Newly Updated Breastfeeding Guidelines from the AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated its breastfeeding guidelines for the first time in a decade. The goal of the updated guidelines “is to support optimal health and nutrition for the child and mother and support parents in meeting their breastfeeding goals.”2 As with any new announcement regarding guidance for your child, parents … Read more

Ultimate Toddler Safety Beach Guide

One of the best summer activities is visiting the beach. You don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy this day-long activity. But if you have young kids, it does require some planning. Going to the beach with a toddler can seem intimidating, especially when you think of all the things to pack. But don’t … Read more

Improving Toddler’s Sensory Issues Tips

Sensory processing disorder is a condition in which the brain has difficulty processing the different senses. This can make an individual overly sensitive to their environment. Common sounds or stimulus can become overwhelming, stressful, and even painful. This condition can also make a person clumsy, uncoordinated, or hard to engage in conversation or play. The … Read more

How To Raise Obedient Toddlers

It can be hard to get toddlers to do what is asked all the time. This is because toddlers are still working on trying to self-regulate themselves and pay attention to what is being conveyed to them. As a result, there will be a learning curve to getting toddlers to become obedient and do what … Read more

Best Skin Oils To Use In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when the body is under constant fluctuation. This includes the skin. With the skin being depleted of moisture, stretch marks starting to form, and dark marks showing up in places where they were not the day before, women look for remedies to keep the skin as radiant as possible while trying … Read more

Virgin Drinks For A Summer Pregnancy

When women find out they are pregnant, they immediately stop drinking alcohol. Some do so when trying to conceive. As such, the options for cool, refreshing summer drinks feel limited. This is because when relaxing by the pool or going to summer parties, the frosty drinks contain one form of alcohol or another. But, being … Read more