Second Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

These days, toddler girls may be all over the map with what their favorite things are. They may enjoy pretending to be a princess at one moment before changing into a superhero to save the day. The color pink may be a favorite on the color palate, but green and blue may also be favorites because they remind little ones of the ocean.

There is no box that two-year-old girls need to fit in when it comes to what they identify with. This is something that makes watching them grow up so much fun but can make coming up with a theme for a birthday party nothing short of harrowing. But with a bit of inspiration and some input from the birthday girls themselves, coming up with second birthday ideas for girls can be a breeze.

When it comes to two-year-old birthday parties, they are fun because this age has a better idea of ​​what is going on than when a celebration happened a year earlier. Instead of the party being for the parents, toddlers may now have made some friends that they enjoy being around to include in the festivities. And with their opinions of their likes and dislikes, the theme is more of a collaborative effort as well.

As such, when giving options to two-year-old girls for birthday themes, they will be able to tell their parents what they want to have.

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Here are second birthday party themes for girls.


10 Unicorn Themed

Hugely popular with this and slightly older age groups are unicorns. And with the variety of colors and looks of unicorns available to transform a space into birthday party central, it makes it a theme very accessible for parents when putting together a second birthday party.

From balloons, decor, piñatas, cakes, cookies, and even games, parents will be able to throw a unicorn party with ease. The biggest problem may be knowing when to stop with the shopping so that the space is methodically decorated versus there being too many unicorns where the party is taking place.

9 Princess Themed

Many two-year-olds have a princess that they call their favorite. As such, parents can choose to have a theme specifically centered around that princess or to expand it a bit by including a few more to help ease the difficulty of the decor.

With everything from being able to hire live princesses to attend, to decorations abounding with the theme, and even most local bakeries having cakes that will fit the theme, a princess party will surely be a hit for those who have a princess they identify with. And it will be a day little ones will likely not forget for a long time to come.

8 Mermaid Themed

Whether it be because two-year-old girls have a love of the water or just think that mermaids are magical, a birthday theme surrounding them may just be the ticket for little ones this upcoming birthday.

Whether parents want to use mermaids as part of the decorations, just their tails and corresponding colors, colors of the ocean with glitter, or more, the day will be magical. And with mermaids being a fairly accessible theme to play off of, parents will not struggle when it comes to locating everything they need for the festivities.

7 Sweets And Treats Themed

Many little girls have a sweet tooth. As such, why not play off of that theme and have a sweets-and-treats-themed second birthday party?

By incorporating some birthday girls’ favorite candies and goodies to make a sweets bar, parents not only have a great focal point in the room, but they also have a place where those attending can make their own goody bags at the end of the party. And by using little ones’ favorite colors throughout the space, parents will have a home run of an idea for their baby girls’ second birthdays themes.

6 Favorite Color Themed

It may be that two-year-old girls have too many interests to narrow down the theme to just one thing. As such, having it revolve around their favorite colors is a theme parents can never go wrong with.

By selecting two or three colors, parents can have balloon arches, streamers, fun knickknacks, cake or cupcakes, and even party games that all tie into the color. And with color being the theme, be it primary colors which both boys and girls tend to favor at this age, according to Good Housekeepingor something else entirely, it makes coming up with party favors a snap for parents as well.

5 Favorite Character Themed

If there is a particular character that little girls find themselves gravitating to, parents should have an easy time coming up with a theme surrounding that character for their two-year-olds’ birthday party.

With young girls being encouraged anything to like not only the stereotypical but characters that are but, there is no telling if toddlers will want something like Minnie Mouse, Spider-Man, or better yet, according to HuffPost, a female superhero who will make them feel empowered. All make for great birthday party themes. But what is great is that two-year-old girls now have that option. Something they may not have just a decade or two before.

4 Farm Themed

A farm theme is fun because it gives parents the option of having a party at a farm, bringing a petting zoo to the home, or just decorating with adorable stuffed animals. All of which would be great fun for two-year-old girls.

With the farm theme able to be taken in multiple directions, parents will have so much fun coming up with just how they want the day to look for their little girls. And with ample decorations, desserts, and party games fitting into that theme, it is a win for all involved.

3 Beach Themed

If parents have toddlers who have a love for the beach, a beach-themed party may just be the ticket for the second birthday party.

Be it having a party at the beach or having property large enough to have sand delivered to create a beach scene at home, the day can be spent building sand castles, eating beach picnic food, and eating cookies and treats that fit the theme. Parents will just have to ensure that little ones do not eat nor throw sand so that there are not any unwanted incidents during the fun.

2 Rainbow Themed

Rainbows are magical. According to National Geographic, they look different to each person who looks at them. Therefore, it is no wonder that so many two-year-olds love them. And parents can take that love for all the colors and turn it into a birthday to remember.

Because of the theme being colorful with a bit of magic sprinkled in, parents truly have a lot of directions they may want to go with rainbows. It could be making the decor every color. It could be having other magical themes interwoven with rainbows. It may even be having kids come dressed in their favorite colors to make the day completely interactive with the theme.

No matter what parents choose to do, with rainbows, they really cannot go wrong.

1 Circus Themed

Some little ones may be afraid of clowns and the entertainment that circuses provide. But for those who enjoy the fun of the circus and the atmosphere that surrounds it, having a circus theme may be the ticket for a second birthday party for girls.

Parents can hire balloon artists, face painters, magicians, or even clowns for the big day. And because favorite colors can be made part of the day as well, there can easily be two or more themes that come together to create the perfect circus for those little girls turning two.

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