Fight Off Mosquitos Pregnant Naturally

It is no figment of pregnant women’s imaginations. When pregnant, they are more prone to getting bitten by mosquitos. According to a 2000 study, this happens as a result of pregnant women breathing more and releasing substances on their skin that are attractive to mosquitos biting. And with immune systems being lost during pregnancy, women need to take care not to get bitten as much as possible to remain healthy while expecting. And this is why coming up with natural ways to fight off mosquitos when pregnant is necessary.

When mosquitos bite, it is their saliva that causes an allergic reaction to the system that creates the bumps and welts at the bite site, according to the Cleveland Clinic. And unfortunately, with immune systems being all out of whack when expecting, women can have larger reactions to the bites than those who are not pregnant would. As such, according to the American Pregnancy Association, the amount of pain or itchiness felt can be greater. And when pregnant, having itchiness or pain are not welcome issues to deal with.

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Here are natural ways to fight off mosquitos when pregnant.


10 Citronella Candles

With its “light citrus scent,” citronella candles make a perfect way to keep mosquitos at bay, according to Southern Living. This is because mosquitos do not like citrus scents.

Couple that with heat from the flame, and mosquitos will leave a decent radius around pregnant women who are doing their best to stay out of the line of fire of mosquitos.

9 Lavender

For pregnant women who enjoy the smell of lavender, a bit of lavender oil may be all that is needed to repel mosquitos during the spring and summer seasons.

According to Healthline, the fragrance of lavender is unpleasant to mosquitos. As such, they will generally leave those alone who have the scent on them.

If mosquitos happen to not be bothered by the scent and bite anyway, there may still be hope. This is because, per the publication, there are properties to lavender oil that soothe the skin. And this may stop the bites from being as itchy or painful as they could be.

8 Soybean Oil

Given that soybean oil is an ingredient in some chemical-based mosquito repellents, it makes sense to use it as a repellent on its own.

According to eMedicineHealth, soybean oil can be applied directly to the skin. However, if out in the sun, it may cause burning. As such, it is recommended to stay in the shade or wear sleeves if using the oil as a repellent.

7 Keep Dark Colors In The Closet

Mosquitos are attracted to darker colors in the direct light of the day. This is likely because the environments they live in are dark, according to WCNC.

As such, when out during the day, wear light colors. It may just stop mosquito bites from happening.

6 Wearing Sleeves When Possible

When pregnant women wear sleeves, there is no exposed skin for mosquitos to bite. This will keep their arms protected, especially since they are the number one target of mosquitos.

And for those who find that mosquitos are ankle or leg biters, wearing long pants will help to keep the bites at a minimum as well.

5 The Loser, The Better

Even if mosquitos try to bite through clothing, if it is loose, the bites will not get to the skin. And when the skin cannot get bitten, pregnant women are protected from the over-the-top reactions their bodies have to mosquito bites.

4 Turn On A Fan

Want to keep mosquitos away? Turn on a fan and watch the mosquitos clear the area.

Outside the wind mosquitos have to fight to get to the skin to bite it, there are other ways that fans keep mosquitos from biting pregnant women.

Those ways, according to The New York Times include:

  • Decreases the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from pregnant women exhaling

  • Body heat is decreased

  • Lactic acid is kept to a minimum

  • Women sweat less

Therefore, if suffering from mosquito bites while pregnant, sit where the fan is. Mosquitos will think twice about taking the time and energy to bite.

3 Plant Herbs

To keep mosquitos out of areas where people like to gather, planting herbs might just help.

According to Holtkamp Heating & Air, herbs to plant to keep mosquitoes out of the yard include:

  • Citronella

  • Lemon balm

  • Catnip

  • Marigolds

  • Basil

  • Lavender

  • Peppermint

  • Garlic

  • Rosemary

If there are any herbs that are cooked with, with any frequency, plant those in the garden. It may just be enough to stop the insurgence of mosquitos when the weather gets warm.

2 Spray Cedarwood Oil

Unlike the other oils that were applied to pregnant women to fight mosquitos, cedarwood oil gets sprayed on plants instead.

According to Stop The Bites!, a combination of cedarwood and cinnamon oil will stop mosquitos from buzzing around. And because the oil is applied to plants, pregnant women do not have to worry about wearing a scent they may not enjoy to stop from getting bit.

1 Change Lighting

For those who do not have LED lights outside, they may want to consider changing them. This is because according to LEDLights.orgmosquitos are not attracted to LED lighting.

Per the publication, it is UV lights that mosquitos enjoy being around. Therefore, an easy way to stop mosquitos from biting pregnant women may be to simply change the light outside.

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