Pregnancy Tips For Every Trimester (By Seasons)

Just like each trimester of pregnancy is different so is how each trimester feels during the different seasons of the year. When the third trimester is in the winter, it is a completely different feeling than when it is at the height of summer. Because of this, women need to be prepared for the ways pregnancy affects them during each of the seasons appropriately. This is something that will vary depending on the stage of pregnancy women find themselves in.

When women become pregnant, they do not think about how the seasons will affect them. But between heat, cold, allergies, biting bugs, activity level, and get-togethers, how mothers-to-be will handle each time of year is hugely impacted by how far along they are in their pregnancies. And because of this, those expecting may be just fine with weather and plans on the calendar, or they may have to curtail activities. Something that will be determined as mothers-to-be check in with themselves and see how they feel during winter, spring, summer, and fall when pregnant.


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Here are pregnancy tips for every trimester by season.

First Trimester

With hormones changing rapidly and the physically transforming, the first trimester leaves most women feeling fairly exhausted. During this time, according to the Better Health Channel, women may be nauseous as well. Both of which do not bode well for being a ball full of energy for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.


With the cold temperatures and not feeling one-hundred percent, women may not have the motivation to do more than absolutely necessary during the winter when pregnant. But, according to Bhagirathi Neotia Women & Child Care Centerthings to remember include:

  • Dress in layers due to cold outdoor temperatures and fluctuating body temperatures
  • Remember to drink water
  • Exercise indoors or out to keep morning sickness at bay
  • Wash hands to keep from getting sick
  • Moisturize skin that is easily dried out by winter’s chill


Spring may be the best season for the first trimester. The weather is temperate and getting fresh air is desired, both of which help to combat morning sickness.

  • Dresses make for the perfect first-trimester outfit to disguise the bump before announcing pregnancy
  • Put off spring-cleaning if you don’t feel well because even safe chemicals will make nausea worse, according to BabyCenter
  • Go walking to alleviate nausea
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables that sound appealing


Summer can be a rough time for women in the first trimester, especially those whom morning sickness is hitting hard.

  • Stay near air conditioning or fan when morning sickness strikes
  • Stay out of the direct sun if possible because pregnancy has increased the internal body temperature and women could overheat
  • Drinking water is very important
  • Wear breathable clothing to stay cool
  • Wearing sunscreen because pregnancy makes the skin more prone to burning, according to Northwestern Medicine
  • Skin may break out with acne due to sweat and skin cells clogging pores


During fall, the weather has cooled, allowing those who are newly pregnant to enjoy the weather and the beginning of the holiday season.

  • Take walks at pretty much any time during the day
  • Comfortable leggings can be worn morning, noon, and night
  • Women get to ease into pregnancy during sweater weather
  • Drinking water can be harder with cooler weather, but it needs to be done
  • Festive foods may trigger morning sickness
  • Skin may begin to get drier with colder weather and need more moisturizer

Second Trimester

The second trimester is when women have the energy to burn. And because of this, there really is not a “bad” month to be pregnant at this stage.


With the yummy treats aplenty and the ability to partake without feeling ill, winter can be a great time to be pregnant during the second trimester.

  • A gestational diabetes test is taken and will determine how many, if any, treats can be eaten, according to Mount Sinai
  • Boots with traction will need to be worn to keep from slipping
  • Drinking water may be more difficult with cold weather but those glasses still need to be drunk
  • Cross country skiing may be a fun new activity to try
  • Layers will be necessary because of body heat fluctuation
  • Winter coats may need to be worn unzipped or unbuttoned due to baby bump


With the appetite being back, it is the perfect season to enjoy fresh food from farmer’s markets. Something that if they are close to home can be walked to, to get in daily steps before it gets too warm.

  • Eat seasonal produce to get the vitamins, minerals, and fiber into the diet
  • Use fruits and vegetables to flavor the water
  • Go on walks or bike rides to take in the flowers blooming
  • Watch out for allergies


While summer can be an intense time during the first and third trimesters, the second trimester can be quite nice during the summer.

  • Break out the flip-flops to keep the feet comfortable and to aid with swelling
  • Relax in a pool
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen to keep skin from burning
  • Drink plenty of water and consider upping your intake if being active or sweating
  • Dress in flowy skirts and dresses to stay cool and look cute to boot
  • Bring a handheld fan when not at home to keep the body cool


For those having problems sleeping, fall may just be the remedy for a better night of sleep with the days getting shorter and nights getting longer.

  • It is time to break out the sweaters and wear comfortable leggings
  • Women may want to consider decaf drinks as part of their daily intake of water with the weather cooling down
  • Keep moisturized as the weather gets colder, including the baby bump to reduce the chance of stretch marks
  • Enjoy some comfort food with morning sickness having passed
  • Take some cute maternity photos amongst the autumn leaves

Third Trimester

The final trimester has arrived and women are uncomfortable, feel large, and are generally ready to deliver their babies. Unfortunately, there are some months the third trimester is kinder to than others.


It may seem like the perfect time to be pregnant. Bodies are bundled up because of the cold and with no one wanting to venture outdoors, nesting is happening nicely. But there are still things that need to take into consideration during the third trimester during the winter.

  • Slipping outdoors is a real possibility
  • Chances of getting sick are high
  • Winter coats may be too small to zip or button
  • Feet are swollen regardless of the temperature
  • Hot flashes mean women are going to have to put on and take off clothes often given the air temperature
  • Skin is itchy from expanding and being dried out from the weather
  • Getting motivated to exercise indoors is difficult


The weather has warmed up but has not gotten too hot, making it the perfect time to get outdoors. But regardless of how perfect it may seem, the third trimester during the spring can bring unexpected things.

  • Be prepared for swollen feet and cankles in warmer weather
  • Go for walks outdoors
  • Drink plenty of water to combat fluid retention
  • Seasonal allergies may develop worse than ever before given that pregnancy exasperates them


This may be the worst month to be this pregnant. The heat makes so much unbearable that all women want to do is spend time inside in the air conditioning.

  • Wear sunscreen because pregnancy makes the skin more sensitive
  • Drink plenty of water and know that more may be necessary if sweating or active
  • Limit time outdoors to exercise to times before the sun is too hot
  • Consider swimming for exercise, according to What To Expect
  • Wear shoes that will accommodate for feet swelling
  • Wearable breathable fabrics


With the holidays around the corner, yummy treats and time with family are just starting up. And with a chill in the night, sleeping might be a bit easier than it was during the summer.

  • Enjoy walks at almost any time of day with the weather being temperate
  • Snuggle up by the first fire of the season
  • Enjoy decaf pumpkin coffee
  • Dress in layers to accommodate swings in body temperature
  • Drink water even though it is getting colder
  • Go to bed a bit earlier with it getting darker earlier to feel more rested during the day
  • Be cautious of wearing boots because your feet will swell

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