Drinking Coconut Water(Nariyal Pani) during Pregnancy – Benefits & Myths

Drinking coconut water (nariyal pani) in pregnancy is associated with many myths. Though there is no denying the fact that coconut water is a health powerhouse, let us take you through the benefits, side effects of coconut water and bust the myths on drinking tender coconut water during pregnancy. Let us see the advantages of coconut water during pregnancy

Coconut Water (Nariyal Pani) in Pregnancy

A natural drink in purest form straight from the Mother Nature known to mankind since times immemorial is coconut water, also known as (elaneer / nariyal pani) . This (nariyal pani) drink is loaded with essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Do you know an interesting fact that the electrolyte balance of coconut water is as same as blood? Therefore, coconut water is considered as a healthy drink, an instant energy boosting tonic for fatigue, and an instant solution for dehydration. These are reasons why many specialists urge their patients to drink coconut water. However, during pregnancy, the food and beverages consumed should be selected on the basis of safety and how beneficial they are for the progressing pregnancy and the developing baby.

Drinking Coconut Water During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to the changes happening in physical and physiological conditions, expecting mothers are often subjected to fatigue and dehydration. It is very important to sustain a well-hydrated body all through the pregnancy period. Proper hydration helps to lessen the uneasiness that arises during pregnancy to a great extent. Coconut water is a natural, nutritional, healthy and hygienic rehydrating solution. Drinking coconut water easily replenishes natural salts that are lost because of vomiting, which is a common occurrence during pregnancy. In fact, developing a practice of drinking a glass or two of tender coconut water every day will be highly advantageous during pregnancy.

Is Coconut Water Good while Pregnant ?

As already mentioned, coconut water is high in electrolytes and is a natural isotonic drink. It has a significant amount of magnesium, chlorides, sodium, and potassium. It is low in cholesterol. It is rich in dietary fiber and low in sugar and has a substantial amount of key minerals like manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorous, zinc and copper. Coconut water also contains vitamin C and Riboflavin, which is also known as vitamin B2. It is blessed with lots of antioxidants. It also has amino acids which are building blocks of proteins.

When To Drink Coconut Water in Pregnancy?

You can drink coconut water whenever you feel. However, the best time to drink coconut water is early in the morning. It is more beneficial to drink coconut water during the early hours of the day as the electrolytes and nutrients in the coconut water are assimilated easily when the stomach is unfilled. When it comes to quantity one glass per day is recommended. Also, drink fresh coconut water rather than stored one. All the benefits will be received only if the coconut water is consumed from freshly cut coconut.

Best Time To Drink Coconut Water when Pregnant In A Day

Ideally, you can drink coconut water recreationally, that is, when you want to drink it. The best time of the day to drink coconut water would be mornings, as coconut water contains naturally occurring electrolytes and nutrients that are best absorbed in the early hours of the day. Many experts tout coconut water as a natural sports drink, and advise drinking it after a workout. The electrolytes in coconut water are the same that your body loses as you exercise, and drinking coconut water after a session of working out helps replenish them and promotes immunity and muscle strength.

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Benefits Of Coconut Water in Pregnancy

Here are 10 benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy:

  1. Wards off sickness: Drinking coconut water during early pregnancy will help to ward off the tiredness, giddiness and vomiting tendency. It also prevents dehydration
  2. Relieves heartburn and indigestion: During the first and third trimester expecting mothers often complain of heart burn. During the initial months, it is due to hormonal changes. However, during the last trimester heart burn is mainly caused due to pressure on the stomach by growing womb. At both times, drinking coconut water is a perfect remedy to reduce the acidity by neutralizing the acid formed in the stomach, thereby, getting rid of indigestion and heart burn
  3. Aids digestion: Coconut water is rich in dietary fibers and hence facilitates digestion and reduces the chance of constipation, another most common issue during pregnancy. The bio active enzymes present in the coconut water help in increasing the metabolism and thereby facilitate proper digestion
  4. Boost energy: Drinking coconut water boosts the energy levels as it helps to increase the metabolism and stimulate thyroid function
  5. Regulates blood pressure: Potassium and magnesium present in coconut water play a key role in regulating blood pressure level. Potassium also regulates the sodium levels in the body, which is vital during pregnancy
  6. Keep away infections: Antioxidants and essential minerals and vitamins present in coconut water will help in boosting up the immune system. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy helps to shield the mother and child from common infections, and some people believe that coconut water should be consumed during morning hours before breakfast to drive maximum benefits
  7. Natural diuretic: Coconut water is a natural diuretic. The increased flow of urine will keep the urinary tract free from infection causing microbes, thereby decreasing the chances of urinary tract infections (UTI). As one urinates more, the toxins from the body keep flushing out and the chances of developing a UTI become less. This property of coconut water also helps to maintain the health of the kidney by preventing stone formation and infections
  8. Helps in joint pain: Magnesium present in coconut water helps in relaxing the muscles and nervous system, thereby helping to relieve joint pains
  9. Can help with low amniotic fluid: If you want to increase the level of amniotic fluid, particularly during the third trimester, drinking coconut water in the early morning is a natural way. However, remember to drink only moderate quantities of coconut water
  10. Aids healthy fetal growth: Last but not least, coconut water with all its nutrients helps with the healthy development and proper nutrition of the developing fetus

Coconut Water In Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy is marked with common pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, acidity and constipation. Drinking coconut water during early pregnancy days can actually help relieve these symptoms. Being a natural drink, coconut water helps in curbing dehydration due to frequent vomiting. Coconut water also acts as a mild laxative and can be beneficial for treating constipation during pregnancy.Being a naturally refreshing drink, it also provides energy during pregnancy – something that all of us feel short of!

eating coconut in pregnancy

Side Effects Of Drinking Coconut Water while Pregnant

Although coconut water is safe to consume in the course of pregnancy, there are certain factors to consider.

  1. Coconut milk contains sodium. Therefore, it is not recommended for pregnant women experiencing pre-eclampsia
  2. Always remember that coconut water is not a substitute for normal water. Only moderate consumption of coconut water is recommended. Too much of anything is not good
  3. Ripe coconut water may cause constipation. Therefore, drink tender coconut water. Select green coconuts instead of brown
  4. Also, ensure the straw is clean or else pour the coconut water into a clean glass and drink
  5. Do not consume coconut water if you have a history of allergy towards it or dislike its taste. Pregnancy is not a right time for experiments

Eating Coconut During Pregnancy

If you thought that is only the coconut water that comes loaded with benefits, then let me tell you that even eating coconut during pregnancy has it’s benefits. Coconut has lauric acid, and eating coconut during pregnancy can help with breast milk production after the delivery. Eating a dry or a wet coconut in the morning can not only give you some quick energy, but also help with morning sickness and nausea. It also helps with swelling in the legs and feet by improving the blood circulation. You can munch on a few coconut pieces and feel refreshed and curb any notorious craving that you may be having!

Coconut Milk When in Pregnant

Freshly grated coconut gives a milky-white, thick juice known as coconut milk. Used extensively as an ingredient in Southeastern cuisines, coconut milk is safe to drink during pregnancy, unless you are allergic to it – which is very rare. Again, it offers numerous health benefits, which can be especially beneficial during pregnancy.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Milk During Pregnancy

Consumption of coconut in any form is beneficial for health, and coconut milk can have many health benefits for pregnant women, such as:

  • Improved immunity, due to the presence of lauric acid, which is known to have antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • Helpful in treating pregnancy anemia because of high concentration of iron
  • Helpful in controlling blood sugar and blood pressure levels, two quite dangerous conditions for pregnant women
  • Relaxes sore muscles, nervous system, joint pains and improves the digestive system

Can Drinking Coconut Water During Pregnancy Make My Baby Fair?

Drinking coconut water makes the baby fair is nothing but a myth. The skin color of the baby is decided by the genetic and several other factors like nutrition, parent’s complexion etc. and not on what you eat or drink.

Does Drinking Coconut Water Improve Baby Hair?

It is also believed that drinking coconut water will make the baby have a thick mane when she is born. This is again a myth as there is no proven co-relation between drinking coconut water and baby hair thickness or finesse.

How To Choose The Right Coconut For Pregnancy?

Given the benefits coconut water has to offer, it is but only wise to include it in your pregnancy diet regime. However, to enjoy the benefits of drinking coconut water, selecting the right coconut is a prerequisite. Coconuts that are green, tender and light are ideal for consumption during pregnancy. It will also not contain coconut meat, which is the thick, white flesh. As the coconut ripens, it turns brown and brown coconut water can cause constipation. Green coconut water is more beneficial than brown ones. Always shake the coconut and feel the sound of water sloshing in the ears!

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