Things Your Two-Year-Old Can Do On Their Own

Toddlers want to do nothing more than exert their independence. That is because by the time they turn two years old, they are capable of doing so many things on their own in the home and out. Given this confidence, it is no wonder that little ones want to take the world by storm. This is why nurturing their desire to be independent by allowing them to attempt new skills and problem-solve how to do things only build the foundation for learning more. Something that all starts with the realization of what two-year-olds can do on their own.

When it comes to developmental milestones, parents like to know where their two-year-olds stack up against their peers. Making sure that they are right where they need to be for their age not only brings a sense of relief to parents but also makes them take a step back and realize just how much their toddlers have learned in such a short time. All of this is an amazing feat given just how helpless these adventurous and spirited two-year-olds were just a few short years prior when they were born.

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Here are things your two-year-old can do on their own.


10/10 Sort Shapes & Colors

Toddlers have been working on categorizing items by shape and color for several months. By the time they are two years old, according to BabyCenterlittle ones are working overtime to put everything they can find into their own categories.

Therefore, while it may seem strange that items are getting lined up or consistently organized, it is normal. And something that toddlers will be doing without help around the age of two.

9/10 Stand On Tiptoes

With the core strength and balance that toddlers have gained by the age of two, they will want to use it to show off their tip-toe skills.

According to The Physio Studio, beyond working on coordination and balance, standing on tiptoes has other benefits as well. Those benefits include:

  • Developing calf muscle strength

  • Improves post

  • The body’s ability to sense where it is located and how it is moving

  • Balance

Toddlers may walk on their soles while in their shoes, but it is not uncommon to see them tiptoeing around the house when barefoot. Looking like tiny dancers in the process.

8/10 Walk Up & Down Stairs Unassisted

Those stairs that used to cause so much discomfort for parents when their toddlers ascended and descended them assisted are starting to become old hat to two-year-olds. This is because according to Child & Family Developmentby the time this age rolls around, toddlers are able to walk up and down the stairs by holding onto the railing without their parent’s help. This may not help with the butterflies in parents’ stomachs, but it is a new skill learned, nonetheless.

7/10 Getting On & Off Furniture Without Help

With all the strength and mobility that two-year-olds have gained in their short lives, They can get on and off most furniture with easeaccording to What To Expect.

Therefore, do not try to help toddlers when they are trying to get on or off unless they ask for it. It will just cause an explosion of emotion if parents do.

6/10 Throw A Ball Overhand

Ready to go out and play catch? Two-year-olds will not only love outdoor time but the ability to show off their new skill of throwing a ball overhand to one of their favorite people.

Just be forewarned, although toddlers have been working on their catching skills since the age of one, according to Helping Hand Therapy, their throwing may still be a bit rough. All it takes is some practice though and in no time, little ones will be throwing like champs.

5/10 Carry Several Toys At One Time

What used to be several trips taking one object from Point A to Point B has turned into taking several small toys to a destination at a time by the time toddlers are two.

According to Loveveryas a result of developing fine and gross motor skills, toddlers are able to collect and carry more than one toy or item at a time. They may also learn that it is easier to carry their items in a bag and will want to fill up containers of all sorts for their transportation needs.

4/10 Begin To Run

With getting more stable with walking, toddlers will want to see just how fast their bodies will go. And because of this, running becomes the next natural step in development for two-year-olds.

According to KidsHealth, two-year-olds want to be very active. This is why they move their bodies as quickly as possible to be able to do everything they want to do. As such, running is added to the list of skills they are able to do at this age. Something that may be a bit wobbly to start but with a bit of practice, running becomes second nature.

3/10 Scribble With Ease

One of the first steps to being able to write is to scribbleaccording to PennState Extension. And because two-year-olds enjoy seeing what colors each marker, crayon, or colored pencil makes, they will want to scribble every time there is a spare piece of paper and a writing utensil available to them.

2/10 Point To Pictures When Named

While toddlers may have been pointing at things of interest for several months, by the time they reach two years old, they are able to point at pictures when asked to locate a certain item in a picture.

According to Therapy For Kids, the more pointing that little ones do, the better able they are to express themselves in the world around them. A great way to get this started from a young age, per the publication, is with bubble play.

1/10 Build A Tower With At Least Four Blocks

Blocks are a favorite of young children. And as they become older, they become a tool with which to build as well.

According to BabyCenter, with all the practice that two-year-olds have had with playing with blocks and stacking objects, they should be pros at being able to build towers with at least four blocks, if not more. Something that they may enjoy doing to see how high they can build or like the fact they can knock the tower down with done. Either way, great motor skills are being developed.

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