Expert Tips For Nervous New Parents

When it comes to being a new parent, moms and dads have no choice but to jump wholeheartedly into a situation that they have little to no experience in. Many times, this can lead to anxiety about the unknown. Something that causes many to jump onto the internet to search for any and all things that parents can expect with their new babies.

According to Reassured expert and parenting coach, Isobel Mary Champion has gone up 467 percent for new moms and 335 percent for new dads. And because of this, she and other experts have come up with tips for new parents who are a bit nervous about their new role.

There is no sugar coating it. Being a new parent is hard. And the fewer resources that they have to turn to, the harder it can be. That is why experts have been filling the internet with helpful tips and tricks for those who have never raised a baby before so that there are some guidelines to follow to ease uncertainty.

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While the tips may not be the be-all, end-all when it comes to raising babies, they at least provide a reference for new parents to look to until they become comfortable and confident as parents. And perhaps even pass on their tips and tricks to other parents who are entering the journey of parenthood for the first time themselves.

Here are some expert tips for new parents who are a bit nervous about their new role.


10 Accept Help

One of the things that new parents have a hard time doing is accepting help from other people. This is because they fear it will make them look like they do not know what they are doing as parents.

But, according to Reassured, the more help that parents are willing to take, the less overwhelmed they will be. Being less overwhelmed leads to feeling more confident as a parent. And the more confident parents are the better parents they are as well.

9 Do Not Worry About Milestones

Stressing that babies are not going to make their milestones is a worry new parents consistently have in the back of their minds. And if babies do not hit those milestones right on time, or even early, new parents wonder if that means babies are falling behind.

Per the publication, parents should instead just enjoy their time with babies. Each one follows their own timetable. And because of this, babies will reach their milestones when they are good and ready.

8 Take Time For Self-Care

If parents are not taking care of themselves or each other after a new baby is born, they are not doing a service to anyone. Instead, according to Reassuredthe only thing new parents are succeeding at is running themselves into the ground.

Therefore, parents should not feel bad about having the baby stay with a trusted family member or friend and taking a few hours for alone time. That way, when they come back, they are refreshed and ready to tackle the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

7 Grow Your “Village”

If there aren’t others in a new parents’ group of friends who have babies, then parents need to branch out and meet people who do. Not only will this allow them to speak with those going through some of the same baby issues that new parents are facing, but it also them to increase the size of their “village,” per the publication. And the larger the village, the more support. Something that all new parents need in their lives.

6 Remember No One Parents In The Same Way

Every parent thinks that the way they parented their children is the right way. Because of this, new parents are bombarded with information from every which direction. And what parents need to remember in the midst of all of this advice is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” way to parent, according to Reassured.

Therefore, parents should trust themselves and what they think is the right thing to do when it comes to their kids. When they do this, it is much easier to parent. Regardless of being a new parent or a veteran.

5 Do Not Set The Bar Where It Cannot Be Met

One of the biggest hurdles that new parents face is being bombarded with social media images of parents with their new kids looking like they have everything together. But what those parents do not show is the messy house outside the frame of the picture, or that it took dozens of shots to get the one perfect photo. Instead, they compare themselves to others and set a standard that cannot truly be reached.

And as a result, they are consistently feeling pressure to be perfect, according to the publication, something that is impossible to be as a new parent.

As such, new parents should just be themselves. They should not look at images on a screen to idolize. And when this happens, parenthood becomes much easier to handle.

4 Trust Yourself

If new parents do enough reading, they will eventually find that authors will begin to contradict themselves, according to Green Child Magazine. And when this happens, deciding on which advice to follow can be confusing, to say the least.

As such, parents should just learn to trust themselves. When babies are born, maternal and paternal instincts come to the surface. And when this happens, new parents surprise themselves by realizing they know what they are doing. And that confidence is not something that can be learned via reading. It can only be learned when parents trust themselves.

3 Get Sleep

Any new parent can agree that the first weeks or even months with babies can lead to extreme fatigue and sleep deprivation. As such, according to Johns Hopkins Medicinethe more sleep that parents can get, the better.

Because parents are always so concerned about their babies getting enough sleep, they do not take good enough care of themselves. As such, sleep deprivation can erode their confidence in parenting, according to the publication. And when this happens, parents are unable to see what good of a job they truly are doing.

2 Find Humor In Situations

While being a new parent can be stressful, if parents are able to see the comical side of parenting, life becomes much easier and more fun to boot.

According to US News & World Report, when humor is infused into parenthood, it “difuses tension” that exists. When there is less tension, the more fun parenting becomes. And what good is being a parent if being with kids is not fun or if unable to laugh at ridiculous situations every once in a while?

1 Get Outside Daily

New parents will find when they take their babies outside, they are calmer and fall asleep easier. This is no coincidence. Babies and later kids fare much better with outdoor time. Not only for their moods but overall health as well.

According to Aha!, babies when they spend time outdoors, they receive so many benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  • Being calmer

  • Being happy

  • Being healthy

  • Having better vision

What is even better is that as kids age, there are even more benefits to them being outdoors constantly. Something for new parents to keep in mind when their little ones are fussy or cranky. It is nothing a little dose of vitamin D likely cannot cure.

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