Old English Baby Boy Names With Timeless Appeal

Old-fashioned baby names are notable for a reason. They have stood the test of time and provide that classic appeal that so many parents are looking for. One of the great qualities of historical baby names is that they aren’t too weird or out there. They have already been used and loved for generations.

At the same time, they still provide a level of uniqueness because there are so many to choose from, and they often go in waves of popularity. Old English baby names have a specific style to them and are rising in popularity. If you have a baby boy on the way or are simply planning for the future, I would put these ten timeless baby names on your list!

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10 Benedict

This adorable baby boy’s name plays on those popular “B” names like Benjamin or Brandon while adding a little historical uniqueness. For parents who may like using Ben or Bennie as cute nicknames but want a more distinctly traditional full name, Benedict is a great option.

The name Benedict is Latin for “blessed” and according to Names List, the most famous person with this name is currently the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. However, there were also fifteen Roman Catholic Popes named Benedict.

9 Maxwell

Maxwell is commonly known as a boy’s name and is far more popular for baby boys. However, it is actually a gender-neutral name. According to Datayze, last year there were about 2,300 boys named Maxwell and nearly 50 girls. With these types of trends, there is a chance that this name will grow in popularity for girls over the coming years.

However, it still currently sits as a classic and lovable boy’s name. Maxwell is mostly of Scottish origin and means “Mack’s spring.” This name also lends itself to adorable nicknames such as Max, Maxy, or even Wells.

8 Everett

If you are someone who really cares about the meaning behind each name, you are going to love Everett. It is an Old English name that means “brave” or “strong boar.” Everett has natural masculinity to it, especially with the potential nickname “Rett.”

According to The Bump, Everette is derived from the Germanic surname “Eberhard,” which means “the strength or courage of a wild boar.” Everett is a beautiful mixture of uniqueness and tradition, with a depth of meaning behind it that your little man will surely embody.

7 Charles

Charles is a classic baby boy’s name. It may come off as a little old school, but it’s rapidly growing in popularity. The nickname “Charlie” is likely a huge selling point for parents. Overall, Charles is a strong, short, and simple name that will stand the test of time.

The name Charles is derived from the Old English word “Ceorl” which means “free man.” There have also been many well-known people named Charles throughout history. From Charles Dickens to Charlie Chaplin to Charles, Prince of Wales, it’s clear that this name has longevity and diversity.

6 Theodore

Theodore is an adorable older name that is rising to the top of every baby name chart. If you like the appeal of older baby names but worry about picking something “too different,” Theodore will likely be for you. It’s a well-known name that is very normal, but it still gives that nod to history and ties to the past.

According to Very Well Family, the name Theodore is of Greek origin and means “Gift of God” or “Divine Gift.” The unique combination of “Theos” which means God and “Doron” which means gift made Theodore a sought-after name in the Middle Ages.

5 George

George is another traditional, classic baby boy name that can be very versatile. It is derived from Greek origins and means “farmer” or “earth-worker.” While George was really popular in the 1880s, it currently sits within the top 200 list now.

There is great potential for nicknames such as Georgie and the name pays homage to the first President of the United States, George Washington.

4 Henry

Henry is a fun and lively baby boy name that has been around for ages. According to Family Education, it started growing in popularity over the past two decades and broke the top ten list for the first time in 2020. Henry is of German origin and means “house ruler.”

The German word “Heim” means home and “Ric” means ruler. Many influential people throughout history have been named Henry, from kings to industrialists to celebrities. The most famous Henry is likely King Henry VIII of England and the name has been used in the British royal family many times since then.

3 Oliver

Oliver is another timeless name that adds tradition and history to your family. Plus, this name has serious nickname potential. Your baby boy could go by Ollie, Olive, or even Liv. The nickname Olive brings an element of nature into this classic name. The most well-known Oliver may very well be Oliver Twist, from Charles Dickens’ second novel.

The origin of the name Oliver is a bit mixed. According to Very Well Family, Oliver is derived from Old Norse and means “ancestor’s descendants.” However, it also stems from the Latin and French words for “olive” or “olive tree.”

2 Antony

Antony is a historical baby boy’s name that is a variation of Anthony. It means “priceless” and is truer to the original Latin spelling. In English, you may have heard of Mark Antony, the Roman politician who played a critical role in the development of the Roman Empire, but his original name is Marcus Antonius.

According to Charlies Names, Antony is an English variant of the Latin name Antonius. Antonius is an ancient Roman name that was derived from the Greek name Anteon, the son of Hercules.

1 Francis

Francis is a classic, relatively gender-neutral baby name of Latin origin. It means “Frenchmen” or “Free man.” Currently, the most well-known Francis may be Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City state.

According to Nameberry, in the early 1900s, the name Francis was in the top ten list. Its popularity is evident with adorable nicknames such as Franz, Frankie, and Franco. Francis has been steadily rising again since 2010, so this timeless baby name might be the perfect addition to your list!

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