Hospital Bag Items For Planned C-Section

Going in for a planned C-section means knowing the exact date that a baby will be born. It also means knowing when the hospital bag has to be packed so that women can make it to their appointments on time to deliver their babies. But, just because mothers-to-be check in at a specific time does not mean that is when a scheduled C-section will take place. As such, a hospital bag items for a planned C-section need to cover not only after the baby is born but the time leading up to the surgeries as well.

According to the University of Washington Medical Center, most women will be asked to come to the hospital at least two hours before their C-section is scheduled. During this time, women will sign papers, get prepped, and wait for their procedure. It is during this time that women may need to entertain themselves, which is why bringing things to do before the surgery is recommended. As such, those who are having a C-section may end up packing more than those having a vaginal delivery.

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Here are hospital bag items for a planned C-section.


20 Cell Phone

There is going to be a lot of downtime before the C-section happens. This is a good time for pregnant women to call friends and family or just pursue the internet to kill the time. Then, when the baby is born, a way to make the birth announcement.

Having a cell phone also means there is a camera for when the baby is born. And as such, many photos of the newborn can be taken in the blink of an eye and shared with others too.

19 Charger

It does not matter how long a phone holds a charge. It will run out of batteries. That is why a charger is so necessary for a hospital bag for those having a C-section.

18 Something To Read

When waiting around to go into surgery, a great way to pass the time is reading. Be it with some entertaining magazines or a book that women have been wanting to read, having some reading material will be a nice change from scrolling on the phone. And it saves battery time as well.

17 Robe

According to Anytime HVAC, the temperature at hospitals stays between 65 and 69 degrees. This helps to keep bacteria and viruses at bay as much as possible.

With it being so cold, a robe from home will be nice both pre- and post-operation. Especially when women have to get up and walk around as part of their routine before they can be discharged home.

16 Underwear

While hospitals do provide women with large mesh underwear to help with bleeding after childbirth, they may not be the most comfortable to return home in. As such, bringing some to the hospital that does not sit at the incision site is good to bring in the hospital bag when having a C-section.

15th Socks

Depending on the hospital, there will be gripping socks available for new moms to wear during their stay. But to err on the side of caution, taking socks is a good idea to keep feet warm during the stay postpartum

14 Nursing Bra

In order to provide the breasts with some support while allowing for easy breastfeeding at the hospital, a nursing bra should be packed in the hospital bag. In fact, more than one may be a better choice in case there is any breast milk leakage that happens in the first one worn. No one wants to wear a dirty nursing bra.

13 Glasses If Needed

According to Tommy’s contact lenses will have to be removed before a C-section can begin. As such, if not wearing them, packing glasses is necessary for the hospital bag.

12 Shower Shoes

Women may want to shower after their C-section. To do this in the hospital, wearing shower shoes will keep things like athlete’s foot at bay while getting in a much-needed warm shower.

11 Towel

If showering at the hospital, having a towel from home is a much more desirable option than hard, course towels offered to patients. And they work great when just a face wash is needed as well.

10 Toiletries

Hospitals do not provide toiletries as hotels do. That means if women want to wash, they have to bring their own supplies from home.

9 Hair Ties

Be it during surgery or after, hair ties or scrunchies are nice to have on hand to keep hair out of the face. This is especially true if women do not have the opportunity to wash their hair after delivery. It is not only stylish but incredibly functional in this situation.

8 Makeup

Before going home, a photographer takes photos of the parents and baby for keepsakes to be purchased. While no makeup is required at all, for those moms who want to spruce up a bit, makeup will be needed in the hospital bag.

7 Dry Shampoo

When unable to wash the hair, it can get greasy.

To combat this, dry shampoo will do the trick. It will make the hair look fresh and make new moms feel better as well.

6 Pillow From Home

After surgery, women are going to be uncomfortable. Bringing a pillow from home can make the hospital bed a bit more comfortable. And the more comfortable women are in the bed, the better sleep they will get.

5 Going Home Outfit

To go home, women will need an outfit that is flowy. This is because anything that has a waistband that sits at the incision site will do nothing but irritate it.

As such, dresses or pants that have a waistband well above the incision are a great choice to go home in.

4 Easy To Put On Shoes

After surgery, women are not going to be able to bend down and tie their shoes. That means packing shoes that slip on will be much appreciated with it comes time to be discharged from the hospital.

3 Snacks

Meals will be provided in the hospital whenever new moms are hungry. But a meal may not always be what is desired.

Therefore, packing a few healthy snacks will help keep moms satisfied during their hospital stay. Especially if it is during hours when food is no longer being prepared.

2 Baby Book

When babies are at the hospital, footprints and handprints are taken. And while they are put on a paper that can be placed into the baby book, having that page in the baby book filled saves that from being necessary.

Also, small details of the time at the hospital can be forgotten after a bit of time. But if the baby book is in the hospital, it can all be filled out while babies sleep. And it gives moms something to do as well.

1 Outfit For Baby

To take babies home, they will need a little outfit to keep them warm. And while they were likely put in a onesie or even little pajamas during their hospital stay, many moms use leaving the hospital as an opportunity to put real clothes on for the first time. And of course, babies look adorable for it.

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