Best Toys For 6-Month-Old Babies

At six months old, babies are ready to take the world by storm. While it is a bit early for walking and crawling is still being worked on, that is not stopping them from moving from one place to another on the floor. Because of this, their curiosity about the world around them is growing by leaps and bounds daily and their developmental skills are getting stronger as well. As such, finding toys that facilitate the desire to explore with all the senses and those that continue to develop things like fine and gross motor skills are the toys that are best for six-month-olds.

Infants do not need complicato order to be entertained. In most instances, the simpler the toy, the happier they are. As such, when looking for toys for six-month-olds, choosing things with bright colors that are easy to grasp and can be manipulated to work on their developmental skills are toys that are not only the best for them but will get the most play time as well.

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Here are some of the best toys for six-month-olds.


10 Stacking Cups

Stacking toys are a favorite of infants because they are easy to grasp, come in bright colors, can be chewed on, and can be nested or stacked. It is a toy that has an infinite number of possibilities for little ones. And this is why they likely get played with so often.

According to ARK Therapeutic Products, stacking/nesting cups are great toys for infants for developing their skills. Those skills include:

  • Fine motor skills

  • Visual and spatial perception

  • Balance

  • Gross motor skills

  • Language concepts

  • Creative play

Stacking cups are a toy that will grow with six-month-olds into toddlerhood. As such, they make a great toy for now and into the future.

9 Baby Mirror

Watching little ones look back at them in the mirror is fascinating for infants to do. It is not because they want to see what they look like. Infants want to play with the baby in the mirror. As such, a toy baby mirror makes for a great toy for six-month-olds.

According to First Things Firstthe benefits of baby mirrors for six months olds include:

  • Strengthens visual senses

  • Improves tummy time

  • Develop language skills

Six-month-olds do not need complicated toys. Just toys that entertain their senses. And baby mirrors do just that.

8 Blocks And Bucket

One of the best toys for six-month-olds is the block and bucket toy. Not only is it a toy that allows for the matching of colors, but it also allows infants to manipulate blocks to fit shapes, and the blocks are fun to put in their mouths as well.

According to Happy Babythe benefits of using the block and bucket toy for infants include:

  • Grasping skills

  • Coordination

  • Body awareness

Because six-month-olds are likely not going to be able to put the blocks in the shape spots on the bucket with ease, it makes for a toy that will grow with infants corresponding until they are toddlers. Which makes for a good investment indeed.

7 First Word Books

It is important to read to babies from the time they are born and onward. The benefit of using first-word books with them is that they begin to recognize particular letters and colors in the books. And if there is texture to the pages, it makes for an even more entertaining book for infants as well.

According to KidsHealththe benefits of first-word books for infants include:

  • Teaches communication

  • Introduces letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in an entertaining way

  • Develops listening, memory, and vocabulary skills

With so much to learn with first-word books, it is no wonder that they make for a great toy for six-month-olds.

6 High Chair Toy

Six-month-olds can become impatient while they wait for their food in their high chairs. This can lead to things being tossed off of the high chair, including bottles, food that has been served that they do not want, or any other items within reach.

Therefore, to entertain babies while they wait for food, a high chair toy makes for that perfect entertainment. And with their bright colors, sounds, and lights, babies will have no problem sitting at the table be it eating or waiting a few minutes for parents to finish their meals as well.

5 Activity Center

For six-month-olds who want to explore more of their world in a seated position, an activity center makes for a great place for them to do just that.

According to BabyListbaby activity centers allow infants to be in a contained and safe space while they explore colors, textures, and sounds.

There are also developmental skills being learned as well. Those skills per the publication include:

  • Practice fine motor skills

  • Pincer grasp

  • Reaching

  • Grabbing

  • Shaking

With there being so much to do in the activity centers, they are likely to be favorites of infants until they become mobile on two legs.

4 Bath Toys

Bath time is a time to get babies clean. However, it is also a time to let infants explore a new and exciting environment.

According to MomLovesBest, the benefits for six-month-olds of using bath toys while bathing include:

  • Motor skills

  • Verbal skills

  • Communication skills

  • Imaginative play

  • Creative play

With all the fun, educational bath toys on the market, those that are mold-free and free of chemicals are the best bet for babies. After all, they will be putting the toys in their mouths. And anything else will just cause toys to be thrown out in no time flat. Something that is a waste of money and potentially hazardous for infants.

3 Teething Toys

Parents do not think about teething toys for their infants until they are needed. As such, they are good to have on hand when the time is getting close for little ones to start teething.

According to What To Expectsome of the best teething products include:

  • Teething rings

  • Teething blankets

  • Teething toothbrushes

  • Teething toys

Parents may want to explore the different textures that teethers come in to see what babies like best. It could be wood, silicone, cloth, or a combination of all three. But when that perfect teether is found, babies and parents alike are happy about it.

2 Stacking Rings

Much like stacking cups, stacking rings helps babies to work on their developmental skills. But the difference between the two is that where stacking cups require babies to just place one cup in the other, infants have to work on not only placing a ring on the stacker but in a particular order so that they all fit, something that if it does not frustrate them, will keep six-month-olds entertained for long periods.

1 Tummy Time Water Mat

For babies who may not enjoy tummy time, a tummy time mat could mean the difference between crying as soon as put onto the tummy and being entertained.

The tummy time mat is filled with water for infants to experience different sensations as they squish down on the mat. And with objects such as sea animals and bubbles floating around in the water babies will do their best to grab them. But instead, they will just cause them to move, keeping them entertained enough to want to stay on their tummies perhaps longer than they ever have in the past.

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