Expired Breast Milk Tips & Tricks

Breastfeeding mothers do not want a drop of their breast milk to go to waste. But for some who store their breast milk, there simply is no way to get through all of it before it expires. That does not mean that expired breast milk needs to be thrown away though. Instead, there are still several uses for expired breast milk that will help get some extra life out of the liquid gold.

With the healing properties of breast milk, it is not surprising that it is recommended to treat skin conditions or help to make the overall look of skin more vibrant. And while using expired breast milk is great to use in these instances, there are other uses for breast milk as well that mothers may not have thought of.

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Do not throw it out! Here are ways to use expired breast milk.


10 Treat Eczema

When babies’ skin has an eczema flare-up, doctors generally recommended hydrocortisone cream to bring relief to the skin. However, breast milk, according to Healthlineworks just as well.

Per the publication, studies have shown that the makeup of breast milk makes it just as successful in treating eczema as hydrocortisone cream. And because it is not only “free” and does not have the same “risk of side effects” as some creams, according to Healthlinebreast milk may be a better alternative overall.

9 Breast Milk Bath

Breast milk baths not only clear up dry skin in adults, according to Parents, but also heals a variety of skin issues in infants. Some of those things, per the publication, include:

  • Baby acne

  • Minor cuts

  • Skin conditions

These baths also help to calm and soothe babies. And as long as there is not a foul smell to breast milk, expired breast milk works just as well as fresh.

8 Treat Cradle Cap

Breast milk alone will not clear up cradle cap. But, according to Medelaa mixture of breast milk and cradle cap-specific baby shampoo will speed up the healing process of the scalp.

After adding the breast milk to the shampoo, per the publication, a quick massage of the baby’s head followed by combing away any loose skin cells will make for a speedy recovery of the dry, scaly scalp.

7 Make Soap

While making soap sounds like quite an undertaking, it really is not hard to do. And when making breast milk soap, parents can feel good using it, knowing exactly what ingredients are going into it, according to Morgan Manages Mommyhood.

Per the publication, all that is needed to make soap is:

  • Soap mold

  • Soap base

  • Breast milk

  • Scents desired

  • Colors desired

Once all the ingredients are mixed together, the soap is ready to go after about one hour in the refrigerator, according to Morgan Manages Mommyhood. And breast milk that would have otherwise been tossed gets a second life in the process.

6 Breast Milk Jewelry

Breast milk jewelry is something that has become quite popular over the past decade or so. And with all the different bobbles that can be made from breast milk, the biggest problem that mothers will have will be choosing what it is they want their milk turned into.

There are a variety of online retailers that will create jewelry out of breast milk. Once one has been chosen, there will be specific guidelines as to how to get the breast milk incorporated into the jewelry. And once that is done, mothers can sit back and wait for their one-of-a-kind piece to arrive in the mail.

5 Treat Sunburns

Sunburns may be treated with aloe or cold compresses. But breast milk is great for treating red and irritated skin as well.

According to st. Luke’s Health, it is the lactic acid in the milk that helps to relieve sunburn. The lactic acid not only removed dead skin cells, per the publication but also takes down the inflammation. Breast milk truly is an amazing liquid indeed!

4 Get Rid Of Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is not only uncomfortable for babies but can be painful to look at as well. And while hydrocortisone cream can work on the rash, using breast milk is just as effective, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Per the publication, studies have shown that breast milk is just as effective in treating diaper rash as hydrocortisone cream. As such, with leftover breast milk, hold onto it even if expired. Diaper rashes can be cleared up in no time flat with the liquid gold.

3 Clearing Ear Infections

Ear infections are super painful for babies. And parents are not always able to get their little ones to the doctor right away from treatment. As such, putting a few drops of breast milk into the ear may help to soothe the pain.

According to the La Leche League Canada, if the bacterial infection in the ear is on the outside of the ear canal, breast milk can help to clear the bacteria. However, if the infection is in the inner ear, breast milk will not prove to be as effective.

2 Treating Cracked Nipples

Cracked nipples can make breastfeeding, at best, difficult. But with a bit of breast milk warm therapy, cracked nipples can be soothed. And this can make breastfeeding easier until they are completely healed.

According to The Breastfeeding Network, “moist wound healing” is recommended to treat cracked nipples. This means putting warm compresses on the nipples to help heal them. By adding some breast milk to the compresses, any bacteria in the cracks can be removed and this may help to heal the nipples faster.

1 Use To Remove Makeup

With its antibacterial properties, according to Bunbreast milk makes for a wonderful makeup remover.

Per the publication, be it to take makeup off, clear up acne, or smooth the skin with a moisturizer, breast milk works. It makes the skin more vibrant and glowing and does not cost anything to add to the daily face washing routine.

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