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When it comes to toddlers who are picky eaters, parents are willing to give their kids just about anything to ensure that they are getting enough calories and the right nutrition in their diets. While this does not always work out on a daily basis, the fact that parents try speaks volumes about the fact that they want what is best for their toddlers. But when toddlers refuse to eat anything but one particular food for every meal, for days on end, it can become frustrating knowing that little ones are not even willing to try new foods. If they are presented with some finger foods that any picky toddler will love, toddlers might just change their tune though.

It is perplexing that toddlers who once used to eat everything, suddenly only want to eat very few foods. However, according to BabyCenter, it is very common. It is how toddlers instinctively keep themselves safe from eating unknown foods that in early times could be poisonous, or as a way for little ones to show their independence. Regardless of what the reason is, in most cases, as toddlers become exposed to more and more foods, the pickiness will begin to fade. And at that time, parents will be able to pull from more different types of foods to round out their toddlers’ diets than that of mac and cheese.

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Here are some finger foods for picky toddlers.

10 Cheesy Eggs

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With their high content of iron and protein, the ability to boost the immune system, and help with brain development of kids, according to Parenting FirstCryeggs are a great staple to include in toddlers’ diets.

To make them finger food, scrambled cheesy eggs can be made. Not only are they delicious, but when made into bite-sized pieces, even the pickiest of toddlers may not be able to resist this warm breakfast when placed in front of them.

9 French Toast Sticks

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With their sweet taste and ability to pick up the food without hands getting sticky, French toast sticks make for a great finger food for picky toddlers. Include something to dip the sticks in, be it applesauce or yogurt, and watch the French Frenchsticks disappear off the plate quick as can be.


8 Cheese Quesadilla

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Trying to put too many items in a Quesadilla can scare picky toddlers off from eating them. Instead, simply off cheese Quesadilla bites to picky toddlers to eat. If feeling adventurous, add a side of mashed-up avocado to replicate guacamole as well as some sour cream and see if the Quesadilla is a hit for little ones.

7 Veggies & Dip

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If toddlers are picky, it is not likely that they are eating a lot of vegetables. As such, give them a dip and watch those vegetables get devoured instantly.

According to the Reuters, kids eat more vegetables when there is dip involved. All that parents of toddlers need to remember is that most vegetables need to be steamed before they can be served to toddlers to avoid the choking hazard. Other than that, there is a rainbow of vegetables out there that toddlers can explore one dip at a time.

6 Mini Muffins

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Mini muffins are akin to cupcakes for toddlers. As such, they will eat them without complaint. What they do not know is that there are a variety of mystery ingredients that can be added without their knowledge that make the muffins not only delicious but filled with fruit and vegetables as well.

Therefore, parents can get adventurous with their muffin choices. Put in zucchini, carrots, bananas, and more to add some healthy ingredients to the muffins without toddlers being the wiser.

5 Mixed Fruit & Yogurt Dip

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Even if toddlers are picky about eating fruit, they may not be quite as much so if they have a dip to put their fruit in. And a perfect dip for just about any bite-sized fruit is yogurt.

To give the fruit a little flair, roll it in some O’s dust. Not only will it taste great, but toddlers may also be blindsided that they are eating fruit and find they really enjoy it as well.

4 Avocado Finger Sandwiches

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Be it plain, with a bit of salt, or even a bit of spice for those toddlers who like a little kick with their food, avocado finger sandwiches make for great finger food for picky toddlers.

By cutting off the crust and serving open-faced or even closed-finger food sandwiches to toddlers, they not only will get food that is just their size, but they may also surprise parents and enjoy it as well.

3 Mini Chicken Meatballs

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It is hard to get toddlers to eat protein. As such, making a mini chicken meatball with dipping sauce may just be a way to get them to try something new and like it.

When serving mini chicken meatballs, it is necessary to cut them so that they are not in a circle shape. This is important so that they are not a choking hazard. Put on a side of whatever toddlers enjoy eating on the plate and a new dipping food experience is born.

2 Smooth Nut Butter On Toast

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Unlike days of old, when toddlers were not encouraged to eat nuts or nut products, according to What To Expect, They are now recommended to have them in their diet starting around six to eight months old. This helps kids from developing nut allergies by being introduced to them earlier in life.

As such, include bite-sized pieces of toast with your nut butter of choice and see if toddlers think it is a good combination. Chances are, it may just be a snack (or a meal) that toddlers ask for by name.

1 Ground Chicken Nuggets

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Store-bought chicken nuggets are filled with who knows what quality of meat, the sodium content is high, and breading has no nutritional value. Therefore, make some at home instead.

Not only will the nuggets be healthier, but parents will also know what is going into their toddlers’ bodies. And because they are made with ground chicken, parents can make them as small as necessary to keep toddlers from choking.

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