Nesting During Pregnancy Tips & Hacks

Nesting is something that all pregnant women do to one extent or another. How extreme the nesting gets and how soon it starts all depends on the personality of the mothers-to-be. For those who are of the mind that the entire house needs to be cleaned and organized from top to bottom, nesting will need to begin months before babies arrive.

For those who are only interested in getting the nursery together, much less time will be needed. In both instances though, tips and hacks for nesting during pregnancy will make the process easier, something that will be appreciated no matter what stage of pregnancy nesting occurs.


According to Healthline, nesting in pregnancy is a “natural” and “intense” desire to get the home environment prepared for babies. This is done through cleaning, organizing, purchasing items for babies, and other preparations that help mothers control the environment that babies will soon call their homes.

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For many, according to the publication, the process of nesting helps to alleviate any anxiety that those expecting may have pent up as they wait for their due dates to come. This nervous energy is channeled into some productive project in the home and because of this, by the time babies are born their environments are more than ready for their arrival.

Tackle One Room At A Time

When moms look at the entirety of their home, it can be overwhelming to see just how much they have to do before babies arrive. It is enough to make even the most Zen moms suffer a bit of anxiety. This is why picking one room at a time to focus on is a great tip because it allows the load that needs to be completed to be broken up into chunks. Chunks that are much more manageable than looking at the house as a whole.

According to Healthy Pregnancy, if the decision is made to clean the entire home from top to bottom while nesting, the project needs to be broken up. This keeps mothers from feeling stressed with the amount of work that needs to be done while allowing them to follow a checklist to ensure that everything gets done. And by tackling the home in this manner, no spot is left unturned. Something that will make nesting moms ecstatic.

Wash & Organize Baby Clothes

New baby clothes are adorable to look at. But they quickly become a chore when they have to be washed and put away in an organized manner. But if mothers start early enough, the job can be done in spurts so that by the time babies arrive, there are clean clothes ready for them to wear.

According to Halo Sleep, baby clothes can be washed up to four to six weeks before babies arrive. This will ensure that clothes stay fresh and do not collect dust. Something that would make the washing and previously done nothing but a waste of time.

Organize Diaper Changing Station

A place where mothers will be spending a lot of time during the first months of babies’ lives is at the diaper changing station. As such, organizing the space to hold all the diapering essentials is a great tip so that moms are not scrambling before a diaper change to find what they need.

According to BabyListsome essentials moms will need at a diaper changing station include:

  • Diapers
  • Diapers in one size up
  • Wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Diaper pail
  • Diaper bag bags
  • Extra covers for the changing pad
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nail clippers
  • Lotion
  • Hairbrush
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Small toy or rattle

By keeping all of these things at a changing station, mothers will be prepared for anything that babies throw their way while being changed.

Put Nursery Together

An organized nursery makes for a nursery that is easy to navigate for new moms. As such, putting it together so that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but easy to find and grab what is needed easily is necessary. Something that may prove to be a tall order if left for too long to do.

According to Nursery Design Studio, there are ways to easily organize nurseries in just this manner. Those ways include:

  • Create a sleep zone for babies
  • Have adiaper changing station
  • Designate a nursing nook
  • Create a play area in the nursery
  • Organize the dresser
  • Declutter the closet
  • Find space that is specific for baby clothes
  • Create a reading area
  • Making storage for blankets
  • Have a pumping station

While this may seem like a lot for a nursery, it can be done. With the use of baskets and other storage bins, when something is needed it is simply pulled out. Then, when done, it is put away and a clean, organized nursery remains.

Stock Up On Household Essentials

Nothing is worse than running out of things like dish soap or laundry detergent and having to take a newborn out to get it. As such, stock up on household essentials to not have to battle with running out of products for the first few months of babies’ lives.

Make Freezer Meals

In the weeks after babies are born, the last thing that moms are going to want to do is make homemade meals. As such, creating freezer meals before babies are born is a great way to have something warm and healthy without having to resort to premade meals full of fat and sodium instead.

According to The Everymomsome freezer meals to consider making before babies include:

  • Pesto chicken with zoodles
  • Vegetarian quinoa chili
  • Slow cooker carnitas
  • Butternut squash and carrot soup
  • Vegetable breakfast burritos

There is an endless list of meals that can be made ahead of time. And for every meal to boot. As such, there is no reason that healthy eating cannot be done in the days, weeks, and even months after babies are born.

Pack The Hospital Bag

An essential to get done before babies arrive is packing the hospital bag. And by working on it weeks ahead of timemoms can make sure that they make it to the hospital with everything they need, nothing to the last minute as a result of nesting.

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