Twin Toddler Activities For Rainy Day

Rainy days are a blessing and a curse as a parent. While it is fun for a small amount of time to play outside, which does burn energy, eventually toddlers will get cold and want to come inside. That is when parents have to get creative and help their toddlers stay occupying while continuing to burn energy inside. And when there are two toddlers as a result of having twins, it means twice the amount of energy. Therefore, activities will need to be planned when there are rainy days with twin toddlers.

With one toddler under the roof on a rainy day, craziness can ensue. Double that with twin toddlers and without preparation, there is going to be built up energy that will potentially lead to poor choices being made. As such, when rainy days come, having a plan in place to deal with that energy is key to not only having fun but ensuring that the twins burn off enough energy to get to sleep at the end of the day.

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Here are twin toddler activities for a rainy day.

10 Floor Is Lava

A great activity that takes concentration and makes toddlers move is the game, Floor Is Lava. As such, when the weather outside is such that even playing in the rain is out of the question, set up the game and start calling out which color stones to land on. Twin toddlers will have a blast while playing and when done might just be relaxed enough to sit down for a snack and naps.

9 Dance Competition

Set up an audience of stuffed animals, turn on some dancing music, and have twin toddlers battle it out with their best dance moves. It is a super fun activity for a rainy day.

Because the twins are toddlers, they may need a bit of encouragement to start dancing. But, once the music is going and the little ones are in a rhythm, they will be ready to take a break in no time flat after burning off energy on their favorite songs. Exactly what is needed on a dry day.


8 Don’t Let The Balloon Fall

If there is some open space in the house to bat a balloon around, a game of not letting the balloon hit the ground may just be in order on a rainy day.

According to Wellesley Community Children’s Centernot letting the balloon fall or touch the ground is a game that has been around for decades that kids love to play.

The rules are simple. Do not let the balloon touch the ground. And because there are two toddlers to keep that from happening, it makes for a perfect rainy-day activity for twins.

7 Create Obstacle Course

While obstacle courses are generally an outdoor activity, it does not mean that one cannot be created inside as well. All it takes is a little imagination and some furniture and a toddler-sized course can be created.

According to FamilyEducation, there are a great many ways to create an obstacle course indoors. Some of those ways include:

  • Climbing under chairs

  • Jumping through hula-hoops

  • Tossing a certain number of items into a basket

  • Jumping over a rope

  • Doing jumping jacks

There can be any number of things added to an indoor obstacle course. The goal is to make it just challenging enough that toddlers can finish it but not too challenging that neither one of the twins wants to do it again.

6 Stuffed Animal Hunt

Much like the game Hot or Cold, one toddler can take one of their stuffed animals and hide it around the house while the other attempts to find it. The goal, on one hand, is for the toddler who hid the stuffed animal to be able to remember where it was hidden so that there is not a wild goose chase going on for the stuffed animal hunt. On the other hand, the goal is for the other twin to find the stuffed animal.

Whether this will be successful remains to be seen. But twin toddlers will have a lot of fun in the process of trying.

5 Build A Fort

A quintessential activity for a rainy day is to build a fort. And with twin toddlers, that means that the fort will need to be double the size!

There are several forts that can be built for a rainy day. Some of the most “epic” forts, according to Sunshine Whispersinclude:

  • Couch forts

  • Cardboard forts

  • Blanket forts

  • Purchasing a fort kit

  • Combination of any or all ideas

Build one of these forts at the beginning of the day and twin toddlers will spend their entire rainy day playing in it without any complaints.

4 Hide & Seek

Hide and Seek is an “elevated game of Peek-a-Boo,” according to Child’s Play in Action. As such, it is no wonder that the game is such a hit with toddlers.

When there are twin toddlers to entertain on a rainy day, having them play hide and seek with one another is a great way to do so. Parents can get involved if they want to but because there is one to count and one to hide, the twins will be enough to play on their own.

Not only will they improve on their counting, but toddlers will also strengthen problem-solving skills, gain independence, work on impulse control, and more, per the publication. Throw in the fact that there is a bit of exercise in there as well, and hide and seek may just be the most perfect rainy-day game there is.

3 Take A Play Bath

Taking a bath may normally be part of the bedtime routine but on rainy days, it can be a source of water play fun.

Instead of making bath time be about getting clean and ready for bed, let toddlers put on their bathing suits and goggles to play with their toys in the tub. Throw in some bubbles and watch the twins have fun until they have to be coaxed out because the water is just too cold to play in any longer.

2 Arts & Crafts

Rainy days can come out of nowhere sometimes. As such, having special arts and crafts to do on those days are a way to keep twin toddlers focused on their activity longer than if the same crayons and paper were offered to be creative while the water falls from the sky outside.

From paint to glitter, stickers, colorful construction paper, and more, the options are endless when it comes to what parents can surprise their toddlers with. As long as it is something outside the normal art supplies, twin toddlers will be giddy with what they can create on what could have been a dry day.

1 Splash In Puddles

Of course, if the weather is not too bad to venture outdoors, twin toddlers should be allowed to run free and splash in the puddles in and around their homes.

While it is not the best for homeowners to have water collected spot in the backyard, it makes for a wonderful place for twin toddlers to splash around in their rubber boots and umbrellas. If this is not an option, taking a walk around the neighborhood to find puddles will work just as well.

End the splashing by changing into warm, dry clothes, and a cup of cocoa, and a perfect rainy day with twin toddler has been achieved.

Source: Wellesley Community Children’s Center, FamilyEducation, Sunshine Whispers, Child’s Play in Motion

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