Nursery Decor To Stimulate Baby Development

With babies spending a good time in their nurseries from sleeping, changing, getting ready for bed, playing, and the like, it is a perfect environment to stimulate development in babies through nursery decor alone. This means that things like stark white, pastels, or lack of things to look at will only cause babies to feel a sense of boredom in their living space. Therefore, before choosing a design for babies’ nurseries, determine if they will enjoy being in their surroundings. And then go wild and create a unique nursery that stimulates development in babies.

Many times, parents focus on the functionality of the nursery versus the design. And while this is important, it is also important to have a space where babies can learn and grow. As such, including learning areas, quiet areas, and items that will developmentally grow with babies is necessary to keep them entertained while awake in their nurseries.

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Here are nursery decor ideas to stimulate development in babies.


10 Think Bright Colors

During the first few months of babies’ lives, the only colors they can see are black and white, according to Healthline. As such, it may not seem to make a difference what color the nursery is painted. But, once the ability to see colors begins, a nursery full of color will be a welcomed surprise to babies.

Given that the first colors that babies are able to see are the primary colors, per the publication, skipping pastels, for the time being, is recommended. This is because the light colors will only be lost in the land of gray, black, and white, and will not stimulate the visual senses.

9 Incorporate Shapes

When shapes are incorporated into the decor, babies have something to discern out of the colors they may not be able to see yet. As such the space becomes more visually stimulating.

According to LeapFrog, when babies see shapes, they are able to start organizing the visual information they are seeing. And when this happens, the ability to identify shapes happens earlier than for those who did not have as much exposure to shapes at a young age.

8 Texture Is Often Overlooked

Seeing different textures in a room is not only something that babies will enjoy looking at, but the ability to touch different textures is great for developing the sense of touch as well.

As such, incorporating pictures with texture on the walls, including a fur rug in the nursery, and having textured toys accessible to play with will develop the sense of touch in no time flat.

7 Put A Mobile On Display

With babies spending time on their backs in their cribs, having something to look at is necessary. This is especially true when babies are not able to turn their heads with ease.

As such, including a mobile will do the trick of not only being something entertaining to look at but work on cognitive development as well.

6 Designate A Reading Corner

A space to read not only helps babies to settle down to get ready to rest, but it also helps with their development as well.

According to NY Metro Parents, when they are read to, it helps to develop their language, cognitive, and memory skills. And while reading does not need to be kept in the nursery alone, it is a great environment to stimulate development in babies.

5 Remember The Ceiling Is A Blank Canvas

When looking up at the ceiling, most see white, blank space. This is what babies see as well when they look up from their cribs.

Because of this, put something visually stimulating in a place that most would not think of. From interesting lights, sheers, or even a mural, there are a number of things that can be done to make a ceiling more interesting than its current state in the nursery.

4 Stimulate All Of Baby’s Senses

While artificial scents may not be healthy for babies to breathe in, that does not mean that their nursery needs to be void of scent. As such, including some herbs and plants in the decor that are not only pleasing to the eye but to the nose as well.

One word of caution with this is to make sure that all plants are out of reach once babies are mobile so that they do not become an attractive nuisance to put in their mouths and ingest.

3 Have A Space Designed For Play

Nurseries are seen a lot of the time as a place to sleep only. This does not need to be the case. Parents can create a space designated for play in the nursery. And by including developmental toys, it becomes a place of learning as well.

2 Ensure Baby Can Rich Own Toys

With that designated play space should come shelving that allows babies to choose which toys they want to play with. Not only will this ensure that little ones are entertained, but they also will not get bored if the same toy is offered to them time and again.

1 Choose The Perfect Nightlight

Some people choose to have a pitch-black nursery for their babies to sleep in. But during the first few months, babies do not need the complete dark to sleep inaccording to BabyScience. Therefore, give little ones something to look at when they wake from their slumber with a low light nightlight. Not only babies will appreciate it, but parents’ shins from not bumping into furniture in the dark will as well.

Source: Healthline, LeapFrog, NY Metro Parents, BabyScience


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