Keeping Toddlers Busy While Breastfeeding Baby Tips

When there was only one child to look after, breastfeeding and finding the right position with which to do it was simple enough to do. If the baby was hungry feeding time happened. It meant that whatever Mom was doing got placed on hold. But that was something that was expected to take care of a little one, something that a toddler does not understand when seeing a mom breastfeed, and they desire attention or at least an activity to do when they are not the center of the universe. This is why it is so necessary to come up with ideas for keeping toddlers busy while mothers breastfeed. Without preplanning, a peaceful round of breastfeeding will not be had.

Being a mother of an infant and a toddler is difficult. Not only do both require loads of attention, but they seem to need it at the same time. This does not bode well for mothers when babies are crying to be breastfed and toddlers are getting upset because they are feeling neglected. But if mothers come up with ways to entertain their toddlers while they breastfeed, both toddlers and babies are happy. And in turn, this makes moms happy as well.

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Here are ideas to keep toddlers busy while you breastfeed your baby.


10 Read Books

Toddlers love being read to. As such, make breastfeeding time a time that books are read with toddlers while snuggling.

To keep book reading fresh, Having a set of books that are set aside specifically for when babies need to nurse makes the time more special between mothers and toddlers. But this does not mean toddlers can only choose from this selection. After all, if there is a book the little one is burning to read, do it. It keeps them calm and entertained while breastfeeding takes place. And that is all that mothers want to accomplish.

9 Create a Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a hit with toddlers. And because they are so easy to put together, they can be set up daily with a new theme using nothing but household objects, something that makes toddlers excited every time their siblings need to be fed.

8 Have A Special Toy Box

Toddlers can get bored with their toys from time to time. But if there is a box of toys that comes out only when mothers are breastfeeding, toys in this container will take a long time to lose their novelty.

According to BreastfeedingMagazine.comsome great toys to include in a toy box for toddlers when babies are breastfeeding include:

  • Legos

  • Doctor kit

  • Cash register with toy food

  • Stickers and paper

  • Shape-matching blocks

If there is anything that toddlers are particularly excited about, the toy box can be tailored to their needs. After all, the more excited they are about it, the more independent play toddlers will have. Making for an easier time with nursing for all.

7 Play With Play-Doh

If there is an activity that will keep toddlers entertained, it is Play-Doh. As such, it can be a fun way for toddlers to spend their time while their mothers breastfeed their younger siblings.

Play-Doh can be used to work on hand strength by “squishing” and “mashing” itaccording to And if they have toys that help them to cut the Play-Doh or create something out of it, moms may just find that toddlers have a desire to play with the Play-Doh for far longer than breastfeeding lasts.

6 Set Up A Tea Party

A fun time of make-believe can be had when a tea party is set up before mothers begin breastfeeding. And the best part is, moms can participate with their toddlers, even when breastfeeding.

While some moms are able to sit on the floor and breastfeed to play ‘tea party,’ others are not. But it does not matter as toddlers can bring their moms cups of tea and pretend snacks to eat to be part of the party.

If toddlers are feeling particularly creative, they can bring their stuffed animals to the tea party and serve them as well. And when this happens, breastfeeding becomes a fun time for toddlers versus something they dread the baby in the house doing.

5 Pull Out The Art Supplies

Letting toddlers be creative is a great way to pass the time when mothers are breastfeeding.

With Crayons, colored pencils and glue sticks, toddlers can have a ball creating a masterpiece. The only word of caution with this is to make sure that the supplies are not going to cause a mess. The goal is to keep toddlers entertained so breastfeeding does not need to be interrupted. Something that will more often than not happen if paints and glitter are part of the mix.

4 Play An Educational Game On A Tablet

For mothers who are trying to keep screen time to a minimum for their toddlers, breastfeeding can be the time to bring tablets out to allow them to play or watch something educational.

If toddlers associate breastfeeding with screen time, they will be excited when it is time for babies to be fed. When screen time is not available at all times and seen as a treat insteadtoddlers are not going to have issues with their moms spending a bit with their baby siblings to feed them when the reward is a bit of time on the screen.

3 Play Restaurant

Playing ‘restaurant’ is a game that is fun for kids of all ages. And toddlerhood is the time when playing it becomes a lot of fun.

By making menus, having a notepad to write down orders, and having toddlers play both waiter and chef, they will stay plenty occupied while mothers nurse babies. And the more they play restaurant, the better toddlers will be at identifying foods, colors, and shapes, something that is fun and educational all in one.

2 Do Puzzles

Puzzles not only keep toddlers occupied while moms breastfeed, but they also help with their development as well.

According to the Illinois Early Learning Project, playing with puzzles works with toddlers’ cognitive and motor skills. Ways it does this include:

  • Spatial vocabulary

  • Sequencing

  • Problem-solving

  • Persistence Task completion

  • Hand-eye coordination

By working on these skills on a nearly daily basis, toddlers will be well-prepared to tackle tasks that take some grit to complete. The only issue that moms may have is that toddlers will become so proficient with the puzzles they are given that new and more complex ones will need to be purchased.

1 Have Snacks Available

If all else fails and toddlers do not seem interested in any activities before breastfeeding begins, it may be that toddlers are hungry and just need a snack. This will help to keep toddlers not only occupied but nourished and happy while mothers breastfeed their babies.

Source:,, Illinois Early Learning Project

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