Easy Toddler Crafts Using Household Items

Nowadays, many DIY projects require a ton of preparation as well as a generous budget. But you likely don’t want to spend a fortune putting together a fun craft for your toddler that’ll likely end up in storage (or the garbage) once they finish the project.

But don’t fret! There are tons of fun crafts you can do with your little one using supplies you already have around the house. You can likely accomplish most of the following crafts without needing to buy any new supplies and with little effort.

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10 Egg Carton Caterpillar

Think twice before you throw your empty egg cartons out, as it’s easy to turn them into a fun craft. My Bored Toddler explains you can help your toddler transform it into a colorful caterpillar. Use paints, markers, or other craft supplies to color the caterpillar’s body. Don’t forget to draw on eyes or glue a googly set on and use pipe cleaner to create antennas.

9 Fruit Friends

Drawing on paper can get redundant, so spice things up with this creative idea. Simply take whatever fruit you have lying around – it needs a thick peel to work, like an orange or banana – and allow your toddler to decorate it. You can create a “friend” by drawing eyes and a mouth on the fruit, or your toddler can create an abstract masterpiece as they see fit.

8 Flower Printing

If you have access to pretty flowers, then give this idea a try. How We Learn explains that you start by collecting flowers with your toddler – look in the yard or consider using flowers from a bouquet or plant that’s beginning to wilt away. Then, using child-friendly paint, dip the flower into the color while holding the stem. Help your child create a pretty pattern either on a sheet of paper or a canvas.

7 Pasta Necklace

Pasta isn’t only good for a meal. It can also be transformed into a child-friendly art project. Choose pasta that’s hollow – string spaghetti won’t work. You need to be able to thread a string with it to make it into a necklace or bracelet.

Help your toddler put each pasta piece on the string after you’ve cut it to the right size. They may need assistance, depending on their skill level. But your child can go wild decorating it once the pieces are on.

6 DIY Photo Frames

For an artistic project you can hang on the wall afterwards, help your toddler create a DIY photo frame. Buzzfeed explains it’s easy to do this with paper – simply cut the shape of the frame out and allow your toddler to decorate it with whatever craft supplies you have lying around. You can also glue popsicle sticks together to create the frame and then decorate it.

5 Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

Old toileter papers rolls are another household item you can repurpose into a fun craft. To create a butterfly, simply cut the roll into four sections, each for a wing. They glue or tape the wings together, using pipe cleaner or a similar material as the body and antennas of the butterfly. Then, allow your toddler to paint and color the butterfly to their liking.

4 Squirt Gun Painting

The Spruce Crafts suggests filling an old squirt gun with paint – you can find one at your local dollar store if you don’t have one. Then, take your toddler outside and have a firing the “paint guns.”

Be prepared that this activity can get messy. Choose a paint that’s child-friendly and will easily wash off clothes and skin. Give your toddler a target, like a canvas, to squirt the paint at. But also dress them in old clothes that are fine to get messy.

3 Cup Wind Chimes

This is an easy craft to do with young kids once you’ve saved up enough plastic cups, like from yogurt. Allow your child to decorate the cups with craft supplies lying around the home, like stickers or paint. Then assist them in poking a hole through the bottom of the cup and threading a string to it. Finish off by helping your toddler hang it up outside.

2 DIY Planter

Children love to do what they see others doing. So, if you’re always gardening, give your toddler a chance to get in on the fun. Take an old planter you’ve got lying around that you don’t mind if they decorate. You can even pick up a cheap one at the dollar store, or repurpose the plastic pots most plants come it.

Then, allow your toddler to decorate the planter with crafting supplies you have on hand. Allow them to plant something (even if it’s just seeds) after to make this DIY project an educational opportunity.

1 Nature Collage

Finally, if you want a fun craft that incorporates the outdoors, do a nature collage. Have your toddler collect “supplies” while on a walk or even in your backyard – anything like leaves, flowers, or rocks will do. Then, help them glue their findings to a sheet or cardboard or even a canvas.

Allow them to decorate the craft even further with markers, paints, or glitter to create a stunning masterpiece.

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