Photos To Take Before Leaving With Baby From Hospital

The photos taken of babies at the hospital are some of the first photographs babies take. Something that makes for perfect memories and must-haves for baby books. During this time, however, moms may not be thinking about which semi-professional-looking photos they want to take of their newborns. Simply because they are too tired to do so. That is why letting partners know or writing down a list is necessary to ensure that the photos that new moms want to take before leaving with baby from the hospital are truly done.

In some hospital settings, there is a professional photographer who comes by to offer photography packages to those who just had a baby. This happens, according to Bella Baby, during the first full day in the hospital. While the photos may not capture everything that moms want to have taken, they do take some fun first photos of newborns and newborns with their parents. And for those who are not sure what pictures they want to take of baby before they leave the hospital, or are unsure of the best ways to take a photo safely with a baby, this is a great way to snap something before being discharged.

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Here are photos to take before leaving with baby from the hospital.


10 First Photo After Birth

Some women may not want a picture taken of themselves right after giving birth. After all, if they labored for hours on end, they may be exhausted and not feel up for photos. This is why doing candid photos for the first photo after birth may be a good option.

9 First Photo After C-Section

For women who delivered their babies via C-section, having a photo taken while still in the room where babies were delivered is a popular hospital picture option. After all, it is the first of a few days that moms get to bond with their babies in the hospital after a C-section, according to MedlinePlus.

What is great about these photos is because moms may have yet to do any pushing or perhaps even had a scheduled C-section, they may look fresh. The same can be said for babies. And because of this, taking a photo just after a C-section may be a good choice for a first picture.

8 Baby’s First Bath

Some hospitals will allow parents to give babies their first baths. Others will have nurses take care of the bath. Either way, babies will get clean and no longer have the material on them from after they were born and will be ready to snuggle or breastfeed as a result.

If babies are washed by a parent, it is an experience before the first bath at home. Which, according to can be intimidating to do for the first time.

Regardless of whether dads or nurses are doing the washing, the first bath photo is one worth taking before babies leave the hospital. The photo just may have more sentimental value down the line if dad were the ones doing the washing.

7 First Sleeping Photo

After babies are all cleaned up and fed, they need sleep. After all, it has been a long day making their way into the world. It also makes for a good time for new moms to sleep as well.

But before nodding off to sleep, parents may want to consider taking a photo of their little one in dreamland. Not only are babies at their most peaceful when they sleep, but there is also only one time when babies will take their first nap. And that is a photo worth taking.

6 First Photo As A Family

When moms have the energy to be up and around, a must for a first picture at the hospital is taking one as a family.

The first photo as a family at the hospital is special because parents are so enamored with their little one. They are in awe of their little fingers, toes, and noses. They just want to drink in everything about them. And when this is happening, having someone else take a candid photo that is filled with nothing but pure joy is special to do.

This does not mean that a staged photo cannot be taken of parents and their babies. And they should be. More photos taken with babies at this age will help parents remember just how small they were right after they were born. Which can be hard to do with babies growing so rapidly.

5 First ‘Meet The Sibling’ Photo

The first meeting with a sibling can go in several different directions. If older brothers and sisters have been pumped up at the thought of a baby sibling joining the family, they are going to be excited to meet them. They will want to be around them and maybe even shower them with affection.

There are also going to be those older siblings that no matter how much the baby has been talking about wanting nothing to do with the little one. And that is okay too. In fact, it may make for a humorous photo to look back on the years to come to see just how far these siblings have come with their relationship.

4 Photo Op With The Doctor

If women had doctors who were caring, have been there with them for the entire pregnancy journey, and were able to be present with the birth of babies as well, taking a photo with the doctor at the hospital may be something that parents want to consider before they leave the hospital.

In all likelihood, if parents want this photo, they will have to ask for it shortly after babies are born. While it is not unheard of to have the doctor come around to check on patients, with their hectic schedules, it just may not be possible. And that is why knowing which photos women want taken beforehand at the hospital is so helpful when it comes to getting snaps like this.

3 All The Little Toes

There is something about baby feet that just makes the heart melt. As such, taking a photograph with baby’s feet exposed from a blanket is a fun picture for parents to take before they leave the hospital.

If parents hire professional photographers in the weeks that follow birth, this is likely one of the photos that will be taken then as well. And while the baby’s feet will still be small, they will already have grown. Making taking this photo at the hospital great to capture the reality of the small state babies are at birth.

2 First Finger Hold

The first time babies grab onto a finger and hold on for dear life is one of the most precious things that parents may ever see. It also makes for a great close-up picture to take before leaving the hospital.

Babies will continue to grab fingers as they age. But, nothing quite as special as the first time it happens. This is why taking that photo at the hospital is such a great one to grab.

1 Getting Ready To Leave The Hospital

When mothers and babies are ready to be discharged, grabbing a photo of that time is so much fun.

Babies are dressed in their special going home outfit, they are clipped into their car seats, and ready to take on the world with parents by their side when the time to go home comes. And there is nothing more special than grabbing that first photo of babies as this happens to start their journey of life with their future wide open.

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