I’m Fine With Only Having Daughters, Thanks

It started when I was pregnant with my third daughter. Before I even knew her gender, upon learning I was expecting again, people would say to me “I bet you’re hoping for a boy this time!” “I don’t really care, so long as the baby is healthy.” I would reply. Which sounds like a cliché. … Read more

Here Are 15 Activities To Do With Your Kids

Summer fun is almost here and you know what that means: outdoor activities and a lot of them for your kids! Thankfully, we have a few fresh ideas for you to keep your little ones busy and entertained all summer long. Summer Fun Is On The Horizon: Here Are 15 Activities To Do With Your … Read more

11 May Birthstone Ring Options

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for her? A May birthstone ring could be the perfect option for that special someone in your life. These rings come in so many styles, materials, and cool designs. The emerald is a symbol of rebirth and is believed to grant the owner foresight, good fortune, and … Read more

25 Memorial Day Thank You Quotes

Memorial Day is a national holiday that’s been observed on the last Monday in May for decades. You might be looking for Memorial Day thank you quotes to share in honor of fallen soldiers who sacrificed it all for their country. It’s a tall order but there have been some poignant statements about Memorial Day … Read more

28 of the Funniest Things Said During Labor

To tell you childbirth is a unique experience would be underselling it. Heard of that saying ‘Lady to Ghetto in 0.5 seconds’? Couldn’t ring more true. Being in labor can morph a woman into some crazed person you feel like you don’t even know, spouting Satan’s songs and shitting on the bed sheets. Here are … Read more

125 Great Girl Names That Start With H

If you’re having trouble narrowing down the list of names for your daughter, consider choosing the first letter you want and then go from there. That’s what we’re doing with these girl names that start with H. You might want a name that starts with the same letter to have matching initials or you could … Read more

Racist Teen Who Killed 11 Shoppers In Buffalo Feared The ‘Dwindling’ Number Of White People, Liz Cheney Says Top Lawmakers Are To Blame

Aaron Salter, Katherine Massey, Celestine Chaney, Roberta Drury, Pearly Young, Ruth Whitfield, Heyward Patterson, Margus D. Morrison, Andre Mackneil, Geraldine Talley. Those are the names of the people senselessly murdered by an 18-year-old white man named Payton Gendron. As reports have since revealed, Gendron is the suspect who carried out the hate crime that took … Read more

10 Welcome Home Gifts

When a loved one has been gone from home for a stretch, welcome home gifts are a great way to embrace their return and treat them to a little something special. Welcome home gifts can also double as housewarming gifts as both serve a similar purpose, making sure that a loved one is comfortable where … Read more

Amy Duggar King Calls Out Aunt Michelle Duggar

Amy Duggar King isn’t finished speaking her mind as her cousin, Josh Duggar‘s, sentencing hearing gets closer. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Josh Duggar will be charging for his crimes on May 25. This hearing comes after he was found guilty of downloading and possessing child pornography in December 2021. He faces up to 20 … Read more

How to Support Foster Families in Your Community

There are over 400,000 children and youth currently in foster care. Approximately 1,200 children enter the foster care system every day. The statistics can be absolutely staggering—heartbreaking. And don’t go watching Instant Family either. Called to Support Foster Families The truth is that not everyone is called to foster, but everyone can support foster families. … Read more