Time Management Tips For Single New Moms

Being a single new mom means that free time that used to exist no longer does. Instead, every minute of the day is planned out. This is because if it is not, tasks will be forgotten and new moms can easily become overwhelmed. As such, doing whatever is possible to keep life organized and running on time should be done to keep from getting to this point. Something that time management tips for single new moms can help to do.

Time management is not only a helpful skill to use in the workplace but one to use in the home as well. It is something that new moms can utilize to make their lives run more smoothly when running on fumes or feeling sleep-deprived. This is especially true for single moms who are shouldering the load of raising a baby on their own. As such, the less chaos there is in their lives, the easier it becomes to take care of their little ones. And on those especially long days, time management tips acquired will be greatly appreciated.

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Here are some time management tips for single new moms.


10 Prioritize To-Do List

One of the first things that single new moms may want to do is make a to-do list of everything they want to accomplish. Once that list has been accumulated, it should be prioritized so that the most important tasks are done first. Something that will make moms feel like they are making progress, even if only one task here and there is being completed.

According to Indeedthe benefits of to-do lists include:

  • Being more productive

  • Provides motivation

  • Increases memory

  • Improve mental health

  • Gives a sense of accomplishment

Seeing a large to-do list can be overwhelming. This is why breaking it down into smaller chunks of what needs to be done immediately, what can wait, and what long-term projects are so necessary to do. This not only helps moms to manage the time in their day but ticking off one task at a time brings a sense of accomplishment as well. And by doing this consistently, moms will knock out their lists before they know it.

9 Keep Lists For Everything

While to-do lists can keep single new moms on task with what needs to be accomplished in the short and long term, lists for everything else help to keep them organized when it comes to paying bills, items that need to be picked up when doing errands, or important dates to be remembered.

By writing down these lists as they are thought of, moms do not run the risk of forgetting anything. They also do not have to take the time to think about what it was they wanted to get done at a later date because it was jotted down as they thought of it. All things that help with time management.

8 Use Grocery Delivery Service

Taking newborns out to go grocery shopping can be a stressful experience. And with the amount that has to be prepared to do so, a good chunk of time is taken out of the day.

As such, use a grocery delivery service to do the shopping and gain back a few hours from the day.

7 Outsource Jobs

Is it possible to mow a lawn with a newborn? Yes. Can new moms tackle simple plumbing jobs? Absolutely. But is doing these things a good use of the precious time single new moms have in a day? Probably not.

Therefore, if there are jobs that can be outsourced, new moms should take advantage. It may not be long term that these tasks are handled by others but until a routine has been established and moms are getting decent sleep, paying others to handle some jobs should be done. And there should be no guilt for it.

6 Take Care Of Tasks Online

Any and everything that new moms can handle online should be done electronically. This saves them from having to Mail off bills, make calls for appointments, buy items in bulk in person, or even from having to go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions.

It may not seem like a lot of time has been saved by taking care of as much as possible via the internet. But, each of those tasks takes time to do. And when that time is added up, moms may be surprised just how much time they have gained by getting behind a computer screen briefly. It can mean the difference between achieving goals for the day and leaving tasks on the table to be tacked on to the following day’s chores.

5 Let Perfection Go

For those women who prided themselves on a perfectly put-together home and outward appearance, having a baby can add a lot of stress in that regard. And constantly having to clean to keep up that routine can feel futile. That is because it is. This is why perfection has to be let go in order to use time wisely with a newborn.

Keeping a home clean and spectacular looking with a newborn is possible. It is also something that needs a lot of energy to make it happen. As such, new moms will have to determine what is most important in their lives. And if a spotless living space and crisp clothes are not, then learning to become comfortable with imperfection will save a great deal of time during the day.

4 Clean Small Bits At A Time

Trying to clean an entire home at one time with a newborn can be difficult to do. As such, to make the most of the time given during the day, clean small areas of the home at a time.

By cleaning this way, it will be less overwhelming than tackling every room in the house while babywearing. And can help moms feel more in control of their day by tidying up small amounts at a time.

3 Identify Time-Wasters

Time-wasters are an easy trap to fall into for new moms. While the intention is just to go online for a few minutes or to check social media quickly for any updates, it is very easy to get caught up with time-wasters. And when this happens, far more time has gone by than was intended, leaving much less time to work with over the course of the day.

According to The Simply Organized Homethe most common time-wasters include:

  • Checking social media

  • Procrastination

  • Clutter

  • Not planning ahead

  • Not saying “no” enough

  • Not asking for help

  • Not prioritizing

By keeping time-wasters at bay, single new moms will have more time to work over the day, making them more productive overall.

2 Be Intentional About Rest

Rest is something that all new moms need. Those who are single new moms need it more than just about anyone. But because it can be hard to have at any time of the day, rest needs to be intentional.

According to the Sleep Foundation, the benefits of being intentional about rest include:

  • Reducing daytime sleepiness

  • Decreases anxiety

  • Decreases depression

  • Decreases fatigue

  • Repairs the body

  • Reduces risk of sleep-deprivation

Getting rest when rest is something that is always thrown around. But fo those who do not necessarily have a built-in support system, this may be something that is more necessary than anyone could believe. It will help to keep moms suffering from exhaustion by making them not only more rested but more productive after rest is had.

1 Simplify Tasks

Single new moms need to find ways to simplify their tasks as much as possible. This means that doing whatever possible to make tasks that need to be done easier should be done.

Be it from making enough food for leftovers or making a side dish that is delicious but quick and easy, it It is recommended to save time both in the present and the future for those single new moms looking for time management tips.

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