The 10 Best Ice Cream Shops in Greenville You Need to Try

Are you looking for the best ice cream near Greenville, SC? Local mom Kristina Hernandez has you covered with this list of the recommended ice cream shops in Greenville County and Spartanburg County. Her list includes an ice cream shop connected to a peach stand, an old-fashioned soda counter at a local pharmacy, and a downtown ice cream parlor that sells rolled ice cream.

Greenville has lots of great ice cream places and now that it’s super hot every day, there is nothing better than a cold cone full of creamy goodness in your favorite flavors, layered with toppings and fudge, if that’s how you roll.

This article includes:
Greenville’s Best Ice Cream
Vegan Ice Cream
Spartanburg’s Best Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream in Greenville, SC

Dillard’s Ice Cream Parlor

1009 Mauldin Road, Greenville | 864,603.1919
504 S. Buncombe Road, Greer | 864.877.6001

Dillard’s Ice Cream Parlor is hands down my favorite place for ice cream in the Greenville area, and it’s a Kidding Around Greenville reader favorite, too. Their Chocolate Rocker is outstanding. Charleston Sea Salt will leave you wanting more. Even Superman is good. It’s my summer goal to try every flavor and since I make it a habit of frequenting Dillard’s all too often, I should accomplish at least this one thing over these hot months. Bonus points because Dillard’s is adjacent to Fisher’s Peach farm stand so you can get ice cream AND healthy farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dillards is our family’s favorite!

Kimberly TA

Molly and Myles Ice Cream

3225 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville | 864.263.3232
Molly and Myles Ice Cream serve up scoops of unique flavors like oreopalooza, cracked pistachio, and extra buttery pecan. You’ll also find sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and more. Their parlor is decorated with a unique display of superhero and comic book memorabilia to enjoy while shaving down delicious ice cream from a cone made of fruity pebbles!

My boy is obsessed with super hero’s and they finally have somewhere in Greenville where he doesn’t feel left out!

Elizabeth D.

ice cream from Pink Mama in Travelers Rest, SC

Pink Mama’s Ice Cream

11 S. Main Street, Travelers Rest | 864,584.3414
2551 N. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville | 864,603.1398
We asked for your favorite ice cream spots, and you answered. Pink Mama’s Ice Cream in Traveler’s Rest was a very popular pick. Between pink mama’s custom flavors, fresh waffle cones, coffee drinks, and unique sundaes, we can see why. The Swamp Rabbit Trail location is certainly an added bonus.

It’s really good!

Genesis P.

Clare’s Creamery

1635 E. North Street, Greenville
Clare’s Creamery is highly recommended by dozens of KAG readers! With delicious classic flavors along with seasonal favorite flavors such as Peppermint Crunch and Honey Lavender with Lemon, what more could a dessert lover ask for? They even offer dipped ice cream cones to give your waffle cone that Instagram-worthy look.

Doesn’t get any better!

Jenny W.

Spill the Beans

531 S. Main Street, Greenville | 864,422.6355
This was the first ice cream parlor I went to when I moved here, and I was not disappointed. Only steps from the Liberty Bridge and Falls Park, Spill the Beans makes their own waffle cones and has outstanding ice cream. You can personally enhance by adding any number of ingredients like cherries, almonds cheesecake, or peanut butter, to name a few.

Great Ice cream and coffee, with a fabulous location next to falls park!

Christie V.

Pickwick Pharmacy

3219 Augusta Street, Greenville | 864.277.4180
A pharmacy as an ice cream shop? Yup. That’s how they did it in the 1950s and this place has restored the ice cream parlor and soda fountain back to their former glory. Not only is the decor a good reason to check out Pickwick Pharmacy but the ice cream is top-notch too. I was not happy when my daughter wanted to trade her rainbow ice cream out for my chocolate peanut butter cup! Rainbow was still pretty good but I have a weak spot for chocolate and peanut butter.

Ice Cream Station

125 S. Main Street, Simpsonville | 864.962.9200
I missed this place the first time I tried to find it but I was happy once I found it – located in a small building right next to the train tracks that run through downtown Simpsonville. One of the most reasonable ice cream places I have ever been to, the Ice Cream Station has soft-serve ice cream where customers can choose a number of tasty ingredients to mix into their summer treat. Ice Cream Station is another KAG reader recommendation.

YES. Ice Cream Station in Simpsonville! They have allergy safe options for my daughter which makes this momma’s heart smile! Also the employees are SUPER FRIENDLY & personable! Oh & the swings & if you are lucky you’ll see the train

Jessica S.

Ice cream station in SImpsonville, SC

Sidewall Pizza

35 S. Main Street, Travelers Rest
99 Cleveland Street, Greenville
3598 Pelham Road, Greenville

See the website for hours.
Found in Travelers Rest, downtown Greenville, and Pelham Road, Sidewall Pizza makes its own ice cream and changes the menu almost daily. Follow them on Instagram, and you’ll soon be dreaming about their delicious combinations (like fruity pebbles, homemade apple pie, peach pie, and Rice Krispies). Yum.

Sidewall Pizza has the best ice cream and they are selling it by the pint right now!


Stanley’s Ice Cream

3601 E North St, Greenville | 864,292.6611
Stanley’s Ice Cream really brings the flavor, over 48 flavors that is! Along with their ice cream, Stanleys has customized ice cream cakes, yummy milkshakes, crapes, and more. Even their waffle cones are freshly made daily. KAG readers adore this mom-and-pop shop and highly recommend it.

Stanley’s ice cream off east north street. Mom and pop owned been there for years. Always great service and wonderful ice cream flavors!

Leah T.

Cream Shack

120 N. Main Street, Greenville | 864,558.0585
One of Greenville’s newer ice cream spots, Creme Shack is serving up fresh ice cream, rolled! While this is a little more expensive than others on our list, lots of yummy toppings await this unique ice cream treat.

Ice ream from Creme Shack in Greenville,SC

Abbott’s Frozen Custard

119 E. Poinsett Street, Greer | 864,655.4422
Another KAG reader pick is located in downtown Greer. Abbott’s has a fresh, smooth frozen custard for cones, sundaes, floats, and other tasty treats. Abbott’s is just a short walk from Greer City Park, so you can enjoy the fountains and playground after your treats!

Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe

123 S. Main Street, Greenville | 864,241.4040
306 North Main Street, Mauldin | 864,552,1554
So technically not an ice cream shop, but Luna Rosa has amazing gelato. It’s so tasty, smooth, creamy, and delicious – totally worth a trip. And it’s right in downtown Greenville so you can walk along gorgeous Main St and enjoy the perfect Italian ice cream.

Hands down our favorite and the staff is also so wonderful!

Mindy H.

Vegan & Dairy-Free Ice Cream options in Greenville, SC

A number of the places listed also sell ice cream made with almond milk or coconut milk for their dairy-free and vegan customers!

Molly & Myles always features gluten-free and dairy-free options.

The Ice Cream Station in Simpsonville offers a dairy-free Dole Whip with different fruity flavors. Try mixing it up with Sprite for a refreshing Dole Fizz! They also serve fruit smoothies as another vegan option.

Sidewall Pizza serves vegan coconut milk ice cream in multiple flavors.

Clare’s Creamery offers a dairy-free coconut ice cream flavor that can be customized with a number of toppings.

Dillard’s Ice Cream Parlor often has dairy-free sorbet options.

Where to Grab A Scoop Of Ice Cream In Spartanburg, SC

Ice Cream and summer go hand in hand. Other frozen treats will come along, but this will always be the most popular with kids of all ages. A traditional scoop in a cone or a monster-size milkshake topped with other sweet treats – they can all be found in Spartanburg.

Averie’s Ice Cream Shoppe

9329 Asheville Highway, Inman
Averie’s serves Hershey’s brand ice cream in 30+ flavors. If you are looking for a place to grab one of those monster milkshakes that have become so popular on social media – this is the place!

Big Ben’s Desserts

297 Spartanburg Highway, Lyman
Big Ben’s Desserts is not just an awesome place to get ice cream, it’s the best place to get cake, and the only place to get cheesecake. I know you’re saying – “But Melanie, there are other places to get cheesecake in Spartanburg!”
NO. This is THE PLACE. when you order a slice of cheesecake it comes with whatever toppings you want. So aside from it being incredible cheesecake – you can customize it with toppings, even ice cream. The ice cream here is delicious and when you pair it with the other amazing things at Big Ben’s Desserts, it’s no wonder why this is a favorite with locals.
Read more about Big Ben’s Desserts and why we love it

Andy’s Frozen Custard

1611 E Main Street, Spartanburg
Andy’s Frozen Custard has a little bit of everything, from frozen concretes and sundaes to root beer floats and shakes. Be sure to check out their seasonal flavors like blackberry or peach blended into a thick, creamy custard. They offer a kids-size cup or cone as well, so you minimize the little sticky finger messes of your kids while satisfying their sweet tooth.

Spill the Beans

174 E. Main Street, Spartanburg
Spill The Beans is the perfect place to go when the kids want a frozen treat and mom or dad just needs some caffeine. Ice Cream and Iced Coffee can both be obtained here and either enjoyed on the spot or you can walk across the street to Denny’s corporate building and head to the playground.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

1644 John B. White Senior Blvd, Spartanburg
Bruster’s is absolutely adored by the Spartanburg community, so much so that it was voted Best of the Best Spartanburg 2021 for both Best Ice Cream and Best Dessert! Bruster’s has dozens of flavors to choose from, with new flavors added regularly. Their cute walk-up buildings allow your family to grab a cup or cone and have a seat to enjoy the summer sunshine.

Rossy’s Delicias

1301 New Cut Road, Spartanburg
If a place existed where I could get Tacos, elotes, shaved ice, and ice cream all at once – I would live there.
Ok. That’s a complete lie. I would DREAM about living there. It’s a lie because such a place exists. Rossy’s Delicias has killer tacos, street corn, raspados, Hershey’s Ice Cream, and more.

Hub City Scoops

158 East Main Street, Spartanburg
Hub City Scoops is a favorite with locals! They have an endless selection of flavors, plus vegan and gluten-free options!
Looking for a delicious banana split? This is where it’s waiting. Follow them on social media for fun events held at the shop.
Hub City Scoops was voted “Best of the Best Spartanburg” for its ice cream and desserts in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020!

Worker scooping ice cream at Hub City Scoops
Hub City Scoops

Non-Dairy Treats In Spartanburg, SC

Pinguinos Hermanos Shaved Ice

We recently polled readers and asked them what local place had the best-shaved ice treat. Pinguinos won by a landslide, and once you try them, you’ll understand why. The shaved ice part is no different than most other places. It’s the fresh fruit syrups and coconut cream that tops the ice that makes the difference. These Mexican treats are known as Raspados, and locals can’t seem to get enough.
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Fresa Colada and 4 berry raspado from Pinguinos Hermanos
Pinguinos Hermanos

Pelicans Snoballs

Pelican Snoballs are gluten-free, dairy-free (excluding the snocream options), nut-free, and guaranteed NOT to stain kids’ clothing! Outdoor seating is the only option at any of the Pelican’s locations, so make sure to check the weather before you head out. Most of them have a play area for kids to enjoy.
PRO-TIP: Purchase a bottle of water and a cup of plain shaved ice. You will never look at plain water the same again.

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