Sanity-Saving Breakfasts For 2-Year-Olds

There are some mornings when life is running smoothly and parents are able to make a hot, nutritious breakfast for their two-year-olds. But, more often than not, mornings quickly get out of control, are go, go, go, and there just needs to be breakfast in toddlers’ stomachs. And it is those mornings when having sanity-saving freezer breakfasts for two-year-olds is a godsend.

Be it a meal that can be microwaved or put in the oven for just a short time, freezer breakfasts are a way to get a decent meal when time is short. Many times, they are made before women have their babies so that they do not have to think about cooking a meal. They are also very popular with those who have young kids so that something other than cold cereal can be offered. Something to look into for those who have never tried freezer breakfast meals before.

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Here are some sanity-saving freezing breakfasts for two-year-olds.


10 Waffles

Waffles make for a great freezer breakfast, but they have to be frozen in the right manner. Going straight to the freezer from the waffle maker will only make them soggy.

According to The Foodie Affair, the way that waffles can be frozen is to place them on a drying rack to cool. Then, once they are cool, the waffles should be placed on a cookie sheet with parchment paper to be flash-frozen for two hours. Once that occurs, the waffles can be placed in airtight bags or containers and enjoyed at a later date.

9 Muffins

Perhaps one of the easiest breakfasts to freeze is the muffin. And with the variety of muffins that can be made with fruits, vegetables, and more, breakfasts do not ever have to get boring.

The best way to freeze muffins is to wait until they cool completely and then wrap them individually in foil. The foiled muffins can then be placed in a freezer bag and muffins are ready to be defrosted for breakfast any morning they are needed.

8 Scrambled Egg Cups

One of the most freezer-friendly foods is eggs. Something that might surprise those who have never frozen an egg dish before.

Scrambled egg cups make for an easy, protein-filled breakfast for toddlers. And because vegetables, meat, or cheese can be in them, different recipes can be given to two-year-olds with every batch made.

To freeze egg cups, all parents have to do is let the egg cups cool. Once that happens, they can be placed directly into a freezer bag and frozen for up to two months, according to Simply Sisson.

7 Quiche

Quiche makes for a wonderfully tasty freezer breakfast for toddlers. And depending upon what two-year-olds’ tastes are, there are any number of combinations that can be done to make the filling of the fancy breakfast casserole.

Unlike other frozen breakfast meals, quiche is one that needs to be constructed ahead of time but not cooked, according to Thriving Home Blog. Instead, it should be stored in an airtight container for up to three months. Then when ready to eat, it just needs to be defrosted and put in the oven. And voila! A delicious meal for breakfast made.

6 Pancakes

Another very easy breakfast to make and freeze is pancakes. This is something that with a bit of fruit and syrup, any two-year-old would be happy to have.

Freezing pancakes could not be simpler. All that needs to be done is to let the pancakes cool. Once that is done, they can be placed into a freezer bag, and they are good for months after.

5 Oatmeal Cup

Instead of serving two-year-olds a bowl of oatmeal that they may turn their noses up at, give them an oatmeal cup. It will be a hit every time.

Because not everyone has 30 minutes to bake in the morning, making oatmeal cups and freezing them allows parents to serve them as they please. And because anything from brown sugar, fruit, nuts, and seeds can be put in them, they can be constructed to meet toddlers’ tastes.

To freeze the oatmeal cups, they need to cool and then need to be wrapped in plastic wrap before they are placed in a freezer bag, according to Just A Taste. Then, when ready to eat, a quick heat in the microwave is all it takes to have a new spin on oatmeal in the morning.

4 Breakfast Sandwich

A super simple and filling breakfast for two-year-olds is a breakfast sandwich. And because they freeze like a dream, no one will know if they were just made or not.

According to Tastes Better From Scratch, eggs should be prepared ahead of time in a casserole dish so that they can be evenly divided up. Then, once the eggs have cooled, they can be placed into the English muffin or other bread of the parents’ choosing, along with cheese.

Once the construction is complete, the breakfast sandwich can be wrapped in parchment paper, placed in a freezer bag, and are good for one month, per the publication.

3 Smoothie

An easy frozen meal is a smoothie. And because making the smoothie takes just moments, the only thing that needs to be prepped is the ingredients.

Parents can put together their toddlers’ favorite blend of fruits and vegetables for the smoothie and place them in a freezer bag. Then when ready for a smoothie, the contents can be placed directly into the blender to be mixed with a beverage of choice. And just like that, a smoothie is made.

2 French Toast Bake

For those toddlers who enjoy French toast, a French toast bake is a perfect way to serve up the taste of the sweet breakfast without having to take the time to cook the toasted piece by piece.

According to Recipe Girl, the French toast bake only needs to be taken out of the oven to cool before it can go in the freezer with only plastic wrap and foil around it. And while it will last for a month in the freezer, it will likely be eaten well before then.

1 Egg Casserole

An egg casserole makes for a filling and easy breakfast for toddlers. And because it can be made completely ahead of time, reheating it is a snap.

To reheat the casserole, it just needs to be put into a microwave-safe dish when freezing so that it can be put into the microwave when ready to eat. And after five to 10 minutes, according to Stay healthy hacksthe egg casserole will be ready to eat.

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