Vitamins That May Help When Trying To Conceive

When couples decide to start a family, they want to get pregnant as soon as possible. While much of conception depends on the reproductive health of parents-to-be, being healthy is a big factor in getting pregnant as well. One of those ways of being healthy for prospective mothers-to-be is taking supplements. And with many vitamins that may help when trying to conceive, the biggest problem women will have is narrowing down what they should take. Something that may benefit from speaking to a doctor before choosing which vitamins to take.

The number of supplements on the market can be dizzying to sort through. This is especially true when trying to choose vitamins to help with getting pregnant. And because some vitamins can provide the same benefits for attempting to conceive, it is recommended to speak to a healthcare professional about which supplements would be the most beneficial to expedite the process of expecting when choosing to become pregnant.

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Here are vitamins that may help when trying to conceive.


11 Folic Acid

While the benefits of taking folic acid during pregnancy may be known, the benefits beforehand may not be.

According to Medivisorwomen who suffer from irregular cycles may do well with taking folic acid. This is because women are more likely to ovulate with regularity when taking folic acid. So much so, that per the publication, the majority of women who took folic acid when attempting to conceive became pregnant within 12 months of trying.

10 CoQ10

If CoQ10 is the route that couples choose to go when trying to conceive, it is a vitamin that both men and women should take. This is because there are benefits for both sexes when pregnancy is the goal.

According to CNY Fertilitypregnancy rates increase with taking CoQ10 because the quality of eggs and sperm improves.

Because it takes 90 days for sperm and eggs to develop, per the publication, taking CoQ10 for at least this amount of time is recommended to see the most significant benefits.

9 Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can make it difficult to become pregnant. As such, getting the body to optimum levels before trying to conceive can assist with conception.

According to WebMDwhen the proper amount of vitamin D was included in the diet or as a supplement, women were 34 percent more likely to conceive than those who were deficient. And for those who became pregnant, having the proper amount of vitamin D in their systems helped them to have a healthier pregnancy as well.

8 Vitamin E

According to Genesis Fertility, vitamin E is a natural antioxidant. But it is a vitamin to take to increase the odds of conception as well.

With its ability to “boost fertility,” per the publication, and help a fertilized egg remain attached after implantationvitamin E can prove to be a great benefit when trying to get pregnant.

7 L-Carnitine

For women who are getting older and want to have a baby, taking L-carnitine may be a way to slow down the process of the egg’s aging. And as a result, have an easier time with conception.

According to Nordic NaturalsL-carnitine helps to energize cells to keep them from aging as quickly. When the cells of the body are at a younger age than the chronicled age of a person, it can make fertility easier. And as a result, conception is easier as well.

6 Vitamin B12

Part of the genetic makeup of eggs and sperm is vitamin B12, according to Impril. As such, ensuring that the body has proper levels of vitamins when trying to conceive will make for the The strongest and healthiest eggs and sperm possible. And the healthier these two very important components of conception are, the easier it may be to become pregnant.

5 Vitamin C

When couples are trying to conceive, they may both want to begin taking vitamin C. This is because the vitamin promotes healthy reproductive health for men and women.

According to Parentsif women are suffering from low progesteronetaking vitamin C can help increase their chances of fertility.

For men, per the publication, the health and how mobile sperm are can be improved by taking vitamin C regularly.

4 Iron

Not all the eggs that women produce during their lifetime will be suitable for conception. But, the number of eggs that are healthy for fertilization can be increased by taking iron supplements.

According to What To Expect, women who take iron while trying to conceive had better chances of getting pregnant because their eggs were healthier. They were at less of a risk for infertility as a result of “ovulatory infertility.”

As such, if able to stomach taking an iron supplement when trying to conceive, it may prove to be beneficial to getting pregnant quicker than if iron was not taken at all.

3 Zinc

Many women may not realize that they have a hormone imbalance when they are trying to conceive. And a way to help estrogen and progesterone stay in balance is by taking zinc.

According to Natural Fertility Info, zinc helps hormonal levels stay at their proper levels during all stages of the menstrual cycle. This is necessary so that women know which days they are most fertile, increasing their chances of conception.

The vitamin also helps with helping eggs mature, per the publication. If eggs do not reach the proper maturity, they are not able to be fertilized. And when this happens, conception can take longer to occur.

2 Omega-3

Omega-3 vitamins are necessary to support a healthy pregnancy. But omega-3s are helpful with conception as well.

According to CCRM Fertilityomega-3 vitamins Regulating hormones that increase the flow of blood to the uterus, increase the ability of the egg to implant in the uterus wall, and reduce inflammation of the body. All of which help to increase the chances of conception.

1 Selenium

A good vitamin for men to take to help with conception is selenium. This is because it can help with sperm health and motilityaccording to Just Vitamins. But selenium is beneficial for women as well.

Per the publication, selenium helps to produce healthy ovary follicles. This means that eggs will be healthier. Something that will aid the process of conception massively.

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