Tips For Speeding Up Postpartum Healing

After women have their babies, they want to feel like themselves again. Something that is difficult to do when the body has to change gears from growing a baby to healing itself from delivering a baby. A process that in the grand scheme of things does not take too long but longer for mothers’ liking while it is happening, leading mothers to wonder if there are any tips to speed up postpartum healing.

According to HealthPartners, it takes approximately six weeks for the body to heal after delivering a baby. This is the case regardless of whether women gave birth vaginally or via C-section. It is during this time that hormones are returning to pre-baby levels, the uterus returns to its normal size, excess fluid is lost from the body and an array of other things working to get the body back to where it was before it carried a baby. It is something which takes time to do. And will take longer if women do not head their doctors’ recommendations and push too hard. Instead, they will extend the healing process by weeks, which does not help anyone.

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Here are some tips for speeding up postpartum healing.


10 Care For The Perineum

In the process of delivering a baby, the perineum stretches to its capacity. During this time, it can even rip or tear. According to eMedicineHealth, this can lead to swelling and soreness. This is why caring for the perineum after babies are born is so helpful in the healing process.

To care for the perineum, things such as sitz baths or padsicles can be used to bring relief. By doing this, the swelling decreases, and wounds are able to heal. Over the course of several weeks, the perineum will be healed, and new moms will no longer experience pain as they did just after delivery.

9 Eat Plenty Of Fiber

According to KidsHealth, in the days after delivery, constipation can occur. And while this is common, it is not something that new moms want to deal with.

As such, Eating plenty of fiber in the diet will help to keep the digestive system running appropriately. Keeping things like hemorrhoids or upset stomachs from occurring.

8 Do Kegels

As a result of the body going through trauma during childbirth, it needs time to heal. And a great way to heal from the inside out is to do Kegels.

According to Intimina, Kegels increase blood flow to the area that was damaged during childbirth. By increasing blood flow, the area will heal faster and women will feel better faster, all as a result of following a routine of doing Kegels in the weeks after birth.

The cleaner a wound is, the faster it is able to heal, something that holds true for C-section incision sites as well. And following doctors’ guidelines will help women to heal faster. The problem comes when women do not listen to their doctors.

According to Parents, when women do too much too soon, they run the risk of causing injury to their C-section incision site. Those things include:

  • Heavy lifting

  • Housework

  • Large stretches

Doing any of these activities too early will cause the C-section incision or scar to have complications. And at that point, it does not matter how clean the incision site is because it is going to take longer to heal than originally believed.

6 Move

If doctors have specifically told women that they should not get up for any extended time or told a date that they can start moving, those recommendations should be adhered to. But for those women who are told that they can move as soon as they feel good, they should.

By getting out to move the body, the muscles will begin to strengthen from the activityaccording to PregnancyBirth&Baby. When this happens, the body as a whole begins to heal. And because of this, new moms may find that it does not take them the whole six weeks to get back to feeling like themselves. Decreasing the time in recovery mode and quickly increasing postpartum healing instead.

5 Drink Water

Drinking eight to 12 glasses of water per day can help speed up the postpartum recovery process. Something which should be easy to do with it becoming a habit over the past nine months of pregnancy.

According to the American Pregnancy Associationwater helps the body to heal during the postpartum period in ways that include:

  • Keep headaches from striking as hormones balance themselves out

  • Keeps constipation at bay

  • Helps to keep urinary tract infections from occurring

  • Decreases pelvic floor pain

  • Aids with breast milk production

Drinking water during the fourth trimester will help the body to run smoothly and heal much faster than it would, were the body not properly hydrated.

4 Eat healthy food

Eating healthy food during the postpartum period will help women recover faster.

According to What To Expectways that women recover faster during the fourth trimester by eating healthy food include:

  • Keeps bones strong

  • Tops off iron stores

  • Keep hemorrhoids from forming

By keeping the body from going into a state of constipation, nutrients are able to spread throughout the body. And when the body gets what it needs, it responds in kind by healing at more rapid rates than was thought possible.

3 Get Plenty Of Rest

There are several areas of the body that need to be healed before women feel like themselves again. And a great way to do this is to get some sleep.

According to Pronto Sleepthe brain sends hormones to areas in the body that need healing. This happens most often when people sleep. As such, women want to get as much uninterrupted sleep nightly to help speed along the recovery process. Something that may not be possible when babies are little, making the need to sleep with babies sleep even more important for women during the postpartum period.

2 Breastfeed

When mothers breastfeed, the body releases oxytocin. Oxytocin helps to reduce the size of the uterus, getting it back to its normal size. Meaning that the more often new moms breastfeed, the quicker they will internally return to their original conditions. Something that increases energy and helps moms to feel better overall.

1 Get Some Fresh Air

If mothers are finding that their moods are suffering during the postpartum period, taking trips outdoors can help to combat the baby blues or even postpartum depression. Two things that can slow the process of postpartum recovery.

According to Penn Today, spending as little as 10 minutes out in nature helps to boost moods. When moods are boosted, women feel healthier. By feeling healthier, women are happier, and it is a win for all involved.

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