Second Birthday Ideas For Boys

Birthday parties are fun to plan for all ages. But, with a second birthday being the first one where little ones begin to understand what the parties are all about, it makes it just a bit more fun to pull together.

Toddlers have their opinions about what they like and dislike. And because of that, a theme can be chosen with their help that will make them smile from ear to ear when they see the decor and goodies for their big days.

Which is why coming up with a few themes for toddlers to choose from is helpful when planning a second birthday party for boys.

Until parents begin to plan their birthdays for their little boys, they do not realize just how many themes there are to choose from. If two-year-olds have many interests, it can be daunting to narrow down what they would truly like the overall look of their party to be.

This is why taking two or three of the best ideas and letting toddlers choose is a great approach because they feel like they got to have a say in their day and parents know it is a theme they can make come to life within their skill set versus struggling to bring ideas to fruition.

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Here are some second birthday themes for boys.


10 Jungle Theme

With the fun animals, reptiles, bright colors, and more, there are quite a few directions that parents can go with a jungle themed birthday party. Because of this, choosing to narrow down the animals used to decorate may help to simplify the decor. This is something that can be done with zebras, lions, giraffes, monkeys, snakes, or any combination of animals.

Using everything from helium balloons in the shape of jungle animals, stuffed animals, decorating cakes or cookies with the jungle theme, or even adding a bit of wild animal noises in the background instead of music is a fun way to bring the jungle alive for a second birthday party.

9 Race Car Theme

If little guys are into cars and racing, a race car theme birthday party would be just the speed for two-year-old boys. And considering that many are obsessed with the loud revving engines because it “engages their brains and sensory systems,” according to The Weekit is a good bet that toddles will love the theme.

From cakes with road signs, model cars, or even toddler-sized cars to ride around in, there is so much to do with the race car theme. It is only limited by parents’ imagination when it comes to how far to take the theme.

8 Superhero Theme

For those toddlers who have made a connection with a superhero, having a theme that revolves around that character is an easy theme for two-year-olds.

To make this party come to life, parents may want to consider having the superhero of choice make an appearance to make their little ones be in awe of their favorite superhero be right in front of them.

And with that appearance taking up a good portion of the party with games, stories, and songs, a great cake or cupcakes and some party favors are all that are needed to bring the party together in a snap.

7 Bubble Theme

What toddlers do not love bubbles? As such, get the two-year-olds outdoors and have a bubble party.

From bubble machines, large wands to make bubbles over little ones’ bodies, fun bubble wands, and even sensory tables that have bubbles in them, make bubbles for an easy way to keep two-year-olds entertained and outdoors. Both of which equate to a good night of sleep or the boys of honor and guests alike.

6 Space Theme

If two-year-olds like to spend time looking at the stars or dream of being an astronaut, then a space theme birthday party would be something that is out of this world.

From twinkle lights in a dimmed room, glow in the dark stickers in constellations on the ceiling, a rocket shaped cake, or even taking a trip to the space museum would make for a fun way to spend a birthday for a two-year-old .

5 Train Theme

For those toddlers who are fans of the cars clanking down the tracks, a train themed birthday party is a great way to celebrate little boys turning two on their big days.

The direction that the train theme can do is varied. This is because the party can take place at a train museum, the guests can take a ride on a train, or the location where the party is happening can be decorated to the hilt with small trains, a train moving around the track, and more .

Any of the options chosen will make for a party to be remembered, even if the celebrated boys are only two years of age.

4 Shark Theme

With their big teeth and giant size, and the fact that sharks appear to be afraid of nothing, according to HuffPost, it is no wonder that sharks are such a well-liked marine animal for so many young kids. As such, sharks make for a great birthday party theme for two-year-old boys.

Be it going to an aquarium, having guests dress up like sharks, playing shark related games, or even using remote controlled helium sharks, can all be part of the festivities when it comes to planning a party for toddler boys.

3 Sports Theme

Depending upon what sport two-year-old boys like, a party can revolve around one particular sport. Or, if the toddler is a fan of sports overall, a sports-themed party is easy as pie to put together for the big day.

With balloons, treats, and decor being easy to find, choosing one or more sports to decorate with is not hard to do. And toddlers will love all of it.

But, if parents want to up the ante, they can take little ones to a ball game with a couple of friends and their parents, and even have the lit up billboard sign at the game wish the little one a happy birthday.

2 Construction Theme

Many young boys love to watch diggers, bulldozers, dump trucks, graders, and more when passing a construction site. That love of construction is something that can be translated into a theme for a birthday party. And toddlers can even participate in moving some earth in the process.

With some large earth moving vehicles and piles of earth or sand to move, two-year-old boys will have a blast playing outdoors for this construction party.

Add in some decorative vehicles and a cake with construction signs on it and little ones will have a very happy birthday indeed.

1 Dinosaur Theme

Dinosaurs are reptiles of the past that both boys and girls are fond of. This has to do with their natural sense of wonder and curiosity, according to Jurassic Park Terror. And because two years of age is about when the interest in the large and small creatures takes place, it makes for a great birthday party theme for this age group.

With costumes that can be worn, cakes that can be decorated with various dinosaurs, or even pin the tail on the dino game or others that can be played, two-year-olds will be mesmerized by how much can be done with the dinosaur theme .

And if a dinosaur museum happens to be the backdrop for the festivities, then a monumental time will be had by kids and adults alike while attending a second birthday party for boys.

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