These Lower Back Stretches Reduce Pregnancy Pain

Back pain while expecting is a pregnancy symptom that most mothers-to-be will experience at some point during pregnancy. For some, it can be an annoyance that starts off stiff at the beginning of the day only to alleviate itself when the body gets moving, to debilitating to the point where the movement of any type is difficult. But regardless of what level of pain the back has, by doing lower back stretches, the pain can be reduced during pregnancy.

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the reason that most mothers-to-be experience back pain is that the uterus shifts the center of gravity in the body. As such, to accommodate the growing baby bump, the back gets a sway to it. This causes the lower back muscles to become strained. And because the abdominal muscles are stretched and weakened in the process, they are unable to do much to help maintain proper posture during pregnancy.

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Here are some lower back stretches to reduce pain during pregnancy.

10 Cat-Cow Pose

One of the best stretches for the lower back during pregnancy is the cat-cow pose. This is because according to Healthline, not only does it improve balance, but it improves posture. Something that all pregnant women need to alleviate pain in their backs.

9 Sitting Half-Pigeon

In many instances, back pain can be associated with sciatic pain during pregnancy. A way to combat both is with the sitting half-pigeon pose.

According to True, as the body stretches into the half-pigeon pose, a deep stretch can be felt in the back. At the same time, tight sciatic nerves can be stretched as well. But because the regular pigeon pose is too deep a stretch during pregnancy, it is modified so that women can be sitting on a chair to get the benefits of the stretch without any complications while expecting.


8 Child’s Pose

One stretch that does not need to be modified during pregnancy is the child’s pose. And it is one of the most effective stretches for alleviating back pain, pregnancy or not.

According to BabyMed, a child’s pose both lengths the spine and opens the hips. Both of which help to alleviate back pain during pregnancy.

7 Angle Pose

Pregnancy can bring a feeling of pain to the back along with an overall feeling of heaviness that can exacerbate the pain. To combat this, the angle pose is quite effective.

According to The Indian Express, the angle pose works at not only alleviates back pain but helps to stretch the hips and thighs as well. This means that for those who are experiencing not just back pain but lower body pain during pregnancy, this is a great stretch to incorporate into the daily routine.

6 Forward Fold

A way to alleviate lower back pain while decompressing the spine is the forward fold. And the best part about the stretch during pregnancy is that it can be modified to allow women to stretch forward only as far as they feel comfortable.

According to Greatest, As mothers-holding-to-be bend forward, the tension that the back has been onto is released. If, however, the pain is not completely addressed with just the stretch alone, per the publication, a slight bounce can be added to the stretch as well.

5 Stretch With Fitness Ball

The fitness ball is a great piece of equipment to use to stretch the back. And because there are several lower back stretches that can be performed using it, regardless of what stage of pregnancy women are in, the stretches are beneficial to alleviating back pain.

4 Standing Pelvic Tilt

Those who are at the beginning stages of pregnancy may be able to do pelvic tilts while lying flat on the floor. But as the pregnancy progresses, this may no longer be possible. This is when the standing pelvic tilt should be used to reduce back pain.

According to My Baby Manual, pelvic tilts not only stretching out the base of the spine, which alleviates lower back pain, but the tilts also help to strengthen abdominal muscles. And the stronger the abdominal muscles are, the better the posture is, which helps to reduce back pain even further.

3 Fitness Ball Pelvic Tilt

For those women who need a bit more support while doing the pelvic tilt, they can use a fitness ball to sit on to achieve the same relief of lower back pain.

According to The VBAC Link, not only is the lower back stretched when doing the pelvic tilt on the ball, but the hamstrings, abdominal, and quadriceps are strengthened at the same time. All of which will help to make delivery that much easier for mothers-to-be.

2 Torso Rotation

If there is pain in the lower back and heaviness felt in the torso, the torso rotation stretch is recommended to help with both.

According to HealthDay, a slow torso rotation will stretch out the lower and mid-back. It will also help stretch the torso which will alleviate some heaviness felt as the baby bump grows larger.

1 Chair Stretch

When women feel like they are unable to get a proper lower back stretch because of the size of their baby bump, using a chair to stretch may be just what is necessary to reduce back pain.

By simply holding onto a chair and bending over as far as comfortable, there will be a stretch felt in the lower back. And because it can be done at any stage of pregnancy, including when in labor, it is a good stretch to keep in the back pocket while expecting.

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