Father’s Day Gifts For Fathers-To-Be

Father’s Day is just around the corner. For those men who just found out that they are fathers-to-be or their baby is due soon, this is a Father’s Day to be celebrated. But because babies have yet to be delivered, coming up with gifts to give that will help fathers in their journey of raising babies or fun gifts that can be used after babies arrive is a must for a first Father’s Day.

This also means that being creative and using some imagination might need to be used for Father’s Day gifts for fathers-to-be.

Just because babies are not born yet does not mean that men are not fathers. It just means that it is not yet time for all hands on deck to care for little ones. And before the chaos begins, a Father’s Day to celebrate becoming a father is a necessity to let men know just how appreciated they are both pre-and post-babies making their appearance.

But because there is no seriousness around the day, gifts of all types will work for those gents who are fathers-to-be.

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Here are some Father’s Day gifts for fathers-to-be.


9 Sports Team Onesie

If there is a college or professional sports team that a father-to-be is fanatical over, a gift of a baby onesie with the team emblem splashed all over it will make for a wonderful gift.

On game day, dads will be able to dress up their little ones in the colors of their team. Then, fathers and the cutest cheering section alive can root their teams on to victory in style.

8 Daddy & Me Books

Many books given at baby showers and for gifts revolve around mothers and their babies. As such, give fathers-to-be books that are about babies and their fathers.

Not only will it be a treasured gift but one that dads will enjoy taking out of the bookshelf to read with their little ones for some bonding time.

7 Dad Baby Essentials Kit

As a bit of a gag and practical gift, a baby essentials’ kit is a great idea for those fathers-to-be this Father’s Day.

According to Tuft & Needlesome great things to include in the kit include:

  • Wipes

  • Changing pad

  • Baby cream

  • Diapers

  • Books

  • Clothes

If there is anything else baby-related that mothers-to-be want to throw in the kit, they absolutely should! The point of the gift is to be something that is not only used but to get a chuckle out of men who are starting their journey of fatherhood.

6 Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are a must for mothers and fathers alike. But because some mothers-to-be like to have diaper bags that are not as masculine as some men would like, getting fathers-to-be their own diaper bags that they will enjoy toting around is a great gift for this Father’s Day.

Be it a messenger bag, backpack, or even tactical bag-inspired, these options and more exist for men’s diaper bags.

And because they will be getting their own diaper bags, fathers-to-be can set them up in a way that is practical for them and in a way where they know where everything is needed at a moment’s notice.

5 Book Of Dad Jokes

A rite of passage for men becoming fathers is learning dad jokes. Therefore, this Father’s Day, get this tradition started off on the right foot by gifting a book or two of dad jokes for fathers-to-be to begin learning before their babies are born.

4 Engraved Watch

Some men are not a fan of accessories. But, most enjoy wearing a watch as part of their daily apparel. Therefore, give a watch this Father’s Day. But not just an ordinary watch. One that men will not want to take off their wrists because of the sentimentality attached to the watch.

Be it a quote about fatherhood, a gender reveal, the due date, or more, engraving a watch with this information will make an ordinary watch extraordinary. And because the watch will likely work with everyday apparel, it will get worn frequently by those men who have become fathers-to-be.

3 Monthly Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are great gifts for men because they are a gift that continues to give throughout the year. As such, they become a monthly reminder of how amazing it is going to be a father.

According to Refinery29some subscription boxes fathers-to-be will love include:

  • Small batch roasted coffee

  • Hemp infused products

  • Monthly socks

  • Golf-inspired boxes

  • Monthly meat delivery

  • Shaving products

  • Watch subscription

There are boxes out there that work for every hobby. And because it is already known that men will love the theme, it is a winner of a gift that keeps on giving.

Dad Shirt

It may be cheesy, but it is extremely appropriate to give fathers-to-be a gift of a shirt that advertises that they are amazing fathers.

Whether women want their partners to wear the shirts will depend on the simplicity or wittiness of the saying on the shirt. But regardless of whether the shirt is ever worn, it will be a gift that will be greatly appreciated by men simply because the shirt expresses kind words with love behind them from the mothers-to-be in their lives.

2 Hammock

Fathers will need moments during their fatherhood journey to take a break from it all. And what better way to do that than to relax in a hammock outside?

Swinging in a hammock in the fresh air is a way to bring the stress down and relax quickly, according to Hammock Universe. Therefore, they make for a great gift for fathers-to-be to get used to before babies arrive. But, men should not be surprised if their hammocks are not in their possession for long after babies are born. This is because mothers will enjoy the reduced stress that comes with swinging in a hammock as well and may not want to give it up as a result.

1 Portable Pizza Oven

Having a stationary pizza oven is not something that is practical for every household. As such, for those pizza-loving fathers-to-be out there, give the gift of a portable pizza oven this Father’s Day.

A portable pizza oven allows dads to spend some time in the great outdoors while making a delicious meal that moms do not need to be involved in.

As such, not only is it fun for men to be in charge of the cooking if that is not their forte, but moms get a night off from putting a meal together and get to enjoy a warm meal made for them instead.

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