Places To Find Fancy Maternity Gowns

From wedding season, black tie events, charity functions, garden parties, baby showers, or a fancy meal out with a significant other, there are times when regular maternity wear just will not do. When this is the case, it can leave those expecting a feeling like they have to scramble to find something that is not only glamorous but comfortable. But when mothers-to-be know places to buy a fancy maternity gown, stress is not necessary. The biggest problem may then just be how to accessorize!

Regardless of the time of year, there are events that require women to dress up beyond business casual or even garden chic. Most women know where to shop when something more elegant is needed. When pregnant, many of those same dress shops do not carry maternity gowns. But there is no need to fear. This is because major retailers, online stores, and even locals who rent maternity dresses are available. And this means that a gorgeous frock can be found regardless of price point.

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Here are places to buy a fancy maternity gown.


10 Seraphine

Many people may know Seraphine as a place to shop for essential maternity clothes or even Mommy and Me outfits. But the retailer carries an extensive line of formal maternity gowns as well for any and all occasions.

Not only does Seraphine have options for sale online, they are also found at Macy’s, according to the website. As such, women can go into the major retailer and try on styles they like. If the particular dress is not available in-store, then a quick online order can be placed and a beautiful maternity gown will arrive in no time flat.

9 Tiffany Rose

A line that Kate Middleton liked to wear while she was expecting, Tiffany Rose has both evening wear and bridal wear for those in the market for fancy dresses while pregnant.

Because Tiffany Rose is located in the United Kingdom, many women will have to go by reviews when looking to purchase the right size gown. But, according to the company’s return policies, they will completely refund if a return is made within 14 days and will exchange within 30 days of the receipt of the dress. As such, as long as women give themselves enough lead time, there is no reason that purchasing a dress from Tiffany Rose should be stressful.

8 PinkBlush

PinkBlush is a brand that can only be purchased online. But with the company motto being that their clothes are “designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy” finding a gown on the website should not be difficult.

For women who are short, tall, petite, or slightly larger, there is a fancy dress for everyone from PinkBlush. Women only need to choose the event they are looking to dress for from the navigation bar, and a plethora of appropriate dresses will instantly appear to shop from.


Be it a garden party, a wedding, date night, or more, ASOS has mothers-to-be covered for any and all events that require a fancy gown for the occasion.

ASOS is more often known for casual and cool maternity clothes. As such, pregnant women may not think to peruse their website for something more elegant. But women will be pleasantly surprised not only by the fashion but by some price points they will find from ASOS when it comes to dressing for a big event.

6 A Pea In The Pod

A standard in maternity wear, A Pea In The Pod is a go-to for many women who are expecting. As such, it is a no-brainer when it comes to shopping the retailer for a fancy gown as well.

With everything from a store brand to high-end designers, A Pea In The Pod is popular for pregnant women. And because there are not only brick and mortar locations but online shopping available, all women can find something that fits their needs with this retailer.

5 Nordstrom

When shopping for a fancy gown in general, Nordstrom is a place many women look given that there are plenty of options as well as a variety of price points. The same can be said for maternity gowns as well.

By and large, women should expect to pay a bit more at Nordstrom than they would from other retailers. But because the retailer does carry maternity brands that have an online presence, it may be worth looking to see if purchasing directly from the designer is a different price than it is from Nordstrom itself if the price is an issue.

4 Mamarella

Another exclusive online retailer is Mamarella. But because the company is aware that all designers may fit differently, they allow for free or very low cost returns up to 14 days after the receipt of the gown. As such, purchasing anything from their “festive” or evening wear categories can be done without risk. And this allows women to find just what they want with very little stress involved.

3 Amazon

For one-stop shopping with a variety of price points, Amazon is a great place for pregnant women to look for a fancy maternity gown.

With dresses for fancy maternity shoots, weddings, garden parties, and more, there is truly something for everyone from the online retailer.

It pays to read reviews on the gowns, however. This is due to every designer having a different sizing chart they follow. But with free returns for those with Prime, it makes returning what does not fit a breeze.

2 Sexy Mama Maternity

Sexy Mama Maternity has gowns in every material, style, color, and size for those mothers-to-be who have a fancy event to go to. As such, this online retailer is a great place to start when looking for maternity gowns.

While the prices may be a bit high, there is a coupon code that is generally available to take a bit of the sting off of the price. And with the option to be styled by one of the company’s stylists, women can have all of their questions answered before they purchase a gown. This makes shopping just a bit easier when it comes to buying a fancy maternity gown.

1 Mama Bump Rentals

Have an eye on a particular gown, but it is out of the allotted budget? Look to renting a maternity gown instead for an upcoming event.

Mama Bump Rentals has maternity gowns for every occasion. And with many of the rental fees being between $50 and $75, per the website, women will not feel so bad about renting the gown they want for an evening of fun at a fraction of the price it would be to purchase it.

Source: Seraphine, Tiffany Rose, PinkBlush, Mama Bump Rentals

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