Original Ways To Celebrate First Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here and for first time fathers out there, it is an amazing day to celebrate indeed. With it being the first Father’s Day for many dads this year, it is a great time to let them know just how much they are appreciated. This can be with gifts, acts of kindness, or spending time as a family. But what it definitely is, is the perfect time to come up with original ways to celebrate Father’s Day.

A day to celebrate the special men in children’s lives has been in existence for far less time than Mother’s Day has. But that does not mean that dads are any less important or special to kids. This is because, according to Child & Family Research Partnership, when dads are involved in their children’s lives, kids are better off emotionally, psychologically, and cognitively than they are when fathers are not present. And while dads may not do things the same way moms do, they still try. Something that is to be appreciated this Father’s Day.

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Here are some original ways to celebrate a first Father’s Day.


10 Let Dad Sleep In

Moms may be the ones who get up a majority of the time with babies, but that does not mean that dads are not tired as well. As such, give dads an opportunity to sleep in for their first Father’s Day. Something that is undervalued and not appreciated until not nearly enough of it is had.

9 Make Breakfast In Bed

Many people barbecue for Father’s Day. But with breakfast being a meal most fathers enjoy, go all out for the morning meal instead by bringing dads breakfast in bed.

Mornings with babies are not spent enjoying leisurely breakfasts. By bringing some of new dads’ favorites to them before they have had an opportunity to get out of bed, they get to enjoy the best foods of the morning while taking their time to savor them. Something that likely has not been done for months.

8 Go On A Family Outing

Getting outdoors for the day is a wonderful way to reconnect as a family, this Father’s Day. But instead of planning something dads might expect, plan an outing they will never forget.

According to Good Housekeepingsome outings to take dads on this Father’s Day include:

  • Music festival

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Escape room

  • Museum

  • Road trip

  • Camping

  • Hiking

Of course, if there is something that fathers are particularly interested in, planning an outing around that interest can be done as well. And, always make sure that babies have proper protective gear for whatever event is attended.

7 Give Dad The Gift Of Adventure

For those dads who enjoy a bit of adrenaline in their lives, give them the gift of adventure. It will be a gift they will always remember for their first Father’s Day. Some great ideas for adventure include:

  • Driving an exotic car for a few hours

  • Going skydiving

  • Deep sea fishing

  • Horseback trail riding

  • Surfing lessons

  • Flying lessons

The gift of an experience lasts far longer than something tangible. As such, if new dads love trying new things, these are the gifts for them.

6 Create A Unique Video Message From Baby

While babies may not be able to talk, that does not mean that they cannot send a video message to their dads. And these messages can be anything from sentimental to comical.

According to animoto, moms can take a picture of babies and write a message to go along with it. They can also interview babies and make up funny answers for the questions being asked based on the coos or facial expressions being made by little ones.

Whatever the choice may be, a video message is a gift that dads can look at, at any time of the day. And something that may even become a keepsake depending upon the quality of the video.

5 Create A Family Tree

There are times when fathers may not know many of the distant members of their family trees. As such, provide first-time dads with the gift of a filled-out family tree, complete with the newest member of the family. It will be a gift that they will always treasure and something that can be passed down from generation to generation given the sentimentality attached to it.

4 Gift Dad Some Alone Time

While the day is for kids to celebrate their fathers, there are some dads who just want a bit of time to themselves. As such, an easy gift for Father’s Day is to give that is original to some is the gift of alone time.

Dads can tuck themselves away in their man caves, head out for a round of golf, or whatever it is that recharges them. By getting some downtime away from the family, men can come back and be better fathers for it.

3 Set Up A Dad & Baby Photoshoot

Photoshoots with babies are generally reserved for announcements or with the family as a whole. Therefore, break out of the mold and set up a Father’s Day shoot with just fathers and their babies. Not only will it be an experience to remember, but there will be adorable photographs to look at fondly when the photoshoot comes to an end.

2 Have Baby Create A Father’s Day Card

Babies will not be able to make a Father’s Day card on their own. However, they can be in charge of the artwork that goes on the card when given a bit of paint to create with.

Be it finger painting or using baby hands to make a Father’s Day card, there are several routes that the cards can go for the best dads out there. All moms need to do is pop in a sweet message on the card, and it will be a keepsake tucked away in a safe place to show off in the future.

1 Create A Backyard Beach

For those who do not live close to the beach or getting there is just not feasible this Father’s Day, bring the beach to the backyard instead. Dads will be surprised at the transformation that awaits them for their special day.

According to The Leafletways to create a beach in the backyard include:

  • Make a fire pit

  • Have a pool

  • Include a cabana

  • Incorporate colorful accessories

While these are all recommendations on a larger scale, using these ideas as well as bringing in some sand to create a beach for Father’s Day, will make the backyard something to be appreciated for longer than just the day. Perhaps for the whole summer as well.

Source: Child & Family Research Partnership, Good Housekeeping, Animoto. The Leaflet

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