How Beneficial & Challenge to Run During Pregnancy?

How Beneficial & Challenge to Run During Pregnancy? |



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Updated on Aug 25, 2022

How Long Is It Safe to Run During Pregnancy Benefits Challenges

You’re growing a tiny human inside of you. If you enjoyed exercising before pregnancy will continue to want to do so throughout their pregnancy. We all know the regular exercise benefits healthy progression of the pregnancy. Also, we have heard that anything that causes strain should avoid during pregnancy. That we should also reschedule our exercise regimen with the help of an expert in the course of pregnancy to keep away from unfavorable outcomes. Running was something many of the women enjoy a lot. For some, it is the means of getting rid of stress after a long day’s work. The elders may ask you to abstain from running during pregnancy as it could be harmful to both you and baby in your womb. Is it true? How will pregnancy affect your running? Rather will running affect your pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Run During Pregnancy?

Yes. Running is safe during pregnancy provided that you are having an uncomplicated pregnancy. There are certain situations during, which you should restrict yourself from running even if you are a regular runner.

When Is It Not Safe To Run During Pregnancy?

  1. If during your monthly checkup, the doctor finds out any degree of cervical incompetence, stop running from that point of time
  2. If you are experiencing elevated blood pressure from the beginning of the pregnancy onwards, it is not safe to run
  3. Always keep in mind it’s not advisable to begin any new practice during your pregnancy. Therefore, avoid starting rigorous fitness regimen including the running while pregnant
  4. If you are having multiple gestations, stop your habit of daily running

Challenges You May Face & Ways to Cope-up With This

  1. Before and after running drink plenty of water. Staying well-hydrated is important as running increases the chances of dehydration that in turn will bring down the blood flow to the uterus triggering untimely contractions
  2. Never skip the warming up sessions and stretching sessions before and after running. It is very important to bring down the risk of any injury
  3. Ensure access to the washroom as pregnancy increase the pressure on your bladder and you may need to pee more often
  4. Make sure that you are wearing a good and supportive sports bra while running. During pregnancy, breasts enlarge and tend to sag and they require extra support while running
  5. Once you get into the second trimester onwards, the center of gravity starts to change as your belly region starts to grow. Therefore, mind your steps. Take slower and shorter steps
  6. Likewise, have a good pair of shoes with perfect fitting. During pregnancy, your feet may get swollen and the joints get looser. It’s a good idea to buy a new pair of shoes that satisfy and support all your new needs

What Are The Benefits Of Running During Pregnancy?

The benefits of running are not only surfaces during labor and delivery, but also bring about marked benefits for mother and fetus throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Read below

  1. Running during pregnancy brings down the chances of decreases serious pregnancy risks such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. It also reduces the requirement of a C-section.
  2. Running eases common pregnancy symptoms like back pain, nausea, constipation, etc.
  3. The expectant mothers who have a habit of running during pregnancy have better control over weight gain. They will not experience the problem of excessive weight gain. They also found to have a better posture
  4. Running increase energy level of the expecting woman. Therefore, fatigue, which is a common issue among expecting mothers, will not affect the woman who runs
  5. Running helps to strengthen your heart and blood vessels and also helps to increase the blood circulation. This is very significant considering the fact that the blood volume increases around 50% in the course of pregnancy
  6. Edema or swelling of the extremities, which is another common issue among the expecting mothers will not bother the woman who runs during the pregnancy
  7. Running helps to maintain physical fitness throughout the gestation period. This will reflect in the labor. More often, the woman who runs during the pregnancy will have a short labor and easy delivery. This, therefore, brings down the chances of fetal distress. The running mothers are also found to recover fast after the delivery than other mothers

Benefits of Running in Pregnancy for Fetus

  1. A child born to a woman who runs throughout their pregnancy are found less likely to develop any breathing problems
  2. The baby will have a healthier heart
  3. Pregnancy running helps in reducing baby fat of the unborn child without affecting the normal body weight
  4. Pregnancy fitness also leads to better blood circulation and thus supplies oxygen and necessary nutrients to the fetus and increases the efficiency of the placenta
  5. The child matures behaviorally and neurologically more quickly

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