Signs Nurse Isn’t Taking Care Of You After Delivery

After delivery, women are in a vulnerable state. They may be at risk for complications, infections, struggles with breastfeeding, and more. As such, new mothers need the assistance of nurses postpartum to provide them with help in the hours after bringing their babies into the world. When this does not happen, minimally, new mothers can feel lost in their new role of caring for babies. At worst, their health can be at risk. This is why it is important for women to know the signs that their nurses are not taking care of them after delivery.

Before going through delivery, women do not realize just how much help they need in the hours or days after bringing their babies into the world. It is once the experience is had where there is exhaustion, discomfort or pain, and a sense of being a fish out of water that it is recognized how much nurses help during the first part of the postpartum period. And when that help is not received, it is much more difficult caring for an hours-old newborn.

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Here are signs that your nurse is not taking care of you after delivery.


10 Vital Signs Not Being Checked

In the hours after delivery, women need to be checked to Ensure that they are stable. This is something that may not even come to mind for most new mothers, not recognizing that their health may be at risk after having a baby.

According to The Open University, women need to be checked hourly for the first six hours after delivery to make sure their temperatures, pulse, blood pressure, and more are in the normal range. This is because of the possibility of shock or hemorrhaging occurring. Both can be recognized early and managed when nurses care for their patients properly after giving birth.

9 Not Showing Women How To Get Out Of Bed After Delivery

When getting out of bed after delivery, women cannot simply sit up and get out of bed as they please. They need to be taught how to get out of bed safely and in a way that will not hurt.

According to Oxford Hospitalsfor women who have had C-sections, Getting out of bed requires them to get to their sides and let their legs slowly fall out of bed. Once the legs are over the edge women can slowly get to a seated position and get themselves out. Without taking things slowly, stitches can open and further wound care will be needed.

Those who had a vaginal delivery may need to take it slowly as well. This is especially true if they have any perineal stitches.

But, if women are not receiving proper care from their nurses, this is information that may not be known.

8 Not Checking On C-Section Incision

With the risk of infection or the possibility of the C-section incision tearing, the site constantly needs to be monitored after delivery by the nurse. If not, women may develop any number of symptoms that range from chills, fever, fatigue, muscle aches, and more, according to MedicalNewsToday.

If the site is not taken care of, it might not heal properly. And because of this, there can be future complications that women will have to deal with after the infection is gone. All because the C-section incision was not properly monitored.

7 Not Offering Or Providing Medications

Giving birth can leave women in pain or at risk for infection. This is why medications and antibiotics need to be offered after giving birth to ensure that women are as healthy and pain-free as possible to take on their roles as new moms. When not offered, nurses are not taking proper care of women after delivery.

6 Ignoring Signs Of Emotional Distress

As the body begins to return hormones back to levels that they were at pre-pregnancy, some women are sent on an emotional rollercoaster shortly after giving birth. For some, it can be baby blues. For others, it can be the beginning stages of postpartum depression.

Nurses are taught to recognize signs of emotional distress. If they do not respond to them and ignore women who are obviously needing help, they are not giving the care needed.

5 Not Providing Information As To How To Care For Newborns

Many women have never cared for babies before having one of their own. And while reading books can try to prepare for taking care of babies, reading about what to do is different from actually doing it in real life.

As such, nurses need to show women how to care for their babies. This can be anything from properly diapering, cleaning, swaddling, dressing, and more. All things moms will need to do on their own after leaving the hospital.

4 Not Showing Women How To Clean Themselves After Relieving Themselves

Some women will be surprised with how sore they are after vaginally delivering a baby. As such, they will need to be shown how to clean themselves after going to the bathroom to ease discomfort and keep any stitches clean as well. If this does not happen, nurses are not caring for new moms properly.

According to UnityPoint Health, women should beshown how to use a squirt bottle after relieving themselves and then patting dry. This will help with the healing process and will keep the sore area from hurting more as a result of using the facilities.

3 Not Checking On How Breastfeeding Is Going

While it is supposed to be one of the most natural things that women can do for their babies, breastfeeding can be hard. This is why it is necessary for nurses to check in on, help with, and recommend a lactation consultant if needed.

It is very easy for new moms todevelop cracked breasts or even engorgement after delivery. This is why nurses need to check them to ensure all is going well. If babies are not getting a proper latch or if breasts are not being drained, this needs to be noted and help given.

acclaim, ensuring babies are getting enough colostrum or milk is necessary to check on as well. If this is not done, babies can be at risk of losing too much weight after birth. Something that can put them at risk very quickly.

2 Failing To Inform New Moms Of Signs Of Complications

There are some complications that women need to watch for after delivery. But if new moms are not coached on what to look for, they may miss something. This is why if nurses do not inform of complications, they are not looking out for women after delivery.

According to March of Dimessigns of complications include:

  • Blood clots

  • Infections

  • Hemorrhage

  • Depression

  • Chest pain

  • Problems breathing

  • Extreme headache

If these are experienced in the hospital they can be dealt with immediately. This is why women need to know the symptoms before being discharged so that they know when to seek help after being discharged.

1 Not Providing Discharge Instructions

Discharge instructions let women know what’s safe and what is not to do after delivering babies. Without this information, they can easily overdo it or put their health at risk. This is why if nurses do not provide this information to new moms, they are not being cared for properly at the hospital.

Source: The Open University, Oxford Hospitals, MedicalNewsToday, UnityPoint Health, March of Dimes

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