Easter Brunch Baby Picture Ideas

Babies are notorious for striking adorable poses at a moment’s notice. As such, while waiting to begin, in the middle of, or after brunch, pay attention to what those little cutie pies are doing. They may provide parents with the perfect first Easter photo without even trying. And the best part is that without any preparation going into the photographs, there is no stress to make them happen. As such, keep an eye out for when babies are ready to sit for a photo. Then, and only then, will an Easter brunch baby picture go from the extraordinary ordinary to professional picture-taking.

Of course, parents would love to celebrate every holiday with professional pictures of their babies. However, that is just not something that is practical for most parents. As such, parents are left to their own crafty devices to come up with photos that look professional when they are not.

But with babies, not everything can be planned. And even photo shoots that are well-thought-out can turn into a disaster if babies are not in the mood to be photographed. Therefore, taking opportunities on holidays where there is plenty of distractions and ready-made decor may make for some of the best pictures taken of babies yet.

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Here are some Easter brunch baby picture ideas.

10 Porch Perfect

Before the craziness of a family Easter brunch begins and baby gets overwhelmed, take an opportunity to have a family photo taken. And a great place to do this is on the front porch.

Because many people choose to make their porches festive with flowers, bunnies, Easter flags, or the like, the backdrop is already set for a magical photo. All that is needed is a bit of framing by the enlisted family member taking the picture, and voila! An amazing baby picture with Mom and Dad has been created.

9 Dozens Of Eggs

With it being Easter, there are going to be plenty of plastic eggs floating around where brunch is taking place. And because they not only serve as something for babies to play with but as part of the decor to set the stage, they make for an easy Easter baby picture to take while attending Easter brunch.


8 Baby On A Blanket

If it is a sunny day, why not take the photo op outside and let babies shine in the natural light of the day?

The easiest way to catch this shot is to have a neutral blanket and any type of decorations that signify that it is Easter. It can be flags, pinwheels, plastic eggs, stuffed bunnies, or whatever happens to be on hand. Then, let baby go and explore and see what spectacular shots transpire.

7 Easter Lot

During babies’ first Easter, they are generally not going to be overly excited about what is in their Easter basket. This means that it will go virtually untouched until parents begin to unpack it.

As such, before that happens, use the Easter basket as a prop, and get in some adorable pictures during Easter Sunday brunch.

6 Eggs-A-Plenty

Even if the eggs are not filled, many homes hosting Easter brunch will have baskets filled with Easter grass and plastic eggs. And this is all the prop needed to create a unique and professional-looking baby photo for Easter.

Parents can do this shot inside or out. The key is to make sure that there is nothing going on in the background to distract from the little one. Then, after placing a baby on a blanket, arrange the Easter basket so that the contents look like they spilled, immersing the baby in them and the sweetest picture can be captured.

5 Baby In A Basket

It truly does not get any easier than an Easter picture that simply puts baby in a basket. And the best part is whether if baby is sitting or not, this picture can be taken.

For those babies who are comfortable sitting, simply place them in the basket and clicking a shot makes the picture complete.

However, for those babies who are yet to sit, parents can lie them down on a blanket, place their feet and legs in the basket, and shoot through the handle. It will give the illusion that babies are sitting even when they are still remaining safely on their back with no fear of tumbling.

4 Easter Egg Hunt Fun

If an Easter egg hunt is happening before or after brunch, take that opportunity to make it an Easter picture of baby, who will be in awe of all the chaos happening around them.

What is great about these photos is that it does not matter what is going on in the background because it gives context to the picture. The key is to focus on baby while blurring out the background, however. Then, hand the little one an egg to hold, and the picture for the day is done.

3 Include In The Table Decor

Sometimes, the decor for the season just speaks to babies. They are mesmerized by it. And when this happens, it is a perfect opportunity for a photo shoot for infants.

If parents notice that babies take to some Easter decorations in the house where brunch is being held, use the decor to snap a few quick photos. This way, babies can get a closer look at the decorations and get their fill of them and the pictures can be taken before guests sit to eat. And before babies’ naptime, the perfect Easter picture has been taken.

2 All You Need Is Bunny Ears

With bunny ears being so easily accessible this time of year, it would not be surprising for someone to show up at brunch wearing a pair. And because babies look adorable in a set of bunny ears, a close-up shot of them wearing a pair makes for a picture of perfection.

The best part about bunny ears is that it does not matter if they fit little ones’ heads or not. They can be placed around the head if babies are laying down and balanced on the head of a bit large. Even if they slip, if the moment is caught, it can make for an amazing shot that makes for a memorable Easter baby photo.

1 Baby & Bunny

Babies will often receive a stuffed bunny as part of their Easter gift. And by using that bunny as a prop for a photo shoot, babies will be enamored enough with their new bunny that getting an adorable Easter photo at brunch time will be as easy as one, two, three.

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