Most Common Questions About Cloth Diapers

With more attention being paid to the environment and reducing waste, parents-to-be who thought they would be using disposable diapers are now considering cloth diapers in record numbers. But just because there is a consideration that does not mean cloth diapers will ultimately be the choice for babies.

This is because until some common questions about cloth diapers are asked and answered which direction parents will go is still up in the air. Questions that will have to be answered before babies are delivered and make their way home.

According to In The Know, younger parents are making the decision to put their infants in cloth diapers. This is done as a result of wanting to be more environmentally friendly. And while there is still a toll on the environment from washing and drying cloth diapers, there is no space taken up in the landfills. An area that is rapidly declining with the amount of waste produced.

As such, by taking steps to reduce waste, the time is being extended on long landfills can be used. Something that is beneficial for everyone.

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Here are the most common questions about cloth diapers.


10 How Much Do Cloth Diapers Cost?

Before parents take the plunge into the world of cloth diapers, one of the most common questions asked is how much the cost. And according to The Washington Posteach cloth diaper costs between $5 and $20 per diaper.

This may seem like a lot to pay for diapers. And it is true that there is a large initial out-of-pocket cost. But, after the cloth diapers are purchased, they can last for up to 20 monthsaccording to Green Mountain Diapers. That is something that could equate to savings in comparison to disposable diapers.

9 How Many Cloth Diapers Does Baby Need?

When making the decision about how many cloth diapers are needed, parents need to take into consideration how much laundry they want to do and how much of an investment they want to make.

According to GroViaif choosing cloth diapers by size, then Minimally, newborns will need at least 36 diapers, infants will need 24, and toddlers will need 20.

However, if purchasing one-size cloth diapers, a large stash will consist of 40 to 50 diapers or a small stash is 16 to 20 diapers.

It is a personal decision how many diapers to get. And parents may even want to start small to determine if cloth diapers are the route they want to go or not.

8 What Size Diaper Does Baby Need?

When trying to determine the right size cloth diapers for babies, there is a chart to follow, much like there are ones for disposable diapers.

According to Watersthe sizes of cloth diapers are as follows:

Size Weight Waist Rise Legs
Newborn 6-11 lbs 8-11 in 12 in 4-7 in
Small 8-16 lbs 10-14 in 14 in 6-9 in
Medium 14-23 lbs 12-18 in 17 in 7-11 in
Large 23-35 lbs 14-20 in 19 in 10-14 in
XL 33-40 lbs 18-25 in 20 in 13-16 in

By following this chart, parents will know where their babies fall size-wise with their cloth diapers.

7 What Is The Best Insert To Use?

With the variety of inserts on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. It does come down to personal preference, but according to Cloth Diapers For Beginnersthose made from hemp are the best given their ability to absorb the most, the fastest.

Other inserts to consider, per the publication, include:

  • Microfiber

  • Charcoal bamboo

  • Cotton

  • Bamboo

  • Zorb

It may be best to try a few inserts to see what works best for babies. Then, when one seems to do the trick, families have found the right inserts for them.

6 Where Does The Poop Go?

The burning question for many revolves around where the poop goes once in the cloth diapers. The answer is, it depends.

According to All About Cloth Diapersthe different places the poop from cloth diapers goes include:

  • Directly into the washer if exclusively breastfed

  • Biodegradable liners can be thrown away

  • Shake the poop into the toilet and flush

  • Use a diaper sprayer to clean the poop from the diaper

It is not surprising this is where the poop goes once it is explained. It is more of a process to clean up but at the end, may be worth it for those considering cloth diapers.

5 How Often Does Laundry Get Done?

The more often cloth diapers are washed, the less staining there is, and the easier the diapers come clean. But, it is an individual decision as to how often to do laundry.

According to VeryWell Familythe standard for washing cloth diapers is two to three days. Anything longer than this may cause the diapers to not come completely clean. Any less, and it may be too small a load to be environmentally friendly.

4 Is There A Difference Between Day And Nighttime Cloth Diapers?

When it comes to day and nighttime cloth diapers, they are one and the same. The only difference, according to Nora’s Nursery is the number of inserts that are placed into the diaper.

To get babies through the night without leaks, extra inserts can be placed in the cloth diaper, per the publication. The exact number depends on the babies. However, there is no need to purchase different diapers for daytime and night.

3 How Are Dirty Diapers Stored?

While there used to be three main methods of storing dirty cloth diapers, according to Thinking About Cloth Diapers, all but one are rarely used today. And that method of storage is the dry pay method.

Dry pail method, wet pail method, and combination are the three methods of storing dirty cloth diapers, per the publication. Due to the wet and combination not being recommended for newer cloth diapers, most go the route of the dry pail method.

The dry pail method means that cloth diapers are placed in a waterproof bag until they are ready to be washed, according to Thinking About Cloth Diapers. Once they are ready to be washed, the soiled diapers are placed directly into the washing machine to be washed and made ready for the next wearing.

2 What Is The Best Detergent To Wash Cloth Diapers?

To wash cloth diapers, there is not a particular brand or type of detergent that should be used. Instead, it is a personal preference that makes for the right detergent.

According to Healthlineeverything from OxyClean to baby-friendly detergent, baking soda, and even a bit of lemon is used to clean cloth diapers. It is all dependent on how parents like to wash clothes and just how soiled the diapers are.

1 Will Daycare Change Cloth Diapers?

When it comes to daycares changing cloth diapers, it is up to each center to determine its stance on the topic.

According to RealDiapers, many daycare centers will not change cloth diapers. This may make it more difficult to find a center, but they do not exist. As such, keep looking if on the search for one that will change cloth diapers. One will eventually be found.

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