Nursery Rhyme-Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Fun and unique baby shower themes are hard to come by these days. Between using colors for themes or matching the theme to the nursery, most ideas, as cute as they are, have been used time and time again. But a way to combat this is to think a bit outside of the box. And an easy way to do this is by choosing to throw a nursery rhyme-themed shower.

Given the diverse nature of nursery rhymes, there is a great deal many themes that can be done. Be it using them all under the umbrella of the shower being nursery rhyme-themed, that of Mother Goose, or even favorite characters from a nursery rhyme, there is inspiration that can be struck at every turn when nursery rhymes are used for a baby shower theme.

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Here are some nursery rhyme-themed baby shower ideas.

10 Mary Had A Little Lamb

For those who are having a little girl, using the nursery rhyme, Mary Had A Little Lamb is a great theme for a shower.

From stuffed animal lambs to balls of fleece, desserts with lambs on them, and a light color scheme to represent the baby girl and the lamb, there is a lot to work with for this theme. Quotes from the nursery rhyme can even be put up around the shower to give it a whimsical touch.

9 Lavender’s Blue

A lesser-known nursery rhyme, Lavender’s Blue is a fun theme that can be used for a baby boy. And with the colors in the name as well as the nursery rhyme, there is a lot to work with.

This theme would work well for an outdoor baby shower that is slightly more rustic in feel. By including lavender flowers, which will make everyone at the shower calm and relaxed, according to Healthlineas well as incorporating other wildflowers, some very interesting and beautiful centerpieces can be created.

With the color blue running throughout the color scheme, it will tie in the blue sky as well as being a signifier as to the gender of the baby. And by just adding sprigs of nature to appetizer and dessert dishes, there really is no other need for decor.


8 Humpty-Dumpty

For those who choose to use the nursery rhyme Humpty-Dumpty As the shower theme, it is great for boys, girls, or even a gender-neutral party.

Depending upon how big mothers-to-be want this shower to get, because there is a mention of a king in the nursery rhyme, having a throne chair adorned by a balloon arch in the colors of the day would be a fun touch. And for those who like party games, using eggs and not letting them fall or crack would be a fun use of the theme.

7 Hey Diddle Diddle

A great baby shower theme that includes animals aplenty is from the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle.

With a cow, cat, and dog to include, there are adorable desserts that can be created using their likeness. If the baby shower is child-friendly, perhaps even including a petting zoo or inviting a rescue to bring their dogs that need to be adopted could be a unique twist to the shower.

It may even be fun to ask that gifts be for the baby’s library and to have them animal-themed to go with the vibe of the shower.

6 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

A beloved nursery rhyme, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is a baby shower theme for those who want a sparkling and gorgeous baby shower.

A theme all filled with stars would be fantastic for a baby shower that happens in the later afternoon. With colors of silver, gold, glitter, and the like, the theme truly becomes magical.

Add in some fairy lights into the centerpieces as well as twinkle lights strategically placed around the venue and an amazing display of stars is created for all to enjoy.

5 Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

With the nursery rhyme Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Being the theme of a baby shower, it could take a tone of being a darker colored theme. However, if the sheep are the only black bit of the decor and secondary color is interwoven, the theme becomes much livelier.

With a sheep theme, something like cotton candy could be offered as a dessert. And of course, everything chocolate is a must.

Better still, with this theme, partygoers can find gifts that tie in as well. And when guests can easily find gifts that is a happy shower for everyone.

4 Little Miss Muffet

For a baby girl shortly being welcomed into the world, the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet is a great theme to use… just as long as too many spiders are not used in the decor!

While cakes used to be the norm for baby showers, according to Cup Cake Jones, cupcakes have really started to gain momentum in the baby shower scene. Not only is there more to decorate, which only elevates the shower, but they are easier to serve as well.

Given that Muffet is similar sounding to muffin, having little muffins or cupcakes would be a fantastic option for this baby shower. And if the spiders are used tactfully, they might just add that perfect touch to the day.

3 Old MacDonald Had A Farm

With more animals than anyone knows what to do with on a farm, the direction that an Old MacDonald Had A Farm theme could go is boundless.

While this theme technically is not a nursery rhyme, it does follow the same tenor as nursery rhymes do. And with being able to use various animal themes, have the option for live animals, or even have the venue being a farm, dialing in the scope of this theme will be crucial. Otherwise, the theme could easily get out of control and have no rhyme reason to it.

2 Mother Goose

The name Mother Goose has been around since the 8th century, according to History. It was a name that was given to women who were able to “captivate” children with their stories and tales.

Eventually, Mother Goose became the face of nursery rhymes. As such, using the matriarchal goose for a theme is more than fitting when trying to incorporate nursery rhyme characters. And by choosing Mother Goose, the option is to use only the goose or all of the characters under the nursery rhyme umbrella for a beautiful shower.

1 Fiddle-De-Dee

For those who like the idea of ​​a bee-inspired baby shower, Fiddle-De-Dee is a great nursery rhyme to reference for the day.

With everything from flowers that bees love as centerpieces to bee-shaped desserts or even local honey for tasting, there are a lot of directions this theme could go for a nursery rhyme-themed baby shower.

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