Mommy & Me Activities With Toddlers

The toddler years can be trying. But they can also be a time that is incredibly fun. The world is starting to open up to toddlers and everything is a wonder and something new to be explored. It is a time when parents are able to see the world through their little ones’ eyes and experience everything for the first time again. And because the time is so fleeting, it should be enjoyed to the fullest. One of the ways to do this is mommy-and-me activities with toddlers.

Toddlers are learning to be individuals. They are learning to be independent. But through all of this, they still want the company and attention of their moms. That is why this is the perfect age to participate in classes that are made specifically for moms and toddlers or to use imagination to create fun games at home. After all, it is just a short several years until toddlers become tweens. A time when mommy-and-me activities are a memory.

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Here are mommy and me activities to do with toddlers.


10 Sign Up For Swimming Lessons

With the indoor swimming facilities, city lessons, or even private pool lessons, there are many ways to get toddlers into the pool to learn some water basics. And because they are too young to be taking lessons on their own, mommy and me classes are the perfect way to feel secure in the water.

The best part about swimming lessons is that, unlike generations past, swimming lessons can be taken year-round. As such, toddlers can become amazing swimmers in a short time with the constant swimming lessons and the support of their moms.

9 Play Dress-Up

Toddlers are just starting to understand what it is to play make-believe. As such, moms can help foster this imaginative play by playing dress-up with their toddlers.

According to Good Housekeeping, toddlers start to engage with make-believe play when they are between 14 and 18 months of age. Therefore, grab some props or full-blown costumes and enjoy hours of play that all revolve around toddlers’ budding imaginations.

8 Build A Fort

The reason that kids love forts, according to The Washington Post, is because of the “magic” and “creativity” that is sparked by the play inside them. It is seen as a “home away from home,” per the publication.

Therefore, string up some blankets, bring in a flashlight and some pillows and set up a fort for a day of play. And watch just how excited toddlers are to be playing with their moms in their amazing fort.

7 Blow Bubbles In The House

Bubbles are a universal favorite of toddlers. And while they are fun to blow outside, bringing them inside is a special mommy and me activity that toddlers will not believe is happening!

Because bubbles work a multitude of developmental skills, they are an amazing activity for toddlers to participate in. According to What To Expect, Blowing bubbles works on gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and language skills. But that is not what toddlers will be focused on. Instead, they will be enjoying the special time with their moms while making memories that will last a lifetime.

6 Pick Out Books At The Library

According to KidsHealth, toddlers should be read to once per day. A great way to keep the books interesting and always rotating is to get a library card. Then toddlers and moms can pick out books at the library that are educational, silly, fun, and more, all without ever spending a dime for this amazing mommy-and-me activity.

5 Play At The Playground

A very simple way to get some one-on-one time with toddlers and moms is to go to the playground. But, instead of toddlers playing by themselves or trying to make friends at the park, moms will need to get involved and play directly with their toddlers. That way, there is some incredible bonding time happening and toddlers feel special knowing they have the undivided attention of their moms.

4 Sign Up For A Music Class

While it may appear to be an activity where toddlers are learning to be less rhythmically challenged, in reality, a music class is much more than that. And when it is a mommy and me activity, toddlers can feel comfortable playing an instrument any way they like, having the support of their mothers right next to them.

According to Bright Horizons, when toddlers are involved with music, they are apt to more rapidly develop the parts of their brains associated with language and reading skills. As such, the more music that moms and toddlers play together, the better toddlers get at expressing themselves. And the more often toddlers are able to express themselves rather than be frustrated by not being understood, the better off it is for everyone.

3 Create A Ball Pit

Toddlers love ball pits! From being able to throw balls every which way to being able to swim in the balls, there is something amazing about ball pits for little ones. Several amazing things, as a matter of fact.

According to BabyCenter, the reason that toddlers love ball pits so much is that there is sensory play and the ability to explore. But the best part is that while doing all of this, toddlers get to run around with a “jump, crash, and wiggle” when playtime is happening. Throw in the fact that moms will be playing in and with the ball pit balls as well, and it is a perfect mommy-and-me experience for toddlers.

2 Go To The Beach

On warm summer days, nothing is better than heading to the coast to cool off from the inland temperature. And with all the activities that moms and toddlers can do at the beach, it makes for a perfect mommy and me activity spot.

From building sand castles, collecting shells, having a picnic, playing in the water, and more, toddlers will not be wanting for activities to do. They will, however, be ready for a nap when the fun day is over. And that makes for a great mommy and me activity for moms as well.

1 Sign Up For A Dance Class

From exploratory dance, ballet, jazz, and more, there is a variety of mommy and me dance classes available to participate in. It all comes down to what type of moves draws a toddler in. And when that is determined, the dynamic dancing duo of toddlers and moms is born.

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