a food allergy, they will need to be tested. Then, if they are exclusively breastfeeding that food may need to be removed from the mothers’ diets to keep the incidents of allergies from flaring up. Or, if starting solid foods, those solids will have to be put on hold.

2 Change Clothing Detergent

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Clothing detergent can cause the skin to become irritated if there is an allergy present. And because babies bring their sleeves to their faces and clothing goes over their heads, it is very possible for a rash to develop on babies’ faces that is itchy and leads to scratching.

To help keep the rash from occurring, changing the detergent to something perhaps milder will help keep rashes at bay.

1 Test For Seasonal Allergies

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Seasonal allergies can cause babies to have stuffed-up or runny noses. When this happens, babies may paw at their noses out of discomfort and inadvertently scratch their faces.

By getting a proper diagnosis, parents will know what it is that babies are allergic to. And if doctors feel that there is a medicine that is appropriate for little ones, they can advise. They can also let parents know what to do that is not medicine-based to help alleviate allergy symptoms as well.

Source: Healthline, KidsHealth, The EczemaCompany, Prevent Food Allergies

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