Roaring Names For Leo Babies

Leos are one of the zodiac signs that have big personality traits. Those traits, according to Your Tango can include being self-centered, charismatic, and selfish. However, they are also known as fiery and brave. What all these traits are though, are bold. And because of this, many people either get along with or have a strong desire to stay away from Leos. There truly is no in between. This is why parents need to help foster the good traits in Leo babies and downplay the ones that can be a bit too abrasive. Which may play a role when choosing a name for a roaring Leo baby.

Because Leos are a fire sign, they have ample amounts of courage. Being brave can come in handy when entering into new situations, standing up for what is right, or even defending others. And perhaps this is why Leos are so popular, given their desire to help the underdog. It is when someone gets on their bad side that this zodiac sign becomes fierce. So much so, that many back down, not wanting to face the fury that some Leos are known to have.

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Here are some roaring names for your Leo baby.


10 Ariel

A Leo name that is popular for both boys and girls, Ariel means, “lion of God,” according to

For those who bear this moniker, they are likely to be magnanimous or bring wrath upon those who have done wrong, much like the meaning of their name would suggest. With their fierceness and desire to never give up, babies with the name Ariel will be some of the strongest-willed babies there are.

Ariel is of Hebrew origin.

9 Daniel

According to VeryWell Family, Daniel means, “God is my judge.” And while this may not sound like a name that would be fitting for a Leo, the story that surrounds the name proves it is quite worthy.

Per the publication, in the Old Testament, Daniel remained loyal to God. As such, when he was sent to the lion’s den, for not worshiping the king of Israel, God protected Daniel. As a result, he was not harmed by the lions.

The origin of Daniel is Hebrew.

8 Kiara

Kiara means, “light, clear; little dark one; cockatoo; first ray of sun,” according to Nameberry. This makes for a lovely Leo name, given that Leos are a fire sign, something that is light and fiery like the sun.

With this name, babies are likely to be passionate in their convictions. Something that will serve them well as they grow into adults and fight for what they believe in.

Kiara is of Italian and Irish origin.

7 Leo

Perhaps one of the most literal meanings, the name Leo means, “lion,” according to BabyCenter.

Per the publication, the name Leo has been popular for centuries as a result of it being synonymous with brave men. Since that time, it has remained popular in many European countries and the United States as well. Not surprising given that parents want their babies to grow and be brave and strong to be able to do what is right as they age.

Leo is of Greek origin.

6 Candace

According to SheKnowsCandace means, “shining” and “who possesses contrition.”

Much like the sun shines, those named Candace will shine brightly as well. They will be stars at whatever they achieve and will have the spotlight on them wherever they go. As such, these little ones will have quite the future ahead of them, regardless of what path they choose in life.

Candace is of Hebrew origin.

5 Connor

When it comes to determination, Leos have that characteristic in spades. As such, Connor makes for a good Leo name, given that the name means, “desire,” according to Family Education.

Having a desire and a drive to accomplish goals is a trait that many people wish that they had. For those who are Leos, it is one that is ingrained deep in their personalities. As such, they do not know any other way to be. And for those named Connor, the same will be true.

The origin of Connor is Irish.

4 Is

For those who want to let their little Leo lion baby roar, giving the moniker Isa will do just that. This is because Isa means “strong-willed” according to Nameberry.

While having a strong-willed child may be something that makes parents work hard to keep their patience at times, it is a characteristic that will serve little ones well as they age. This is because no one will be able to tell them what to do or how to do things. Those named Isa have a very clear idea of ​​what they want to accomplish and how to do it. And no one is going to stand in their way of doing so.

Isa is of German origin.

3 Caleb

According to Parenting FirstCry, the meaning of the name Caleb is “faithful, wholehearted, bold, brave, and devoted to God.” It is a name that encompasses many of the Leo traits all in one.

With Leos having a big heart, being bold, and brave, those who are in their inner circle will always be protected by the Leos in their lives. They are incredibly faithful and will do whatever they can to make sure no one is taken advantage of and that right is always done. Those who do not have this fire sign in their lives are truly missing out.

Caleb is of Hebrew origin.

2 Liona

A name that any Leo baby girl would love to have to express their personality is Liona. That is because the meaning of the name Liona is “lioness,” according to

With a name like Liona, girls are likely to be fearless in everything they attempt. Something that may make their parents keep an eye on them while they are little. However, as they age, it will make those with this moniker not be afraid to chase their goals and dreams.

Liona is of Italian origin.

1 Wyatt

According to BabyCenter, Wyatt means, “brave, hardy.” As such, it makes for a perfect name for Leo boys.

With their personalities never knowing when to back down, Leos can be seen as very brave in their intentions. They will continue to fight for what is right, making sure that those who are in need are assisted and those causing harm are stopped in their tracks.

Wyatt is of English origin.

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