Signs New Mom Is Out-Of-Touch

One thing that new moms are not warned about is the phenomenon of being touched out. This is unfortunate because if these women do not take time for themselves away from their babies, even if only for a short time, the constant touching can lead to moms feeling like their bodies do not belong to them. And when this happens, no one’s touch is comforting or welcome. That is why knowing the signs being touched out are important for new moms.

When women are touched out, they can no longer physically accept touch from another because their bodies are overwhelmed by babies being on them all day. While the feeling is totally normal, according to the La Leche League, it does not make it any easier to deal with. And if there is no communication to family members that space is necessary in order to recharge, a feeling of agitation and resentment can be exuded that leaves others wondering what they did wrong.

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Here are the signs that a new mom is touched out.

10 Sense Of Panic

After several days of a new baby being on their mom with very little to no downtime when partners come in for a hug, there can be an overwhelming sense of panic experienced. This is a very real sign of being touched out.

According to Parents, that sense of panic can come when moms feel “trapped” by their babies and significant others. The panic can come off as irritating, all because moms do not feel like their bodies belong to them any longer.

When at this stage of being touched out, there is only one thing to do. That is to leave babies in the care of partners and get some space. In no time, the body will be recharged and ready to tackle the day again.

9 Being Uncomfortable When Touched

Even if they do not know what it is that they are feeling, moms know there is something off when they do not want anyone to touch them. This stems from being uncomfortable when touched by their babies or partners. And the longer that new moms allow this feeling to persist, the worse it will become.


8 Feeling Resentful

Resentment is a feeling that often crops up when moms are feeling touched out. This resentment is not directed at babies, however. It is directed at significant others.

When new moms have not explained that they are touched out and their spouse comes in for a hug or a simple touch, according to Psychology Today, it can make women feel resentful. This is because after being with new babies all day, the last thing that mothers may want is any more affection.

Per the publication, this happens because women have no more emotionally to give. And by being asked to give just a bit more to give partners the affection they need, resentment is the emotion that results.

7 No Desire To Be Intimate

On days when babies had a hard time napping and needed to be on their mothers from the time they got up in the morning to the time when they go to bed at night, women may have just minutes to themselves without physically touching someone. When this happens, the last thing many new moms will want to do is be intimate with their partners. And when this occurs, being touched out has occurred.

6 Needing Space

The desire to completely walk away from the family as a whole for a short stretch of time is a sign that a new mom is touched out.

By getting some space, mothers can refocus their energy from giving it to others to keeping it for themselves. They may be simply walking around the block, taking a bath, or flipping through a magazine. Whatever it happens to be, when space is needed, it should be taken. New moms will be better off for it.

5 Feelings Of Guilt For Not Wanting To Be Touched

Mom guilt is real. And it can rear its ugly head when women feel touched out by making them feel guilty for not wanting to be touched.

According to Today’s Parent, mom guilt comes in many shapes and sizes. It varies for each woman. But if moms begin to feel guilty because they need a second to themselves, they are touched out. And what needs to be realized is that the sooner new moms take their time to themselves, they will be better moms for it.

4 Skin Feels Like It Is Crawling

Women who are touched holding out may literally feel like their skin is crawling when their babies or being touched by their partners. This feeling may come suddenly. And when it does, moms need to realize the only resolution is to have someone else care for others in the household for a while until this overwhelming feeling subsides.

3 Feeling Emotionally Depleted

Emotional exhaustion is something that can come on at a moment’s notice. And if new moms have been holding their babies all day without a moment to call their own, it is very possible that they are experiencing being touched out.

Many times, being emotionally depleted is caused by not only being touched out but having low energy and not sleeping well, according to Healthline. As such, self-care is necessary to move past emotional depletion. This can be having someone else put the babies to sleep so new moms can get more rest or getting moms out for physical activity to help with energy levels.

Regardless of what is done to remedy the emotional depletion, it should be done sooner rather than later. Everyone in the household will benefit from it.

2 Out-Of-Body Experience Is Had

For those new moms that thrived on physical touch before having babies, feeling touched out can make them feel like they are having an out-of-body experience. When this happens, new moms may not understand what is going on and why being touched makes them literally feel repulsed.

To combat this, communication is key. Be it talking to spouses or other new moms will help women understand what they are experiencing and come up with coping exercises to combat it.

1 Irritation With Anyone Who Tries To Touch

The most common symptom of being touched out is being irritated with anyone who tried to give affection. And it is the one that can cause friction in relationships as well.

According to PureWow, when feeling touched out communication is the key to getting through it with spouses. After all, they cannot read new moms’ minds. This means all significant others see is irritated new moms in front of them. And this can leave them wondering what they did wrong.

By talking it through, couples can find ways to combat new moms feeling touched out together. Coming together as a united front rather than just new moms against the world is what partnerships are all about. And this may keep being touched out to a minimum as well.

Source: La Leche League, Parents, Psychology Today, Today’s Parent, Healthline, PureWow

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