Healthy Fats For Babies & To Cook With Them

Over the past several decades, the way people look at nutrition has changed drastically. From low-fat to to carb, high-fat, cooking without oils, cooking with healthy oils, and everything in between, it can be hard to know what is not considered “healthy” when feeding babies. Especially those who are trying foods for the first time.

That is why finding a balanced diet and not following fads and trends is so important. Something of which healthy fats fall into when they are cooked for babies.

When babies are experimenting with eating foods for the first time, parents want to make sure that they are getting the highest quality foods possible. Things that are not processed, organic and grassfed when available, and only natural sugars are what fits the bill.

And by introducing these types of foods at an early age, not only do infants’ palates expand but their bodies and brains are healthier for it.

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Here are healthy fats for babies and how to cook with them.


Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy fat that not only give food a nutty flavor but makes the body healthier at the same time.

According to Solid Startsolive oil contains vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to build a healthy immune system and contributions to neurological development in babies. Making it an oil that parents are going to want to use often.

The best way to cook with olive oil for babies, per the publication is to cook meat in it or even drizzle a bit of it over the protein when done cooking. It is also delicious with a bit over the top of side dishes as well.

9 Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a healthy fat that is packed full of vitamin Eaccording to WebMD. This oil can lower blood pressure, increase cardiovascular health, and reduce inflammation in the body.

While Meats can be cooked in avocado oil, or it can be drizzled over grains, an easy way to incorporate the oil is to put just a bit into purée.

According to Baby Foodie, just a spoonful or less in the purée being made adds a bit of flavor to the food while providing much needed healthy fats as well.

8 Canola Oil

For those who want to cook with an oil outside of olive, canola oil makes for a great option. Not only from a taste standpoint but from a health standpoint as well.

According to Herzindagi.comthe vitamins found in canola oil include:

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin E

  • Vitamin K

All of these vitamins help support vision, bones, skin, and blood clotting, per the publication.

According to HiPP Organico, the best way to incorporate canola oil into babies’ diets is to put it into their purées. The flavor does not change and the heathy fats babies get is through the roof.

7 Grassfed Butter

For years, butter was touted as being a “bad” fat. But since then, it has been brought back into the fold and should be a staple in babies’ diets.

According to AskNestle.inbutter is high in Vitamins A, E, K, and B12. It also contains Riboflavin, calcium, and niacinall of which aid with developmental growth in babies.

But best of all, per the publication, butter contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. And those promote brain development in babies.

Some of the best ways to cook with butter, according to Healthline include:

  • Putting a pat on soft vegetables

  • Spreading it on toast

  • Use it in a base for soups

With its versatility, there is no end to what foods butter can be cooked with.

6 Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

Giving babies plain, whole milk yogurt is a great way to boost their intestinal healthaccording to BabyFood101. But because it can be a bit sour, it may need to be incorporated with other foods to make it pleasing to babies’ taste buds.

Easy ways to make yogurt taste better to babies is to simply add in some of their favorite purée. This will give the taste of the purée but make it creamier.

Small bits of mashed fruit can also be added to the yogurt.

Or, for a treat that will go in a flash, homemade yogurt melts can be made, like the ones from The Conscious Plant Kitchen.

Easy and delicious. What more could moms ask for?

5 Organic Eggs

Because organic eggs have more omega-3s than regular eggs, they are the best choice if available for babies, according to Alderfer Eggs.

With eggs being nearly a perfect food, it is very simple to cook with it for babies.

Simply make a scrambled egg and watch little ones devour it in no time flat.

And for those babies who are a bit older, making egg mini muffins is a delicious way to get in heathy fats (and maybe a few vegetables) at the same time.

4 Wild Salmon

Many parents do not think about offering salmon to their babies. But with it being packed with protein and heathy fats such as omega-3s with EPA and DHAaccording to Very Well Fit, it is a wonderful food for babies.

It is fairly simple to cook salmon for babies.

First, the salmon need to be thoroughly cleaned. This is when there is a flaky consistency to it.

Skimp on the seasonings. A bit is fine, but too much may overpower the palate.

And finally, add a side like mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes and an entire meal is made.

3 Avocado

One of the most perfect first foods for babies is the avocado. This is because not only it is delicious to eat, but it is full of vitamins and minerals that are important to keeping babies strong and healthy.

According to AvoSeedothe vitamins and minerals found in avocados include:

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin B6

  • Vitamin K

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin E

  • Calcium

  • Zinc

  • Iron

  • Potassium

It is also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, per the publication. What better healthy fat food is there for babies?

While avocados are great on their own, according to AvoSeedo, they can be mixed up with other fruits or even put into yogurt for a great meal for babies.

2 Nut Butters

In the past decade, doctors reversed their opinion on offering babies under the age of one nut butters. It was found that instead of the nut causing butters, introducing them early could instead keep allergies at bay.

And with the heart-healthy fats found in the nut butters, according to Cedars Sinaithey make for a great addition to babies’ diets.

According to Kelly Jones Nutritionsome great ways to cook with nut butters include:

  • Drizzling them over pancakes

  • Spread over toast

  • Make a dressing

  • Include them in smoothies

All delicious ways to enjoy nut butter as part of a healthy diet.

1 Cheddar Cheese

Packed with vitamin K, calcium, and some healthy fat CLA, according to Healthlinecheddar cheese makes for a great heathy fat to cook with for babies.

Some ways to cook with cheese for babies includes:

  • Cooking it with eggs

  • Melting a small amount over toast

  • Giving small bits to babies to eat plain

These are all ways that babies will enjoy eating cheese and nothing is too difficult for parents to manage.

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