Ways To Calm Hyperactive 2-Year-Old

Trying to keep up with a hyperactive two-year-old is like trying to wrangle cats. It is nearly impossible. That is why when the state of hyperactivity hits toddlers, parents need to find ways to harness that energy to turn it into something productive rather than something that can be out of control or even destructive. Better still, is when parents can find ways to calm hyperactive two-year-olds, something that takes time to do.

But once parents discover what it takes to soothe this population, it is an amazing skill indeed.

When toddlers become hyperactive, it is like a switch is flipped. One minute they are happily playing with their toys and the next they are literally bouncing off of the walls. Nothing changed in the environment to cause this to happen. But the energy level in two-year-olds goes off the charts none-the-less.

And it is up to parents to find ways to reign in that energy before it gets to limits where this becomes beyond difficult to do.

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Here are ways to calm a hyperactive two-year-old.


10 Get Outside & Play

The first thing that parents can do with a hyperactive two-year-old is get them outside. This will have positive effects on them immediately.

According to the Child Mind Institute, when kids go outside, they are “happier, better at paying attention, and less anxious” than kids who spend a majority of their time indoors. Because of this, toddlers who may not have paid attention to their parents while indoors may focus intently on them while in nature.

This helps to calm the hyperactivity, and it is a win for two-year-olds and parents alike to be outside in nature.

9 Direct The Energy

If it is not possible to get outdoors, having activities ready to go that direct the insane amount of energy hyperactive toddlers possess will be necessary to get them to calm down. Without direction, toddlers may just keep going until they drop.

When toddlers are told specific things to do, (much like with a game of Simon Says) they will stop and focus their copious amount of energy. This focus will help them to slow down their brains and bodies.

And as a result, the hyperactivity should begin to fade, giving parents back their two-year-old with just a bit less energy than previously experienced.

8 Engage In An Activity

All of that energy has to go somewhere when two-year-olds are hyperactive. And a great place to put it is to engage toddlers in an activity.

Be it building, sitting down to read with parents, helping with gardening, or the like, involving toddlers in an activity that will help them to focus on one thing will begin to bring their energy levels down.

This, in turn, will help the little ones to settle into the activity at hand and the hyperactivity will be gone in a snap.

7 Talk About Emotions

It could be emotions that are causing toddlers to react in a hyperactive state simply because they have no idea how to express how they are feeling. As such, sitting down to talk about emotions may be all it takes to help bring an end to the bout of hyperactivity.

According to Zero To Three, many times a huge swing in behavior comes from when toddlers are unable to express how they feel. As such, a calm two-year-old who suddenly became hyperactive may not be able to effectively describe the feelings being experienced.

But, if parents take a moment to discuss feelings and what each feeling means, it could help to diffuse the hyperactive state. And in the process, stop so many occurring from in the future as well.

6 Play Calming Music

When emotions cannot be regulated by toddlers and hyperactivity sets in, playing some calming music may help alleviate the excessive amount of energy on display by two-year-olds.

According to Children’s Health, when calm music is played, toddlers get a break from being “overstimulated.” This overstimulation is something that can be seen why kids are hyperactive.

But when dopamine is released into the body, the overstimulation fades and along with it, the state of incredible energy as well.

5 Run A Warm Bath

Nothing calms toddlers down like a bath. As such, draw some warm water into the bathtub and place rambunctious toddlers in it.

In no time flat, the muscles will start to relax, the attention will be on the toys in the tub, and all thoughts about being hyperactive will fade away.

4 Talk To Two-Year-Olds In Soothing Voice

If the tone that parents speak to toddlers in is elevated when little ones are hyperactive, that will only serve to make toddlers more hyperactive. But, if parents speak to two-year-olds in a calm and soothing voice, the opposite will be true.

People inherently pay more attention when being spoken to in a soft tone, according to Succeed Socially. As such, toddlers may pay better attention to their parents when they have to work hard to hear what is being said.

This will slow toddlers down, their hyperactivity will fade, and they will be more clam for it.

3 Blow Bubbles

Whether they are blowing or popping bubbles, toddlers will experience a state of calm when interacting with bubbles. Something that makes for an easy fix when it comes to toddler hyperactivity.

According to NAC, blowing bubbles is calming to the nervous system regardless of whether they are blown or watched. They create a “point of focus” that helps with mindfulness.

And when this is done, toddlers calm down leaving nothing but a memory of their hyperactivity.

2 Give Hugs

When toddlers appear to be nothing but out of control. a great big hug may be all that they need to no longer be hyperactive.

According to Exchange Family Center, hugs help toddlers with their emotional development. This means that not only is hugging a way to show how much parents care about their two-year-olds, it is also a way for toddlers to develop the words to express how they feel.

And, in turn, hyperactivity will begin to show up less and less.

1 Practice Breathing

If parents can get their two-year-olds to take deep, deliberate breaths, they will slow their heart rate down. And when the heart rate slows, hyperactivity does as well.

This means that within a matter of minutes, the state of toddlers will have gone from that of a crazy amount of energy to that of calm and peaceful. All by just getting them to focus on their breath and calming their bodies.

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