Postpartum Activities For Better Moods

The postpartum period is a time that can be difficult for many women. Even if they do not suffer the baby blues, have postpartum depression, or PMDD, the fourth trimester can bring a wave of emotional mood swings that have new moms feeling less like themselves and more like they are walking around in a cloud of sadness or just an overall funk. All of which can be attributed to hormones fluctuating. And while the mood will eventually pass, dealing with it while it is happening is the pits. Which is why moms should participate in postpartum activities that will put them in better moods to help combat any negative feelings being experienced.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the postpartum blues are a stage that 85 percent of mothers go through after they give birth. It usually appears two weeks or so after delivery and lasts until the hormones have regulated themselves. And while the process takes a few weeks to reach pre-baby hormonal levels, it can feel much longer while in the throes of it. This is why finding outlets to channel that energy into something positive is necessary in the weeks after becoming moms.

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Here are some postpartum activities that will help you be in a better mood.


10 Acupuncture

When people seek acupuncture care, they do so for various reasons. For digestion, headaches, exhaustion, and more, acupuncture works for just about every ailment. And that includes mood as well.

According to Healthlinewhen acupuncture needles are placed in the body, they release endorphins. When those endorphins are released, they can give a “boost to the body and brain” that puts people in better moods. And with it being an activity that takes a short amount of time while giving new moms a moment to themselves, it is a win-win for those dealing with bad moods.

9 Meditate

Meditation is a practice that forces those participating to block out all the noise from the day to focus on the present. And by doing so, it can help new moms relax to the point where mood increases as well.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Practicing meditation helps the brain to work through “jumbled thoughts” it is having. By doing this, the brain is able to sort through everything that is causing stress or malaise and as a result, a better mood exists after meditation has come to an end.

8 Take A Nature Walk

Walking in nature allows people to put their lives in perspective. When this happens, negative thoughts seem to drift away and when the walk has concluded, people are in better moods.

According to the American Psychological Associationwhen people are exposed to nature, their bodies are able to “tap into the healing powers of Mother Nature.” As such, by taking a walk, stress melts away to reveal better moods. Something that many moms may just need after they return home from delivering their babies.

7 Try A New Hobby

New moms do not think that they have time to do anything after the birth of their babies but care for their babies. However, with there being some downtime when babies sleep, it is a perfect opportunity to tackle a new hobby.

Be it painting, sculpting, photography, learning a new language, or whatever makes new moms tick, that is what should be focused on when trying a new hobby. And if women find that the hobby does not suit them, it is always possible to try something else. That is the beauty of hobbies. No one ever has to choose just one.

6 Get Crafty

If being crafty is what makes new moms happy, then they should get crafting in the weeks after giving birth. Not only will they have some time to create something new be it for themselves, the home, or even the babyit is a great outlet to channel moods that may not be the most positive into something that is happier as a result of crafting.

5 Go For A Mani-Pedi

Sometimes, new moms just need a little time away for themselves. And if they can find something to do a few times per month that allows them to do this, they may just find that with Something to look forward to, the mood stays more stable and fewer bowls of the blues are experienced.

By getting a mani-pedi a couple of times per month, new moms are able to do something for themselves. This automatically Reduces stress and gives moms an opportunity to do an activity that makes them feel pretty. Something that they may not have done since before they were pregnant with their little ones.

4 Postpartum Massage

If the body is carrying stress, the mind will also. As such, setting up a postpartum massage is a great way to completely relax and let any feelings of stress or foul moods dissipate as the body sinks deeper into relaxation.

Many new moms do not realize how much stress they hold in their bodies until a masseuse begins to loosen the tight muscles in the body. When this happens, Toxins that the body was holding onto are released along with the stress. Leaving happier and more relaxed moms who are ready to tackle the world.

3 Spa Day

Sometimes, it is just necessary to get away from it all. When a normal massage just will not do, a day at the spa is in order for new moms to focus only on themselves.

Be it getting a facial, massage, manicures, pedicures, lunching by the pool, using the hot tub, or even getting a light workout in, There are so many options for mothers to partake in at the spa. The only thing that may cause a little stress is knowing where to start when it comes to relaxing treatments first.

2 Go Out For Coffee

Sometimes, new moms just need to get together with a friend or two. And what better way to do that than to have a relaxing cup of coffee?

According to Bustle, coffee raises serotonin levels in the body. When these levels are raised, moods are elevated as well. Therefore, when getting a cup of coffee, not only is there a boost of caffeine to give some energy, moods will be lifted as well.

1 Schedule A Hair Appointment

The last time that many new moms had a proper hair appointment was likely before they were pregnant. As such, taking some time to get out and get tresses in tip-top shape is a great activity to put moms in better moods.

Be it a great haircut, a blowout, or even adding colorit is amazing how Therapeutic hair appointments can be. Therefore, making an appointment that has nothing to do with anyone but moms, not only gives them time away from it all but helps them feel beautiful in the process.

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