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When the natural way of getting pregnant proves to be challenging, IUI may be a good option for couples who want to have a baby. This is because not only can fertility drugs be used to help facilitate getting pregnant, the procedure can be used in conjunction with women’s menstrual cycles as well. And while this all sounds like an easy way to get pregnant, there are still challenges with the procedure working. This is why being vigilant about ways to increase chances for a successful IUI should be practiced not only before the procedure is done but after expecting as well.


According to the Mayo Clinic, intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the process of placing a concentrated number of sperm into the uterus when one or more eggs are going to be released from the ovaries. The hope is that either via the egg being released naturally as part of the monthly cycle or the use of fertility drugs, the sperm will fertilize the eggs or eggs, and successful implantation will occur.

And while this procedure will work for many couples, it is best to speak with a healthcare professional to determine if IUI, IVF, or another mode of fertility treatment is the best option for conception.

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Here are ways to increase your chances of a successful IUI treatment.

Eat A Well Balanced Diet

While eating a balanced diet is what all women should do, it is more important when women are undergoing IUI treatment. As such, according to the Madhudeep IVF Centernot only should healthy foods be eaten before IUI begins but after the procedure is completed as well.

Per the publication, things like carbohydrates should be cut back on, while more protein-filled foods should be consumed. As such, keep the processed foods in check and enjoy healthy, fresh homemade meals instead to increase the chances of IUI working.

Drink Plenty Of Water

It is important to stay hydrated so that the body systems work as efficiently as possible. And this includes the body systems that facilitate getting pregnant as well.

According to CNY Fertility, when women are well hydrated, it helps the body to produce sufficient cervical mucus to help the sperm reach the egg. If the body is dehydrated, then the sperm may move slowly and miss the window of opportunity for fertilizing an egg.

Exercise Daily

Exercise not only keeps the body fit and the mind in a good space, but it also helps to regulate hormones, according to SIMS IVF. And when this happens the chances of being successful with IUI increase.

Per the publication, when exercise regulates hormones, it causes the reproductive system to work at hospitable levels for conception. This means that eggs are of higher quality for women and for men, their sperm are of higher quality as well.

Exercise also removes toxins from the body that can prove to hinder conception via IUI, per SIMS IVF. As such, getting in as little as 30 minutes of exercise daily can improve the possibility of women getting pregnant with the IUI procedure.

Keep Stress To A Minimum

Anyone who is under constant stress is aware of the physical effects it has on the body. What may not be as well known is that when stress levels are high, conception can be affected as well.

According to Garden Acupuncture, the body being stressed causes less blood flow to go to the uterus. When this happens, the lining is “less receptive” to having an egg implant itself. And when this happens, IUI procedures will likely not be successful.

Do Not Smoke

Most women know that if they smoke during pregnancy, it will negatively affect their unborn babies. However, not nearly as many are aware that smoking can affect fertility and ultimately, fertility treatments as well.

According to VeryWell Family, for each cigarette smoked daily, the chances of conception go down. This is because smoking causes very real changes to the body. Those changes, per the publication, include:

  • Blockages of the fallopian tubes
  • Increased risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • Damage to eggs
  • Cervical changes that make it difficult to conceive

The more cigarettes smoked decreased the chances of fertility and getting pregnant either the traditional method or via IUI.

What To Consider If IUI Does Not Work

It is not uncommon for the first or second IUI treatments to not work. But when women are not seeing success after several attempts of conceiving with IUI, it may be time to consider another treatment option.

According to Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles, deciding to move on from IUI treatments to something more involved like IVF treatments is a decision each individual woman needs to make. They need to consider their emotional state and the finances involved, per the publication. It basically comes down to weighing the pros and the cons of the procedure. And if there are more pros than cons or vice versa, that will give women an answer to the question they are asking themselves.

Fortunately, fertility specialists will walk women through all of their options to make them as informed as possible. But, ultimately, it is a woman’s choice and no one else’s about whether further fertility treatments are the best option for her or not.

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