Pregnancy Announcement Videos For Grandparents

When a couple finds out they are pregnant, some of the first people they want to tell are their parents. After all, the people who raised them are being elevated to the status of grandparents, which is an exciting time in life. But because not all parents live in the same area as the expecting couple does, making a pregnancy announcement is not as simple as getting everyone together for a big reveal. That does not mean that there are still no fun ways to announce that a couple is expecting. And one of those ways to make a heartwarming pregnancy announcement for grandparents is to do it via video.

It used to be that in order to make a pregnancy announcement video, it would take the assistance of a professional videographer to make that happen. But with the advent of smartphones and editing apps, making a video that is high quality can be done in a snap. All that couples need to do is be creative in their approach to how they want to announce their pregnancy and the app they choose will do all the work necessary to produce a pregnancy announcement video to be proud of.

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Here are some heartwarming pregnancy announcement videos for grandparents.

10 Virtual Dinner Family Dinner

While it may not technically be a video sent off to parents to announce a pregnancy, having a virtual dinner with the grandparents-to-be is a fun way via video to make the big reveal.

The dinner can be anything that everyone enjoys. However, if there is a love of Chinese food, that makes for the biggest impact. This is because the fortune cookies can be sent separately for the parents to open that state a baby is on the way. Which makes for a sweet way to end an enjoyable family dinner, even if it is virtual.

9 Make A Statement With Clothes

Be it with a shirt, hat, or whatever the choice of apparel is, a reveal with clothing makes an easy way to make a pregnancy announcement via video.

Cute videos that couples can make using the statement clothing can be anything from using cue cards for the viewer to read that lead up to showcasing the apparel to making the reveal something more inconspicuous where the viewer truly has to pay attention to understand what the video means . Regardless of the choice, a simple cute non-verbal statement will say it all.


8 Bun In The Oven

A popular choice of announcement for couples is to have a picture revealing that there is a bun in the oven by baking in the kitchen. This sentiment, however, can also translate to video as well.

The “bun in the oven sentiment” came about in the 1950s, according to Writing Explained. And since that time, it has only gained popularity when it comes to pregnancy announcements. And while it may feel overdone for some, when making a video using the phrase, it gives the announcement a fresh twist.

Creating this video is fairly simple to do. For those who like to bake, choose a baked good recipe of choice and pull it out of the oven when making the big reveal. And if baking is not a forte, some premade muffins or bread can be used as well. The point will get across to parents watching and in an adorable fashion to boot.

7 Cook In The Kitchen

For those who have a love of cooking and perhaps learned much of what they know from their parents, a cooking video to announce a pregnancy may be just the ticket to breaking the news.

Funny pregnancy announcements have been on the rise over the past decade or more. And one of the most popular is using a jar of Prego pasta sauce to help bring that point home.

To do this in a video, the happy couple can be making dinner together and incorporate the pasta sauce jar nonchalantly or even completely blatantly to make the point that they are expecting. A video that parents will want to watch over and over again to relive the good news that they are going to be grandparents.

6 Save The Date Video

Save the dates are big for big events like weddings. However, they can make for great pregnancy announcements as well.

When parents choose to make the announcement that they are pregnant is completely up to them. There is no “right time” according to What To Expect. Because of this, sending out a video with a save the date pregnancy announcement is just fine whenever parents-to-be are comfortable in doing so. And when soon-to-be-grandparents get their hands on it, they will be overjoyed, regardless of how many weeks along the pregnancy happens to be.

5 Make Pets Front & Center

If pets have been the babies of the household up until the time that a couple finds out they have a baby on the way, using them to make the pregnancy announcement via video is a charming idea.

According to Daily Pawssome ideas for pets to make the pregnancy announcement include:

  • Have a pet studying a pregnancy book

  • Put baby booties near the pet

  • Include them in a silly pose in a pregnancy announcement picture that can be zoomed in on

  • Have a video that leads to the dog revealing on a letterboard that there is a baby on the way

Whatever the choice, using a pet will always be a fun option when announcing that there will be an addition to the family.

4 Older Siblings May Say It Best

If this is not the first grandchild for grandparents, using an older sibling can be a way to get the whole family involved in the announcement revelry to let all know another baby is joining the family.

Be it by holding up a letterboard, wearing clothing that states the older sibling is being promoted to a big brother or sister, or even the little one saying they have a little brother or sister on the way, grandparents will love not only seeing their first grandbaby but will love the news that another one is on the way.

3 Pregnancy Test Time-Lapse

For those who are a bit more tech-savvy, creating a pregnancy test time-lapse is a great way to build the anticipation leading up to the good news.

It is up to parents-to-be how far back they want to go with the video. It can be just the minutes leading up to taking the test and then the big reveal, or it can be stretched out further if so desired. Regardless of what is chosen, the point is to provide suspense for the viewer. And if that is accomplished, a successful video has been created.

2 Evolution Of Relationship

To make a heartwarming video that may even turn into a keepsake for grandparents and expecting parents alike, the announcement can be made via an evolution of the relationship video.

By putting together photos from childhood, to first dates, marriage, and then the announcement that a baby is on the way, there are memories that can be looked back on fondly by all involved. Something that will be fun to look back on or even add to once the baby has arrived.

1 Seasonal Can Be Fun

If the pregnancy announcement is going to be made around a holiday, that can absolutely be included in the video letting parents know a grandbaby is on the way.

With there being so many options for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, the Fourth of July, and more, parents can let their creative juices flow when putting together a video. A cute twist of words using the holiday or using the decor to frame the video will not only make the video memorable but make celebrating just that much more meaningful for all families involved.

Source: Writing Explained, What To Expect, Daily Paws

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