Mermaid-Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Two-Year-Olds

Mermaid birthday parties are all the rage. It is no wonder why. Little girls love beautiful mermaids. When they get in the water, they want to be one. The colors and sparkles that make for a mermaid party are many toddlers’ favorite colors. As such, many toddlers ask for it for their birthday party theme. But with so many directions parents can go with the theme and accompanying activities, it is a theme that needs direction.

And that is why coming up with a list of mermaid-themed birthday party ideas for two-year-olds is a good place for parents to start when they begin to pull the party together.

Two-year-olds are very opinionated when it comes to likes and dislikes, according to Redbook. As such, if they ask for a particular theme for their birthday, toddlers may be disappointed if parents go in a different direction.

This is why if asked to do a mermaid theme is so perfect because regardless of the price point, there is something that can be done to make two-year-olds giddy about their birthday parties. Which, at the end of the day, is the goal of parents throwing birthday parties.

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Here are some mermaid-themed birthday party ideas for two-year-olds.


10 Create A Ocean-Like Color Palette

The first place to start is to choose a color palette for the party. It can be blues and purples, bits of silver, or even some light pinks and greens. It all boils down to favorite colors for the guests of honor. But the overall goal is to create an atmosphere that screams of being in the ocean with mermaids.

9 Decorate To Create Under The Sea

Once the color palette has been chosen, using things like balloon arches, helium balloons, mylar balloons, streamers, creatures found in the ocean, and of course, mermaids themselves will create the ultimate under-the-sea experience.

And more that toddlers believe they are in the environment where mermaids frequent, the more magical their second birthday will be.

8 Decorate Mermaid Shirts

To offer a craft as well as a party favor, guests can create mermaid shirts. This can be something that requires two-year-olds to color in a mermaid on a shirt or perhaps even use paint sponge stamps in the shapes of mermaids to create a fantastic top.

By using the colors of the party, the event will be all tied together and a fantastic photo opportunity is had for parents as well.

7 Have A Mermaid Attend

Of course, the ultimate get for a mermaid birthday party for toddlers is to hire a mermaid for the event. Be it a mermaid who swims in the water or one who just interacts with two-year-olds from her clamshell throne, toddlers will be in awe of the mermaid who is in their presence who sings, tells stories, and more for the party.

Packages will vary depending on whether the parents want the mermaid to stay on land or be in the water, according to Squatch & Siren.

And with most packages lasting an hour and a half to two hours, it is the perfect amount of time to have a mermaid at a toddler party.

6 Hire A Vendor To Do An Exotic Fish Presentation

A fun way to learn a bit about the aquatic deep is to hire a vendor to do an exotic fish presentation for two-year-olds.

By bringing fish, starfish, and more to a party, little kids who may have never seen ocean animals before getting an opportunity to see what lives in the vast bodies of water.

And while they will not remember everything they are told, if some information is remembered, it is considered a success.

5 Mermaid Face Painting

At a mermaid birthday party, what could be more fitting than to paint toddlers’ faces to look like mermaids as well?

With shiny colors in the shades of purple, green, blue, pink, and more, those attending will be instantly transformed into their favorite under-the-sea mermaid.

And if there are some jewels that are attached to the face as well, the ultimate mermaid look for two-year-olds will have been achieved.

4 Have A Mermaid Cake Or Cupcakes

Depending on whether parents want to do cupcakes or a cake for the birthday party, it will determine what the tablescape looks like for the party.

If a cake is what is chosen, then there can be a focus on the cake with clamshells, jewels, sparkles, balloon arches, and more around the cake to really make a splash.

However, if cupcakes are used, putting mermaid tails into the tops of the cupcakes, along with different levels of cake platters can be used to make the table visually pleasing.

And if there are some mylar balloons, jewels, and other ocean decorations around the table, it will make for a sight to behold.

3 Make A Treat Table With Mermaid And Fish Treats

An easy way to give party favors is to have a treat table for guest to choose from as they leave to fill their bags. It can be anything from treats in the shapes of mermaids, ocean life, or even rock candy to create an ocean treat table.

And if guests want to snack on it while attending the party, all the better.

2 Play In The Water

If there is a pool where the party is being held, then parents may want to consider turning the party into a pool party.

That way, mermaids can lounge by or in the water, kids can splash around, and no other activities really need to be pulled together to entertain little ones during the second birthday party.

1 Gift Sea Monkeys As A Party Favor

The ultimate party favor for two-year-olds who attended a mermaid party is gifting sea monkeys.

However, before giving them out as favors, parents may want to warn the guests beforehand about what is being given so that they are prepared to care for the little creatures, who, according to Newsweekcan live for three months or more.

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