Fatherhood Preparation Tips

Becoming a dad for the first time is an exciting and terrifying journey all at one time. And because dads are not the ones who are experiencing the pregnancy, it can be hard for them to get into dad mode until after babies arrive. But, if men wait that long to prepare to become a father, they miss out on so much along the way. This is why many look for tips on how to prepare for fatherhood so that does not happen.

Men may feel like there is no role for them as fathers before babies are born. After all, they are not the ones carrying the baby, so what can they do to help before little ones become part of daily life?

But if fathers-to-be step back for a moment, they will see all that they can do and just how much there is to do before babies make their way into the world.

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Here are tips to prepare you for fatherhood.


10 Improve Personal Knowledge About Babies

For many men, the first experience they have with babies is with their own. That means there is not a lot of personal knowledge known about little ones. As such, improving personal knowledge about babies is a great way to prepare for fatherhood.

According to NewFolkssome books that first-time fathers may enjoy include:

  • The Baby Owner’s Manual

  • The New Dad’s Survival Guide

  • The Expectant Father

  • Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad!

Of course, there is searching online, speaking to men who are dads, and other ways of gaining insight on what it is to be a father. And the more sources that men use, the better.

9 Focus On Health

If men were not already serious about their health, finding out they are going to be fathers is the perfect time to make health a priority. After all, according to HealthPartnersnot only are babies watching them from day one and the decisions that dads make but being healthy is no longer just about dads.

It is about being there for their babies for as long as possible to be a positive influence that helps them thrive and grow.

8 Spend Time With Babies

If men do not have any experience with babies and are a bit nervous about how they will do around their own, spending time with babies can help to ease those fears.

Be it with a niece or nephew or friends’ babies, if fathers-to-be ask to spend time with these little ones before babies are born, people in their lives will welcome them with open arms.

And when that happens, men gain confidence in their parenting skills before their babies are born.

7 Make Friends With Other Dads

Making friends with other dads can be beneficial to those who are about to have a baby. Not only do they gain insight on what fatherhood is all about, but they can hang out with others who have babies as well.

The problem with men making other guy friends is that it can be awkward to do. But, if men are willing to put themselves out there, they may just walk away with not only friends during the early stages of fatherhood but friends for life.

6 Go To Prenatal Appointments

It may be hard to make all the prenatal appointments that a partner has to go to. But, when men make some appointments, they will be up to speed with what is going on. Something that gives them a real feeling of partnership with the pregnancy that they may not otherwise get.

5 Go To Birthing Classes

To really feel involved in the pregnancy and to be able to support partners, attending birthing classes is a great way for men to do just that.

According to Customized Communications Incwhen men attend birthing classes they get to see that they are not alone in their fears or concerns about becoming fathers.

And when the environment is supportive like that, men can build up their confidence in ways they would not be able to if they did not attend these classes.

4 Build Baby Furniture & Complete Nursery

Because it is not the safest for pregnant women to paint nurseries or to lift heavy boxes of baby furniture, men can prepare for being fathers by jumping in and getting the nursery all put together. They can literally do the heavy lifting.

This is where men can shine during pregnancy. They have a space and a project that they can point to, to show their contribution to their babies.

And when this happens, there is a feeling of being a part of the pregnancy rather than feeling like they are watching from the sidelines.

3 Meal Prep

Right after babies are born, everyone is so exhausted that the last thing they want to do is cook. As such, men can work with their partners in the kitchen and prep freezer meals together.

This will not only allow for some bonding time but will ensure that some nutritious and quality meals are had when figuring out the journey of parenthood together.

2 Get Finances In Order

In most cases, fathers are the ones who are returning to work before mothers are. And depending on when that return to work date is, there may be some lost wages, according to MBG Relationships.

As such, men can figure out the finances during this time so that no one is caught off guard by any large expenses needing to be covered or stressing over where money is coming from.

This is something that could very well happen during the early days after babies are born if not prepared.

1 Get A Car Seat

One of the most important things that men can do for their babies is to get them a car seat. More importantly, knowing how to install them properly is key.

Therefore, getting a car seat well before babies are due is recommended so that there is a familiarity with the car seat. Because the more familiar parents are with them, the more apt they are to install them and fasten babies into them properly. Something of which keeps precious cargo safe.

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