Baby & Toddler Sibling Backyard Activities

When it comes to baby and toddler siblings, they are not that far apart in age. However, when it comes to what they have learned developmentally, their coordination, and their independence, they may be worlds apart. But just because this is the case does not mean that these siblings cannot have fun and play together, especially in the great outdoors. And that is why coming up with baby and toddler sibling activities to do in the backyard is not only fun but a great way to help everyone get a good nap as well.

There is something about being outside that babies and toddlers enjoy. Be it the fresh air, change of scenery, or the ability to be messier than when inside, the outdoors is a magical place for kids to be. And for those who have a backyard, being able to take babies and toddlers out to do everyday things makes those activities more special and fun, which may make little ones want to be outside more often.

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Here are baby and toddler sibling activities to do in the backyard.

10 Bubbles

It does not matter the age, all kids love bubbles. Be it blowing them or having them float above their heads, bubbles make all play experiences better.

While babies are not old enough to blow bubbles on their own, toddlers can blow them for themselves and their younger siblings. And if parents want to take the blowing action out of the equation completely, purchasing a bubble machine will make a bubble wonderland that will mesmerize babies and toddlers alike.

9 Outside Storytime

Storytime is an activity that babies and toddlers both enjoy during the day or as part of their bedtime routine. Parents can take this bonding time outdoors to the backyard and make reading feel like a completely different activity altogether.

If parents really want to get into the spirit of being in the backyard or in the outdoors, choosing books that reflect that will make the activity much more meaningful to little ones. And some books that fit that bill, according to Brightlyinclude:

  • Daniel Finds A Poemby Micha Archer
  • Backyard Fairiesby Phoebe Wahl
  • Finding Wildby Megan Wagner Lloyd
  • Run Wildby David Covell

These books and more can help babies and toddlers enjoy the backyard in a way they may have before.


8 Finger Painting

Finger painting is a fantastic sensory activity for toddlers and babies alike, according to The problem with it is that it can be messy. And that mess is not something that parents always want to clean up in their house after the activity is done. As such, take finger painting outdoors where the mess will be minimal.

Because paint might get on the body, if it is a warm day, let the kiddos paint in their diapers. Then, with a simple wash outdoors, the paint is gone, and beautiful masterpieces have been created.

7 Roll A Ball

Rolling a ball might seem like a simple activity, but it actually builds skills that will help babies and toddlers as they grow.

According to VeryWell Familyby rolling a ball back and forth, babies and toddlers improve:

  • Motor skills

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Grip strength when holding the ball

Therefore, give little ones a soft squishy ball to pass back and forth (maybe with some parental assistance) and watch them developmentally grow almost in front of parents’ eyes.

6 Water Play With Toys

When the weather gets warmer, playing in the water with toys is a great activity for babies and toddlers to do when spending time together.

On the days when a baby pool can be set up for some splashing fun, putting some water toys in it will keep toddlers and babies siblings entertained for hours. But, if parents do not want to set up a pool, a simple container or bucket will work as well. This is because little ones do not care what the source of water is. If they have access to water with toys, (and parental supervision) that is all they need to have a wonderful time.

5 Sensory Bin

Many sensory bins have been done repeatedly. So much so, that toddlers and babies may not be as interested in them as they were the first few times they experienced them. As such, create ones that might be a bit messier and take the bins outdoors. Not only will little siblings be thrilled at the opportunity to try a new sensory bin but without the stress of creating a mess, kids can go wild with their play as well.

4 Play With Musical Instruments

Hearing music and playing instruments helps babies and toddlers with their overall development. But, hearing this population bang on drums or play their little instruments can be a bit loud inside all the time. As such, take it outdoors and let their musical side shine.

According to BabySparks, when babies and toddlers play instruments there are many developmental benefits. They include:

  • Improving motor skills

  • Sensory development

  • Develop hand-eye coordination

  • Learn patience

  • Learn perseverance

Not only will there be a beautiful symphony, but there will also be a great deal of development happening as well.

3 Mini Ball Pit

Ball pits are a fun way for babies and toddlers to enjoy time playing while working on their coordination. And because they are simple to set up, they make for a fun activity for both ages to play in the backyard.

All that is needed for a mini ball pit is a baby pool and some balls. Then, put the little ones into the balls and watch the smiles and laughter ensue.

2 Sandbox Play

Playing in the sandbox makes for one big sensory experience for babies and toddlers. As such, if there is a sandbox in the backyard, let babies and toddlers explore the sandy world around them.

Be it scooping the sand, playing with wet and dry varieties, seeing how the sand feels to the touch, and even when putting feet in it, the senses are being used from the moment sand play begins. But because there may be some issues with sharing toys or throwing sand, it is best if there is an adult to supervise the fun little ones will be having.

1 Have A Picnic

Is there anything that stimulates the appetite like being outdoors? Therefore, take babies and toddlers outdoors to enjoy a little picnic. They will enjoy the birds chirping, the wind in their hair, and the sun on their skin as they eat and parents will have a very little pickup. It is a win-win situation for all.

Source: Brightly,, VeryWell Family, BabySparks

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