Things You Should Avoid Post Caesarean

Things You Should Avoid Post Caesarean |



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Updated on Aug 24, 2022

Things You Should Avoid Post Caesarean

Caesarean delivery has its own effects and impacts on the body of the new mommy. There is a list of daily activities which should be refrained from or avoided post delivery. Few of these restrictions are for the period immediately after delivery whereas others may have to be abided by in the long term.

Things You Should Avoid Doing Post Caesarean

A few things to be avoided after caesarean delivery have been discussed below.

  1. Avoiding bending down: New mommies are suggested to avoid bending down. To expedite the healing process bending down on the tummy is a big no
  2. Lifting heavy objects: Lifting heavy objects after a major surgery is to be avoided completely. Lifting heavy objects may cause the incision to open up and result in unnecessary pain and discomfort. This might also lead to a situation when the requirement of re-stitching or re-stapling of incision may arise
  3. Avoid sex: It is important to avoid sex till the time incision is completely healed and pain subsides completely. Any physical activity may result in opening up of incision or may cause distress and pain to the new mom. It is said that intercourse should be avoided for at least six weeks post delivery
  4. Prefer lose fitted clothing: It is necessary to ensure that clothes do not rub onto the incision unless it heals completely. Avoiding pre pregnancy or tight fitted garments should be a strict adherence for a few months after the surgery
  5. Avoid laughing hard: When one laughs hard, movements are caused to the stomach which results in pressure getting exerted on the abdomen and on the incision. Pressure on incision especially when it has not healed completely may have drastic repercussions. Hence laughing hard should be avoided
  6. Coughing and sneezing: Though it may sound difficult to control a coughing bout, it would be far tougher to cope up with the pain caused by a coughing bout after a C-section delivery. The root cause being the same, cough may exert pressure on the incision. Since incision has not healed up completely by then, it may result in acute pain and in rare cases it may cause the incision to open up. It would be a good idea to place palms on the incision before coughing or sneezing so as to minimise the pain encountered
  7. Touching the incision: Incision’s contact with any article should be avoided after the surgery. There is a chance of getting the incision infected, hence it is best not to keep prying over the incision area. Infact attempt is to be made to keep the area dry as far as possible. Measures such as wiping with a cloth immediately after bath and regular dressing should be adopted to expedite the healing process. Contact with soap or scrub should be strictly avoided
  8. Selection of food items: Food selection is quite important after a C-section delivery. Food items should be so selected that gas formation as well as constipation may be avoided completely. These conditions might result in straining the bowels and make excretion painful. Inclusion of a lot of fiber fruits consisting of fruits and vegetables in one’s diet is of extreme importance

Setting Unrealistic Expectations And Breaking Down

Expecting one’s body to be fit and fine immediately after delivery is too much to ask for. Numbness experienced would seem new but one has to accept that it would stay forever and would never be gone. Though tough, these changes would be a permanent. The excruciating pain, incapacities, incision mark have to be accepted and crying about it would not help.

  1. Bearing pain: It is normal and acceptable to take pain killers and medicines for curbing pain after discussion with one’s Doctor. It is suggested that the new mommy does not suffocate herself to bear the nerve racking pain and take supplements and pills as and when required
  2. Climbing stairs: Using stairs should be avoided completely immediately after a C-section delivery. It is best to take a nod from the Doctor before such routine activities are started off
  3. Break from exercises: Exercises should be refrained from completely. If at all exercises or yoga is resorted to after getting go ahead from the doctor, it should comprise of light exercises in the presence of a trained instructor. Conventional abdominal exercises are a complete no-no!
  4. Emphasis on lying down position: Lying down position is important to ensure no pain and lots of comfort. Best practice would be to be surrounded by pillows and lay down such that sufficient support is available from all sides
  5. Household chores: Household chores, which involve physical strain should be avoided altogether. It is best to get domestic help till the time of complete recovery
  6. Public pools and hot tubs: Bathing or swimming in public pools or hot water tubs are to be avoided completely. Sauna baths also fall in the category of restrictions after a caesarean delivery

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