Baby Shower Games That Will Keep Guests Laughing

Pregnant women are either for or against baby shower games. They truly are a love or hate part of the festivities to celebrate the baby coming into the world. Part of the reason for that could be that many baby shower games are dull, put those expecting in uncomfortable positions, or are just plain lame. That is why thinking outside of the box and coming up with funny shower games is the way to bring the fun to the day. And if baby shower games keep guests laughing the whole time, so much the better!

According to Darling Celebrations, baby shower games have been around since the 1940s. This was right around the time that baby showers became popular with the Baby Boomers having their babies. Wanting to celebrate all of the babies, the baby shower was modeled after bridal showers where there are traditionally some games. And as a result, baby shower games were created.

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Here are some baby shower games that will keep guests laughing the whole time.


10 Guess Who

The game of Guess Who can be sweet or funny. This is because it all boils down to what picture is brought from home.

Guess Who is played by all guests bringing a baby picture from home, something that is inherently sweet in nature. But, if the requirement is to bring a funny picture from homethe game instantly becomes hysterical.

9 Bobbing For Pacifiers

Bobbing for apples is a game that brings laughs to party-goers. As such, trade out the apples for pacifiers and see just how interesting the game gets!

When they are wet, pacifiers are slippery. The small size does not help matters either when it comes to trying to grab them in the mouth. As such, there are sure to be laughs when this game is played at a baby shower.

Bobbing for pacifiers may need to be a game that is played toward the end of the shower just in case those in attendance get soaking wet as a result of being competitive. And taking the game outdoors is recommended as well.

8 Do Not Drop The Baby

Want to get a bunch of laughs from participants and those who choose to watch a baby shower game? Then play Do Not Drop The Baby!

The name of the game is to keep the egg (baby) on the spoonaccording to This may sound easy, but the goal is to get to the finish line first while either going as fast as possible or maneuvering around obstacles. Something that can easily drop an egg and take people out of the competition, sometimes before the game has even begun.

7 Whose Water Will Break First?

At the beginning of a baby shower, guests will be handed a cup of punch, water, or whatever the drink of choice may be. In that cup will be an ice cube with a toy baby inside.

The guests will have to keep an eye on their ice cubes because Whoever sees their babies crack through the ice first gets to say, “My water broke” and receives a prize as a result.

6 Diaper Change Race

This game is not fair for those who have diapered many a baby. As such, keep the experts out of the game and let the novices participate in the diaper change race.

Participants can either be blindfolded and asked to change a baby in place, or they can participate in an obstacle race that has different stations to completely diaper the baby. Either way, when people have never had to change a diaper before, it makes for a fun baby shower game to watch.

5 Baby Food Taste Test

Why parents feed their babies food that they think looks disgusting is a mystery. As such, the baby food taste test makes for a funny game to watch just by the hesitation that comes to participants faces alone before they try the food.

Participants will try any number of baby food options blindfolded. After each taste they will give a guess as to what the flavor is. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize and party-goers get a good ab workout from laughing so hard.

4 Diaper Toss

Sometimes, mothers have to try to aim to get diapers into the diaper pail mid-change. The more often it is tried, the more proficient they become.

To see how well mothers-to-be and their guest will be with tossing diapers, participants will need to throw very water-logged diapers toward the diaper pail. Those who get the most win.

What is funny about this game are the techniques that players come up with to try to get diapers in. As such, there can be a prize for the most original toss as well.

3 Guess The Poop

Yes, this game is gross. Yes, this game is childish. But there is no denying that giggles ensue when the Guess the Poop game is played at baby showers.

There are a few ways to play this game. Participants can either take a sample of the melted chocolate bar from a diaper, or they can simply match candy bars in wrappers to what the melted version looks like. Obviously, the diaper version is funnier, but it is up to the guests of honor to determine how the game is played.

2 Do Not Say Baby

When at a baby shower, the word “baby” is bound to be said several dozens of times. But when the goal is to not say the word at all, it can become a hysterical experience.

According to We Baby Shower, the game is played by everyone wearing a clothespin on their clothing. While in the midst of conversation with others, if the word “baby” is said, that person loses their clothespins.

The person who has the most clothespins at the end of the game wins!

1 Suck It Up

To get new mothers used to using a baby nose aspirator, Suck It Up is as educational as it is funny.

Participants will use a baby nose aspirator to suck up marshmallows. Sound easy? It truly is not. And because of this, everyone will be laughing at the shower watching the different techniques used to get a small marshmallow on the end of the aspirator. Those who have the most marshmallows at the end of an allotted time win!

Source: Darling Celebrations,, We Baby Shower

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